BLVN General FAQ 1.3

Sep 1st, 2012
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  2. BLVN + Otome General FAQ 1.3
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  4. This thread is for the discussion of BL (Boy's Love, aka. yaoi) and otome games. We're including bara under the BL umbrella too. Basically, VNs that aren't targeted at straight dudes are fair game here. If the game was originally developed in English, please direct discussion to the OELVN thread.
  6. Annotated playthroughs and in-thread translations are welcome and encouraged.
  8. Don't be a douche and use spoiler tags.
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  11. Translation Status
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  13. For a detailed rundown of all projects, BL or otherwise, check out
  16. But, since there are so few BL games being translated, might as well do a summary here:
  18. Recent Patch Releases:
  19. Drammatical Murder - Released (4/25/2013)
  20. Hadaka Shitsuji - Released (4/1/2013)
  21. Togainu no Chi - Full Patch Released (07/21/12)
  23. In progress (as of 05/07/2013):
  24. Drammatical Murder Re:connect - Preliminary TL started, currently @ hacking
  25. Hunk's Workshop - rough translation ~75% (in need of hackers)
  26. Lamento - kind of in progress?
  27. Sweet Pool - still in progress, moving slowly
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  30. Basic FAQ
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  32. Q. What's a BL game?
  33. A. Basically, the same thing as a VN only gayer.
  35. Q. What's an otome game?
  36. A. Generally speaking, a VN with a female protagonist targeted at women.
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  40. Resource Links
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  42. We're trying to maintain a list of BL game downloads here:
  43. So you don't have to wade through the shithole that is Aarinfantasy to get to most of the good stuff. The list is far from complete at this point, so feel free to contribute content in the thread.
  45. - Has a lot of general info about VNs. As you might expect
  46. BL games are pretty neglected and the information may not always be accurate or even remotely useful.
  48. - JAST's BL section (although one of those is an otome game). I'd say support the industry and buy this shit, but most people agree the two games available are terrible.
  50. - The VN General FAQ has some potentially helpful resources, but YMMV since BL games are pretty neglected in general.
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  53. Installation & Troubleshooting:
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  55. (Stealing this verbatim from the VN General FAQ)
  57. Q. How do I install a Visual Novel?
  58. Note: Some Visual Novels may come prepatched and won't require further installation, otherwise, follow these steps:
  59. 1) First of all, make sure you have both the game data and most up to date translation patch from the translator's blog.
  61. 2) Acquire and install optical drive emulation software, such as Daemontools Lite or MagicISO. What this software does is create a virtual CD/DVD drive with which to "mount" and run disc images (1:1 copies of the original game disc converted into a large data file). Typically these files have extensions such as .iso, .ccd, .img, .mdf, and so on.
  63. 3) Set your system to properly display in Japanese for non-unicode programs. What this does is ensure the game works properly in the environment it was coded for, otherwise you may run into any particular Visual Novel not working properly, such as installation failures, the game engine failing to run, garbled text, and so on. See the question below for specific steps.
  65. 4) After mounting, seek out any readmes included with the game and/or patch for installation instructions. Most often the patch will require you to run an application after installing the game or to copy the patch files into the installationd directory. If the translation group allows it, there may be an option to use the translation patch itself to install the game for you (provided you have all the necessary disc images containing the game data mounted of course).
  67. Q. How do I change my system to Japanese locale?
  68. A. On Windows 7, this option can be found in the Administrative tab of the Region and Language sub menu on Control Panel. The option you want to be changing is "Language for non-Unicode programs".
  69. JP Keyboard options (used for typing in Japanese but not necessary for playing Japanese games) can be disabled under the tab "Keyboard and Languages."
  70. In XP, this can be found in the Advanced tab of the Regional and Language options sub menu in Control Panel.
  72. Q. This installer isn't in English, what do I do?
  73. A. Most Visual Novels translated via 3rd party patches will require you to install the raw Japanese version of the game before applying a patch. The layouts are often similar to their English counterparts so you should be able to guide yourself through it using context and familiarity. Often the prompts will have an English abbreviation in parenthesis, ie (B): Back, (N): Next, and so on. If you get an error message, it may help to copy it (ctrl+c) and paste it into an online machine translation service.
  75. Q. Why isn't my game working?
  76. A. First of all, make sure you've followed ALL of the install instructions included with your game and/or translation patch.
  77. ▪Check to make sure your system is set to use Japanese Locale for non-unicode programs.
  78. ▪Older games may require running in administrative or compatibility modes, or further patching not included with the original translation patch.
  79. ▪There may be issues with User Rights Management in Windows 7 involving games installed in the default program files folder. Try installing the game outside of Program Files x86.
  80. ▪If a game has issues with video playback it may be because of the default settings of video codecs such as fddshow or LAV splitter. Try installing or re-installing CCCP and disable options relating to MPEG playback.
  81. ▪You may need to install/reinstall/update video card drivers and/or Direct X.
  83. Q. Where is my save data Located?
  84. A. Save data location will vary with each Visual Novel, here's a list of possible locations:
  85. ▪Installation Folder
  86. ex: C:\Program Files x86\[title]
  87. NOTE: For Windows Vista/7 users, any game installed into program files x86 that stores saves in the installation folder will be moved to the Virtual Store folder by Windows.
  88. ex: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\[title]
  89. ▪My Documents
  90. ex: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\[developer]\[title]\save
  91. ▪Appdata
  92. ex: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\[developer]\[title]\save
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