fillyfiddling the glimglam WIP

Oct 11th, 2017
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  1. "I know I said I'd play with you, but why the age spell?"
  2. >And why sitting in your lap
  3. >Not that you really mind that part, you're always more than okay with skinship coming from her
  4. >Or you would, if not for the fact that she looks like she's ten right now...
  5. >"Because it'll be fun!"
  6. "Fun...?"
  7. >You deadpan
  8. >She can't see it since she's turned the other way, but you're certain she knows
  9. >"Huhuh,"
  10. >She nods, as she picks up the box and start getting everything ready using her magic
  11. "Just for fun."
  12. >You press on
  13. >And she nods again
  14. "And that has absolutely nothing to do with the little conversation we had two days ago,"
  15. >"I really don't see what you're talking about~,"
  16. >She does
  17. >She totally does, it was two fucking days ago!
  18. "Oh, really? Because I clearly remember telling you that I wasn't too comfortable with... that,"
  19. >"Ohhh~, you mean /that/ conversation!"
  20. >Yeah, no shit
  21. >"But gee, Anon, I'm just a filly you know~,"
  22. >You give her a frustrated groan in reply, and she giggles for a moment
  23. >"It's okay, we don't have to do anything if you don't feel like it,"
  24. "Then just change yourself back so we can--"
  25. >"Nope,"
  26. "Why?"
  27. >"Because it'll be fun~,"
  28. >For her, certainly
  29. >She's already having fun, you can hear it in her high pitched voice
  30. >But you know, you're not retarded
  31. >She's planning something
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