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  1. "Jedi? The Jedi are dead."
  3. The haggard man slouched back into the shadows of his booth, eyes warily flicking to the cantina's exit. He tugged his ragged hood over his head before he
  4. returned his attention to me.
  6. "Their time has passed from the galaxy, young man. Now, peace and justice are the responsibility of others." He looked tired for a moment. "And perhaps
  7. that is best."
  9. He leaned forward, intense and earnest.
  11. "The heroes from those old tales, even those that brought you here, they will always be there to inspire.
  12. But now is your time. ”
  14. A triad of heavily armed Rodians burst through the door, chattering demands in their language; they turned towards
  15. me, leveled their blasters and fired.
  17. A beam of light arose from the old man's hand....
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