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  1. CanisSkyeToday at 10:39 PM
  2. Even dan today told me how he noticed gun just feeding kn hatred and anger
  3. And how weird it was
  5. PhantomSavageToday at 10:39 PM
  6. eh?
  8. CanisSkyeToday at 10:40 PM
  9. Like....everyone loves a good schadenfreude
  10. You know
  11. But gun
  12. He literally ups it and just wants to make people upset and angry by purposefully throwing shit in a pot and trying to stir it
  13. And it's not even friendly fire at some points
  14. I was upset about the projared thing.
  15. Like...I was fucking torn.  He got me to try monster hunter again, and I enjoyed his vids.
  16. He would purposefully throw projared shit in my dms
  18. PhantomSavageToday at 10:42 PM
  19. tonight?
  21. CanisSkyeToday at 10:42 PM
  22. To try to get a reaction out of me
  23. No
  24. Before jared made that video a few weeks ago
  25. And he was the clown
  26. But he knew I was upset about how to feel about Jared's incident with his nudes and shit.
  27. And he just kept posting Jared shit in my dms
  28. His fav one is a drawing of his DnD character being burnt alive or something or other
  29. He posted that to me at least three times
  30. 5 times if you count the group chat
  31. He just wants to hear people get angry and mad
  32. And upset
  33. J dont know why
  34. But he does
  35. Its...weird
  37. PhantomSavageToday at 10:46 PM
  38. Because 4chan. Also gun has been like this for well over a year now so its not a surprise
  39. it just takes 4 words tho, starting with three
  41. CanisSkyeToday at 10:46 PM
  42. He stopped taking his meds
  43. He stopped months ago
  44. Because he "ran out of them"
  45. And he wont get more
  47. PhantomSavageToday at 10:47 PM
  48. next time he DMs you a projared meme, instead of not responding at all just say the words
  51. "could you not"
  53. literally 3 words, that's it.
  55. And if he posts again, add one more
  57. "Seriously."
  58. And after that, if he does
  59. block 'em
  60. He'll get the message.
  61. And if he doesn't then he's stupid or he brings it on himself
  63. CanisSkyeToday at 10:48 PM
  64. Well apparently
  65. Hes telling hunter that I dont enjoy his company
  66. And the KZ thing was jealousy
  67. That just pushes it more
  68. People even agreed that it was
  69. Silly me
  71. PhantomSavageToday at 10:50 PM
  72. when did he tell hunter that?
  74. CanisSkyeToday at 10:50 PM
  75. Me spending money on him for him to play a game with us is totally signifying that I'm ignoring his company cause I hate it
  76. Today
  77. He left cause of it
  78. He came in the call
  79. And immediately talked about kz
  80. And he just left
  81. Whatever.
  82. I cant please everyone
  84. PhantomSavageToday at 10:52 PM
  85. are you being fucking serious? is he really going down a god damn spiral because he's so insanely jealous of KZ? What the fuck does he have to be jealous about? You've hardly talked to KZ in a year except through replies on twitter
  87. CanisSkyeToday at 10:52 PM
  88. Nor do I want to
  90. PhantomSavageToday at 10:52 PM
  91. I haven't even fucking recorded with KZ in a year now
  93. CanisSkyeToday at 10:52 PM
  94. Kz took his pm
  95. I told you
  96. I wasnt fucking joking around
  98. PhantomSavageToday at 10:52 PM
  99. like 6 fucking years ago
  101. CanisSkyeToday at 10:52 PM
  102. He hates kz
  104. PhantomSavageToday at 10:52 PM
  105. and PM doesn't socialize with god damn anyone anymore
  107. CanisSkyeToday at 10:52 PM
  108. Him and pm talked alot back then
  109. And sometime, things happened and boom
  110. I dont keep up with this shit
  112. PhantomSavageToday at 10:53 PM
  113. yeah I know, PM isn't subtle or very nice, he just pushed him off I'm sure because he'd rather get high and play pokemon between the 4 janitor jobs he does a week
  115. CanisSkyeToday at 10:54 PM
  116. Well..his fucking fault for buying an 11k house
  118. PhantomSavageToday at 10:54 PM
  119. again, PM is an idiot
  120. but that literally has nothing to do with KZ
  122. CanisSkyeToday at 10:54 PM
  123. He was gonna move in with his gf or whatever at the time
  124. He bought the house
  125. And it all fell apart
  126. With him getting the bills
  127. And debt
  128. I'm just telling you why he hates kz
  129. That's the reason
  130. That's why it was fucking creepy when he went "hey skye.  Must've been nice to talk to kz again, huh?"
  131. In a wierd ass creepy tone
  132. Like....I felt like I had to defend myself?
  134. PhantomSavageToday at 10:56 PM
  135. I'm tired of this.
  137. CanisSkyeToday at 10:56 PM
  138. I just went "It was alright.  If I wanted to talk to him, I can."
  140. PhantomSavageToday at 10:57 PM
  141. I'm sick and fucking tired of this kintergarden dick measuring bullshit.
  143. CanisSkyeToday at 10:57 PM
  144. Dont do anything stupid again, please.
  145. I cant deal with it.  I have to deal with work this week
  146. I had to handle it the last time when 5 million questions oozed all over
  147. And I really cant deal with gun having a fucking breakdown and doing something drastic..cause temember..he isnt taking meds
  148. I cant have suicide be a thing to hapen
  149. Kthanks
  151. PhantomSavageToday at 11:01 PM
  152. Why the fuck shouldn't I just tell 'em off right the fuck now, you've got a mother that treats you like a fucking retard like she dropped you on your head as a baby or some shit, a boss that seems fit to fucking use you until your god damn body breaks like a twig because he has you doing the work of 10 people by your fucking self, a sister that prioritizes her own social life at your own fuckin' house over even looking after her own ratty fuckin' dirty kids, chiping away at your mental health and spirt day by fucking day as I sit here and can only watch and do my best to piece you back together and now I've gotta worry about this kintergarden bullshit because, like a child, some emotionally unstable little pissant is throwing a fuckin' tantrum because you talked to a friend you've known longer than HE has in a casual conversation?
  153. Give me one god damn reason I shouldn't tell him the throw himself off the fuckin' bridge etika did
  154. I'm sick of this BULLSHIT
  156. CanisSkyeToday at 11:02 PM
  157. Because it's just another thing to deal with
  159. PhantomSavageToday at 11:02 PM
  160. He just will hold everyone emotionally hostage, AGAIN
  162. CanisSkyeToday at 11:02 PM
  163. And I have to be in calls
  164. You dont
  165. Its awkward
  166. I cant deal with more shit
  167. I have enough as it is
  168. Hunter gets it worse than me
  169. If anything, he is emotionally held hostage
  170. I gave up on some of it anyway
  171. I ignore his shit unless it's a conversation
  172. And I mute morgana anymore
  174. PhantomSavageToday at 11:04 PM
  175. great, fuckin' great, once again it circles around to me not being able to do or say fuckin' anything to resolve the matter because its like we're in a world made of fucking egg shells, just fucking pleasant. I'm getting sick and tired of being tolerant and turning a blind eye to ALLLLLL the shitty fuckin' people across this shitty fuckin' country making life hell for literally the only person beyond my own fucking, old, dying family I love.
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