ND paranoid about conspiracy in death of altmed doctors

Oct 22nd, 2015
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  1. 799392nd request to FBI to investigate murdered doctors
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  3. Colleen Huber, NMDSep 25
  4. I just sent the following letter by e-mail to the FBI. Perhaps it's a good time to increase video cameras, and secure storage and transmission of video footage, among other measures of security and defense, both time-honored and innovative, keeping our attorneys in consult about all of that.
  5. None of the following physicians were naturopaths, by the way, all MDs, DCs and DOs. Still, the events are extremely disturbing.
  6. Because I got no response to my previous request for investigation, and the pattern continues, and Dr. Gaynor was killed just last week, I think we owe it to him and to ourselves to demand investigation.
  8. If any of you also want to request that the FBI investigate, the website is:
  10. I sent this just now:
  12. On 7/27/15, I filed a request on this site for the FBI to investigate a series of assassinations of alternative medical providers, whom I listed by name. I got no response. The assassinations have continued, and a number of them have been falsely called suicides by local law enforcement. Since I wrote, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, both of NY, both well-known to the alternative medical community, were killed. Calling the killings of some of these doctors suicides, or looking for a family member to blame, amounts to negligence of investigative duties, contradicts our knowledge of them and are libelous insults to the doctors and their families.
  13. Many of the assassinated doctors were well known in the alternative/natural health community, and are known to be absolutely NOT suicidal. It is imperative that we share in the exquisitely beautiful lives of our present and future children and grandchildren in the decades to come, and the many other joys of being alive. I speak for myself, as an effort of self-preservation, as well as for my similarly life-loving colleagues, several of whom have been brutally murdered.
  14. How much more do the rest of us who practice alternative medicine have to beef up ubiquitous surveillance, monitoring, security and a wide array of defenses? Rather than having the at-risk population incur these responsibilities and expenses, it would be much better if law enforcement would rise to the responsibility of a proper investigation.
  15. Will you please investigate, and will you please acknowledge receipt of this message? As before, I am again publishing this letter on a semi-public blog, in order to alert my colleagues to recent events. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  18. Colleen Huber, NMD
  19. Naturopathic Oncologist (FNORI)
  20. President, Naturopathic Cancer Society,
  21. Secretary, ANRI / NORI / INCRI,
  22. Medical Director, NatureWorksBest Cancer Clinic,
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