One Of Those Days

Nov 1st, 2014
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  1. “Haaaaaaehhhhssshaaaaaa-hooo!”
  3. A mist of droplets exploded into the air, dancing across the cold misty morning sky and exerting themselves as they slowly float down. A muffled sniffling is heard as a scarf goes up to cover Rarity's nose. She places a slight pressure on her nose as it twitches once more, and she lowers her scarf and lets out another powerful sneeze.
  5. “Ahhhhhhh-heeeeessshoooo!!!”
  7. The mist expels out speeding forward and twirling into the air before dissipating towards the ground. The early morning lighting and fog shown just right to outline every single sneezy droplet from the red nosed Rarity. She moved her scarf back over her nose, covering everything down to her lower neck. She was watching Sweetie Belle this week as the parents were away, and of course it was the week she had a cold. It was very early morning and she was bundled up sniffing and dabbing her nose through her scarf. Beside her, a very energetic Sweetie Belle played with the cold morning air as she watched her breath play around in front of her.
  9. Rarity sucked in a gob of mucus and tried to sound as un-sick as possible. “Sweetie Belle, do you thig you'll be warb edough in dat?” She sniffed again and coughed slightly into her scarf, her cheeks red.
  11. “Of course!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as she re-wrapped her scarf around her neck and shrugged her shoulders in her soft autumn coat.
  13. A screeching of breaks was heard, and red lights flashed in the morning fog from down the street.
  15. “Oooh! It is coming!” Sweetie Belle chimed as she danced her hooves back and forth.
  17. Rarity, too cold to care, just stared at the ground.
  19. Within moments, the bus pulled up and screeched to a halt.
  21. “Bye sis!”
  23. “Hab a good day, call be if you deed be.” Rarity sniffed and continued, “I wub you.”
  25. “Love you too!” Sweetie Belle said as she ran inside the bus, took a seat by her friends, Scootaloo and Applebloom, then waved insanely out the window till out of sight.
  27. Rarity shivered as a chill ran down her spine. Her nostrils flared, she hitched her breath, quickly moved down her scarf and let out a desperate sneeze.
  29. “Ehhh-Heeeshhoo!” A string of snot twirled out of her nose breaking apart mid air and disappearing to the ground. “egxcuse be.” She said rubbing her nose, as it makes a squishing sound. Feeling clouded, Rarity slowly turns around and walks back to her front door and goes inside. She now has the whole day till class is out to do what she wants. She decided to take the day off from work, since she had no major orders.
  31. Sleep. That is what she wants to do. Rarity goes to her room removing her clothing as it falls to the floor. The warmth of her homes interior encases her voluptuous body as she lifts the covers with her magic and flops inside. Her scarf still covering her nose and mouth, she feels a tickly sensation inside her sinuses. The mucus inside quickly begins to run, but before she can move her scarf, she explodes out a power sneeze.
  33. “Heeehhh-Ehhhhhh-Raaasssssssspphhoooo!” The spray clings and seeps through her now damp scarf. Her nose tickles still as pressure builds, her jaw falls slack and her nose quivers.
  35. “Hhhheeeeeeaaaaaaassshoooooooo!” She jolts and the sneeze expels on the inside of her scarf again. Having a moments break, she quickly pulls off her now soaked scarf and tosses it on the floor beside her bed. She picks up a tissue box and pulls out a few tissues. She blows hard into them before lazily tossing them beside her bed.
  37. “I'b biserable.” She says to herself, her cheeks red, nose red, eyes droopy, ears down, and mane a mess. Pulling her covers closer to her neck, she closes her eyes to try and fall asleep, but realized the mucus seems to drip from her nose if she lays on her side. So she positions herself to her back, just to have the mucus drain into her throat and clog her up even more. She gets up rather quickly and blows into a tissue, massive amounts of clogged mucus glops out and drips, requiring her to wrap it in more tissues. She tosses it aside.
  39. She closes her eyes and lays her head back on her pillow trying to go to sleep. Her nose tingles and her nostrils flare. So weak, Rarity decides to not even fight it or move. She clinched her teeth and tries to hold the sneeze in but it blasts out in full force from her nose, drenching her pillow and covers in a slimy sheen of snot.
  41. “Hhrrrkkknnncchhhhhhhhpppppphhfffffff!”
  43. She opens her eyes and groans as she backs herself up from the snot, links of mucus still dripping from her nose, connected to the pillow. It finally snaps apart and she gets out of bed and cleans it all with her tissue box. She decides that since she is up, she might as well put the tissues in the waste bin. One by one, the tissues go into the garbage. Now more then ever, Rarity wearily trudges to her bed side and flops on top of the covers. Her tails flaps once before resting behind her. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.
  45. Rarity opens her eyes, the sun peeks through her windows. She looks around not knowing the time, then feels the burn inside her throat. Her nostrils seem cleared, but she knows it will fill up again after a few minutes being awake. The clock reads that only a few hours have passed, and Sweetie Belle is still at school. Not hungry, Rarity decides to go to the kitchen and at least try to keep to her eating regiment.
  47. In the kitchen, she opens the cupboard and pulls out a small bowl. She gets a spoon and some dry oats to make oatmeal. Rarity sighs, as it is times like this she wished she had a strong and caring stallion in the house with her. She loves being pampered, and especially if it came from a significant other pony who loved her. She smiled as the bliss of love tempted her mind for just a moment until she turned to her side to cough a few times. She sniffed as the oatmeal was nearly finished.
  49. She sat down at the table with her steaming hot oatmeal before her. She knew is smelled good, but couldn't smell it for the life of her. She took a bite, but couldn't even taste the cinnamon she sprinkled in it. She coughed again just as a tickle emerged inside her nasal cavity. It pecked away at the insides of her nose as if a jack hammer pecking away at cement. She shook her head to try and stave off the sneeze, but it wasn't much use as it kept hammering away. She raised her hoof to her nose just as her head slowly reared up. Her eyes shut as her chest began to puff outward.
  51. “Hehhhh, Hehhhh.” She rubbed her nose in a circular motion. “Hehhhh . . . . heeeeoohhhhh.” The feeling subsided for just a moment before coming back, “Heeeehhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhh, HAAAAPPPSCHOOOOOOOIIIEEEE!” She turned at the last second aiming toward the floor as the sneeze sputtered out. “Heeeehhhhhh-Eesssshhhhooooooooo!”
  53. The second sneeze brought with it a more smooth release, but complete with an onslaught of gunky mucus and spray misting her chest and the floor below. But it wasn't done. This was going to be a triple. Her nostrils flared to their widest spread possible before narrowing with release.
  57. Spray blanketed everything as she aimed down and was pushed back a few inches, her chair creaked as it leaned back and her rump pressed against the back of the chairs poles.
  59. She sniffed with her eyes closed and breath still hitching. Was it not done yet? Her nostrils flared and another sneeze broke lose.
  61. “Hhaaaa-eeehhhsshhhhhh-hoo!” Her chair slipped out from under her and she fell to the floor with a thud, landing on her tender, cushy rump. Her bowl of oatmeal bounced off the table and landed on her head, slowly dripping down.
  63. After a few colorful words, Rarity wiped off some of the oatmeal nearing her eyes, and removed the bowl. Now she would have to take a shower and clean herself up. She got herself up off the floor just to realize she sat in all the mucus and spray she just sneezed on the floor. Her rump and hooves were covered in the contents. She sighed and just accepted today was going to be one of those days.
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