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Aug 17th, 2019
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  1. # Useful Post Commands / Scripts
  3. ## Convert Images after Download
  5. On Linux or macOS make sure ImageMagick is installed and added to the PATH environment variable.
  6. On Windows HakuNeko comes already bundled with ImageMagick, so no need for an additional installation.
  8. 1. Open HakuNeko settings
  9. 2. Find the setting for `Post Command`
  10. 3. Enter the following command (example for Windows, Linux/macOS needs to be adjusted):
  11. `mkdir "%PATH%_conv" 2>nul & convert "%PATH%\*.webp" -scene 1 "%PATH%_conv\%03d.png"`
  12. - Creates a new chapter folder with the suffix `conv`
  13. - Process all images from the original chapter folder that matches `*.webp`
  14. - Images will be converted to PNG using 3-digit numbering starting with an offset of 1
  15. - The PNg images are stored in the new folder with the `_conv` suffix
  17. ## Convert EBOOK after download
  19. The kindle converter is bundled with all versions of HakuNeko, so no need for an additional installation.
  21. 1. Open HakuNeko settings
  22. 2. Find the setting for `Post Command`
  23. 3. Enter the following command:
  24. `kindlegen "%PATH%"`
  25. - Converts the EPUB file into a MOBI file (same manga directory)
  26. - This will only work if the EPUB is compatible (e.g. no webp images)
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