Dear Anonymous, by PrOtOn_An0n

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  1. Greetings Anonymous brothers and sisters,
  3. Its PrOtOn_An0n here, I'm sure you haven't heard from me in awhile and after seeing
  4. tweets about me I thought it would be best to write this pastebin to set everything
  5. straight.
  7. Okay so lets start from the beginning. Awhile ago whilst doing attacks on various pedos,
  8. corrupt government, etc (the usual) I recieved a call from my ISP, who informed me of
  9. an AFP investigation into my online activities, which they weren't actually suppost
  10. to inform me of. I guess they sorta gave me a tip off, which I used to my advantage,
  11. The phonecall from my ISP basically informed me that the AFP had already busted me but
  12. wanted to gather more evidence to get me v&. So, knowing this I started d0xing instead,
  13. and go about things the legal way.
  15. A couple of months later I got the long expected knock on the door which upon opening
  16. I saw 2 AFP officers who asked to speak to my parents, luckily for me, my parents
  17. weren't there at the time, which then meant that the AFP couldn't raid me (which is
  18. what they were there for) because I was under 18.
  20. 2 days later my parents recieved a phone call informing them of all my illegal online
  21. activities, my involvement with the Anonymous movement, and most of the government
  22. hacks that I've done. Obviously as you would expect, they weren't happy about it and
  23. I've since been kicked out and am living with other family members. The AFP is currently
  24. watching every one of my online accounts, gone through all of my text messages, FB
  25. messages, twitter DM's and pretty much every little thing I do on the internet. And
  26. unfortunately, any IP that I log into my twitter from then gets watched the same way as
  27. I am. I'm still currently awaiting a call from the AFP stating if they still wish to
  28. sort things out and charge me or w/e, but im fairly sure they aren't going to because
  29. of my age, although they did threaten maximum 10 years in juvanile detention if I fuck
  30. up anything else.
  32. The reason I haven't been able to contact you all is because; firstly, my laptop is
  33. broken, and I dropped my phone which smashed the screen, so now its unusable. This
  34. is literally the only chance I've gotten to contact my #AnonFamily.
  36. To anyone who cared about my whereabouts, thankyou, you are what Anonymous truly is,
  37. a loving family, a caring family, a vengeful family, my family.
  39. I will eventually return, and the d0xes shall be mighty.
  41. "Together we expose all lies, we leak it all"
  43. Special love and thanks to you all.
  44. And extra love and *Hugz* to those certain anons (you know who you are) and also to
  45. #GSEC, for the #OpFreePrOtOn, the AU government needs a wake up call and you peepz
  46. look like you can handle the job.
  48. PrOtOn_An0n signing off.
  50. #AnonFamily
  51. #PrOtOnIsFree
  53. We are Anonymous.
  54. We are legion.
  55. United as one.
  56. Devided by zero.
  57. We do not forgive.
  58. We do not forget.
  59. Expect us!
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