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  1. Hack wifi is the second best way to hack wifi (Wep,Wpa,Wpa2 etc)
  2. Things required are a Jailbroken iPod or iPhone, installous on you device, and know how to SSH into your device.
  3. Steps!
  4. 1 Download HackWIFI.ipa from:
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?bn7lp8zivazwmlq
  6. 2 ssh into your iPod/iPhone
  7. 3 copy the .ipa file to /private/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads
  8. 4 go into installous on your iPod/iPhone
  9. 5 and install HackWIFI.ipa with installous
  10. 6 ENJOY!!!
  11. Note:
  12. *I do not own this software an never will!
  13. *For educational purposes only.If you get involved with police i take no responsibility!
  14. *I do not own this video
  15. *No responsibility  will be taken on me for your actons!
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