afterburned talkin shit

sezenspessa May 16th, 2019 66 Never
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  1. ya thats what i thought.
  3. youre not an idiot, too bad tyler IS. and he would never let the "packet loss" claim go.
  4. ontop of that, I think he whined about his keyboard fps or some other bullshit meanwhile he's on like 200+ fps with 0 packetloss and I specifically gave him shit to TEST these things before him fighting shawn.
  6. So when he wouldnt give it up, I just started saying no you dont have packet loss you just lost because you suck when he used that excuse as a fallback over and over.
  8. pretty much the whole thing of him using that as an excuse is when I actually said I do have packetloss (its reletively new) and I proved it with the same testing system I gave him.
  9. so while i was on gunz, i had to deal with warpy shit all the time because of the packetloss. Tried to replace the router but that didnt do shit so it's probably noise in the line itself which really isnt worth digging up physically
  11. but because I even said that i have it, and let him test as well NO MATTER WHAT the fucking test said (0%loss) he wouldnt believe it. and I'm like no dipshit you dont have packet loss I do, you dont get to use that as an excuse for not being good
  13. this whiney behavior tyler was pulling was still in the midst of talking shit to everyone even though they just got beat. and it STILL gets worse than that.
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