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  1. Shooting Shards
  2. by Bearshirt
  4. F C Am G
  6. one day when things have calmed down
  7. you will wonder what went wrong
  8. smoking on your bag of nothing
  9. listening to your favorite songs
  10. well I'm sure this won't be one of them
  11. I'll be out under the stars
  12. and you'll be right left you
  13. in the bathroom
  14. shooting shards
  16. well i guess i should be sorry
  17. for all those things i haven't done
  18. but it wouldn't make you less of
  19. an unrepentant bitch- I'm sorry...
  20. i mean hey maybe I'll call you
  21. and we can try to work this out
  22. but you're lost
  23. in the sauce
  24. in the bathroom
  25. shooting shards
  27. so maybe this is catharsis
  28. that's a fancy word for letting go
  29. maybe it means a change of scenery
  30. or to be inside some different ho- hold up I mean
  31. I've tried to be respectful
  32. even though it's fucking hard
  33. because our love will crackle pop and burn out faster
  34. than shooting shards
  36. shooting shards
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