Cara Ellison & Anna Anthropy

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Cara Ellison & Anna Anthropy.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Rock Paper Shotgun, The Guardian, Vice, Unwinnable.
  3. Date Compiled: April 12th, 2014.
  4. ~boogiepoprobin
  6. **************************************
  9. Jun 01, 2012: @auntiepixelante fuck. I would love to. Sadly I am having a party that only that dickhead Morrissey and some rum are invited to
  10. Jun 01, 2012: @auntiepixelante yes. Perhaps I should just suck it up and do it like I actually have some ovaries huh
  11. Jun 01, 2012: Did you all know that @auntiepixelante, when she smiles, has the single greatest smile of all time?
  12. Jun 01, 2012: @auntiepixelante YES. God you would look so fucking GOOD in a bonnet please immediately co-opt one for Skype use
  13. Jun 03, 2012: @auntiepixelante YES SO BORING zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ilu
  14. Jun 26, 2012: @auntiepixelante @christinelove @daphaknee I'd love to! But it is so late here and my flatmate is sleeping she would not be keen on that
  15. Jul 10, 2012: @auntiepixelante hmmmmmmmm I WOULD LOVE TO INTERVIEW YOU AGAIN what else can we talk about (sexy sex in gaems?)
  16. Jul 16, 2012: @auntiepixelante I'm running because you wanted me to
  17. Jul 16, 2012: @auntiepixelante I needed you to push me and you did. Thank you.
  18. Nov 28, 2012: @auntiepixelante anna do you ever make beyoooootiful dot matrix dominatrix posters for my house
  19. Nov 28, 2012: @auntiepixelante am totes wrecked: will email in the morning! promises and slurpy kisses
  20. Dec 14, 2012: @auntiepixelante I love you and @daphaknee keep going I love you both
  21. Dec 26, 2012: @auntiepixelante would it be quicker for me to add my payment to you to this? Would that be helpful? Cheques are so slow
  22. Dec 26, 2012: @auntiepixelante okay ma'am. I wired you $250. Merry Slutmas, and Happy Hogmanay <3
  23. Dec 29, 2012: You guys you should come to my new flat when I get it and play Cosmic Encounter! #YES #COME @aeazel @auntiepixelante
  24. Dec 31, 2012: @christinelove @auntiepixelante I just want to hug you both once and I will be very happy for the rest of the year
  25. Dec 31, 2012: @auntiepixelante @daphaknee YEY lets do that take me to your favourite place
  26. Jan 07, 2013: @daphaknee @auntiepixelante if it wins PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE
  27. Jan 07, 2013: @auntiepixelante @daphaknee okay we can have our own IGF called MASSIVE FUCKING PARTY
  28. Feb 09, 2013: @auntiepixelante admittedly it is taking a back seat to paid work now as due to cashflow I am having to take more of that
  29. Mar 02, 2013: @auntiepixelante @daphaknee is the fucking best
  30. Apr 10, 2013: @auntiepixelante GOD WHEN WILL I STOP WRITING ABOUT YOU WHEN WILL I SHUT UP (never)
  31. May 29, 2013: @auntiepixelante it is hard to not make you my heroine of the week every week
  32. Jun 27, 2013: @auntiepixelante this just in: you are both amazing. More at ten
  33. Oct 07, 2013: @auntiepixelante @patriciaxh thank you i am feeling so depressed rn i really appreciate it
  34. Oct 19, 2013: @auntiepixelante you have such a gentle way of expressing yourself in your blog posts. 'whisper your name in a lover's ear'
  35. Mar 31, 2014: @auntiepixelante @m_kopas i said I'd meet @patriciaxh after 6 for food. wanna come?
  36. Apr 05, 2014: "@carachan1 hey would you wanna get together tomorrow" @auntiepixelante I'm super busy tomorrow~ I'm coming back to Oakland in May tho~
  37. May 02, 2014: "@caraellison @patriciaxh you should coooooome. i'm gonna be playtesting a new card game i designed!" @auntiepixelante @patriciaxh ok!
  38. May 30, 2014: @tonitonirocca @auntiepixelante nono I should be around way more after this weekend I just gotta get this big essay on liz fucked off
  39. Jun 02, 2014: "@patriciaxh @caraellison hey, dinner or something this week? i feel like i've bailed a lot lately" @auntiepixelante @patriciaxh sure! how about friday night?
  40. Oct 08, 2014: Hey @xpatriciah and @auntiepixelante can confirm that straw-ber-ritas are terrible I'm sorry Anna for leaving that one can of it at yr house
  42. Disclosure Issues.
  43. Numerous references that suggest a friendship, hangouts, a $250 exchange from Ellison to Anthropy, and a comment about poster commissions. There are plenty of reasons to suspect a personal relationship that should be disclosed.
  45. Articles with Possible Disclosure Issues:
  46. Jun 20, 2012: Rock-Paper-Shotgun. Choose Your Own Anna Antropy Interview.
  47. Nov 19, 2012: Unwinnable. To the Games I Will Never Finish: A Love Letter.
  48. Mar 19, 2013: Rock-Paper-Shotgun. Bedroom Gymnastics: Anna Anthropy’s Triad.
  49. *Apr 10, 2013: The Guardian (gamesblog). Anna Anthropy and the Twine revolution.
  50. July 23, 2014: Vice. The Gloriously Stupid History of Sex in Video Games (namedrops Anthropy)
  51. Dec 11, 2014: The Guardian (technology). A verse about Queers in Love at the End of the World
  53. * This is a blog post, so the necessity of a disclosure is debatable.
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