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  1. This pastebin is to provide information regarding the continuous walljump (CWJ for short) necessary for optimal completion of the any% and 14% categories on NTSC, primarily information regarding how to position yourself while in the moat room itself to be able to pull off the CWJ, as opposed to having to exit and reenter the room to set it up, assuming you have missed your initial attempt at the CWJ.
  3. Exiting and re-entering the moat room takes approximately six seconds (door transition upon exiting, opening the door to the moat room again, door transition upon reentry); therefore, if you are able to set up the positioning in the room faster than this, you will save time. Even if you aren't able to set it up that quickly, you may find that this setup provides you with much more consistency in your execution, which can save time depending on the player.
  5. ---
  7. Positions
  9. There are two positions that are able to pull off the CWJ over the moat from inside the room - either being as close to the door transition as possible (Position 2), or one pixel off (Position 1). Both positions have only one frame to perform the initial jump in order to have an opportunity to execute the walljump.
  11. The walljump when using Position 2 below is a two frame window, while the walljump when using Position 1 below is a one frame window, so it would be in your best interest to get used to setting yourself up in Position 2.
  13. ---
  15. Examples
  17. Position 1 (Hitbox viewer on) -
  18. Position 1 (Hitbox viewer off) -
  20. Position 2 (Hitbox viewer on) -
  21. Position 2 (Hitbox viewer off) -
  23. ---
  25. Adjustments
  27. Facing a direction, jumping, morphing while still in midair and holding jump, and tapping the opposite direction of the direction you are facing before you land can simultaneously move Samus towards the direction she was originally facing one pixel if the tap is quick enough, while changing her facing direction. I find this to be the most useful technique for setting up in the room, since it is the easiest way to cause a one pixel shift. (i.e. if you are facing the previous room (left), jumping then lightly tapping right while in morph and in midair will move you one pixel closer to the previous room and make you face right afterward)
  29. Tapping the opposite direction while in morph on the ground (again, a quick enough tap) can turn Samus around without moving her any amount of pixels.
  31. Turning around normally will shift Samus two pixels that direction.
  33. ---
  35. Additional
  39. If you miss the CWJ, turning around and hitting an angle can halt your momentum and save time on recovery. If done quickly enough, it can save you a jump from the very bottom of the moat to the ledge with the destructible block.
  41. For reasons I do not know, you sometimes aren't permitted to perform an angle while moving left or right during your underwater spin before hitting the ground; you would have to stop holding a direction (or break out of spin) to perform the angle.
  45. I attempt to explain most of what this pastebin explains, but in video form instead, at the beginning of this video.
  47. ---
  49. Changelog
  51. 5/29/15 - Changed wording to try to make it easier to understand.
  52. 9/3/15 - Note at end of midair morph adjustment.
  53. 9/28/15 - Added a potentially helpful video under Additional.
  54. 12/10/15 - Optimally, 12% does not fight Phantoon first, so removed it from the beginning paragraph.
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