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  1. [02:37] Z Strats: u wanna play for cap dubs now?
  2. [02:37] Heliodor ✪: 2:37 am???
  3. [02:37] Heliodor ✪: no thx
  4. [02:38] Heliodor ✪: im not crazy
  5. [02:38] Z Strats: lol i didnt know what time it was for you
  6. [02:38] Z Strats: on forums i asked 10pm sunday your time can you do that?
  7. [02:38] Heliodor ✪: how bout 10pm saturday?
  8. [02:39] Z Strats: can't do that I can do anything from 10am sunday your time to 10pm though
  9. [02:40] Heliodor ✪: 10 am sunday then
  10. [02:40] Z Strats: ok
  11. [02:40] Heliodor ✪: great
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