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  1. Update v20190521:
  2. - Load data [delete] [Recall] scope modification.
  3. - Up to 10 saves are possible. Add messages.
  4. - bug fixes that no longer work when ESC button is pressed after ESUME.
  5. - bug fixes that cannot be saved when leaving the room after saving the laptop
  6. - After clearing the second floor, adjust exclamation mark and ear UI remaining
  7. - Modify 3rd floor automatic door speed
  8. - Modification of duplicate acquisition of samples and third-floor security card items
  9. - Fixes leeches bug.
  10. - Modify Dolly Interaction Range
  11. - Fixing bugs that appear to be shutting down in two classrooms
  12. - Move to the dungeon and add auto save function.
  14. Other bug fixes
  15. Now, in the area of play, the big burgers are thought to be gone.
  17. Update v20190519:
  18. - Bug with first floor dolly not working properly.
  19. - Bug with growing items in the drawer of the HR room on the first floor
  20. - Bug that deviated from map in first floor B-B class
  21. - Bug without 2nd floor laboratory
  22. - Bug with larger items in drawers in the sub-center on the second floor
  24. Update v20190518:
  25. - While watching the directing scene, modify the player so that it cannot move.
  26. - Alex AI modification and balancing
  27. - Evan AI modification and balancing
  28. - Remove the bug whose auditorium door was open.
  29. - Fixes of bugs that were not allowed to interact with the keys in the Sully locker after storage
  30. - Fixing bugs on the map on the second floor that didn't match my position
  31. - 1F X-room bug fixes after saving
  32. - The others bug fixing
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