Warhammer Fantasy Video Games

Oct 25th, 2020
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  1. Warhammer Fantasy Video Games
  2. -- /tg/ recommended --
  4. [Updated 2020-10-25]
  6. [Total War: Warhammer 2]
  7. Semi-grand strategy game serving as the best yet adaptation of the setting to video games. Play as almost every race, change the course of history, and grab a bunch of hilarious mods from the active community. Has an egregious amount of DLC, but most of it is high quality, it goes on sale frequently, and the company largely respects the setting. Ask the thread for DLC recommendations.
  8. Suggested buy price: $25 USD or less
  10. [Total War: Warhammer 1]
  11. Like the second TWW, just smaller and focused exclusively on the Old World. A great game and definite buy, because if you own both games you can play the Mortal Empires campaign in TWW2, which is the single largest Warhammer digital experience. Also has lots of DLC but all of it unlocks the same or better content in the sequel.
  12. Suggested buy price: $15 USD or less
  14. [Warhammer: Vermintide 2]
  15. Left 4 Dead but with (mostly) melee weapons, Skaven/Nurgle/Beastmen instead of zombies, and engaging protagonists. Worth it for the character dialogue alone, but it's an excellent game in and of itself. It does unfortunately take place during the End Times, but it's so good that even grognards can look past that. Tight controls, no egregious monetization, and an active community. The details included in the map and enemy design are lifted directly from the tabletop and it feels like walking through an apocalyptic version of the setting.
  16. Suggested buy price: $20 USD or less
  18. [Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide]
  19. Predecessor to the above. The combat is a bit looser, there's less customization, and the loot system is more frustrating, but some veterans prefer it to the sequel for the different feel. In general play Vermintide 2 first but if you get this cheap then give it a spin, if for nothing else than the classic locations you can visit.
  20. Suggested buy price: $10 USD or less
  22. [Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning]
  23. Private server adaptation of the old WAR MMO. Most of the content from live is present, including almost all PQs, quests, zones, and most importantly, the RvR. There is an active development team continuing to roll out balance and content patches to support the several thousand regular players. If you played WAR back in the day, hop back in. If not, this is definitely a WoW-clone with a coat of Warhammer paint on it, but if that's what you're looking for then search no farther.
  24. Suggested buy price: It's 100% free and they don't accept donations
  25. Check out the Art of Warhammer Online mega: https://mega <dot> nz /#F!GssHjQQb!1ErOd9wuhmZ839dEeY4G3g
  27. [Mordheim: City of the Damned]
  28. Faithful digital reproduction of the tabletop game. That is to say, it's fun, grim, and very hard. You're going to be working under pressure, against the clock, and half your warband will be missing a limb. The difficulty means playing a lot of it isn't for everyone, but if you can score it cheap then there's plenty of fun to be had in even one partial playthrough.
  29. Suggested buy price: $15 USD or less
  31. [Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles]
  32. You know what gets ignored in Warhammer? Naval conflict. This adaptation of the old Man O' War GW wargame fixes that. It's janky, underdeveloped, and kinda hard on the eyes, but you can tell the small dev team really cares about the world and no other game lets you fight kraken or corner the market on rum. Picture a mix of Sid Myer's Pirates and Mount & Blade set in Warhammer Fantasy. If that appeals then give it a shot.
  33. Suggested buy price: $10 USD or less
  35. [Blood Bowl 1 & 2]
  36. Do you like handegg (with weapons)? Do you like sorta-Warhammer? You might like this. It's all about dice rolls, team management, and clutch plays. Both versions are largely the same, with the second having some minor improvements and active support, though if you want to play multiplayer get the second for sure. Best played on American Football Sundays.
  37. Suggested buy price: $15 USD or less
  39. [Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Gold Edition]
  40. Its excellent army painter is the best part of this real time battle game, but it also boasts a pretty fun campaign set in the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos. You can play as the Empire, Chaos, Greenskins, or Dark Elves in campaign and a few more races in multiplayer or skirmish. Combat and graphics aren't amazing but definitely memorable, so much so that the battles and duels in Total War Warhammer lifted almost all the core mechanics 1:1. Still has the best trailer of any Warhammer video game.
  41. Suggested buy price: $10 USD or less
  43. [Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat]
  44. Good luck getting this to play on a modern PC (check the GOG forums and reviews for tips), but if you do you'll find a great game with lots of variety. For once you're not fighting against Chaos! Released in the 90s this is a nostalgia trip for real grognards, and can be hard to get into for newer players. Once you have, though, you'll understand why they love it.
  45. Suggested buy price: $7 USD or less
  47. [Warhammer: Dark Omen]
  48. Sequel to SotHR, it's richer in some ways and poorer in others, though certainly more playable for modern audiences. If you can get it to work, that is, as there hasn't been a release for modern systems yet and Windows balks at some workarounds. You'll want to quote a lot of the dialogue but because of the difficulty of getting it to work nobody will get your quotes and you'll become even more bitter.
  49. Suggested buy price: Whatever they're asking for a working copy
  51. --If the game is not on this list, /tg/ does not recommend it--
  53. PC Gamer did a review of every Warhammer game released, including the bad ones, which you can find here:
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