Snow patrol

Jan 14th, 2018
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  1. Tags: Whitehorn, Smut
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  7. Endless fields of white, A world frozen in time. The blizzard continues to freeze the earth and all unlucky enough to be out. Time seems to cease as I trudge forward. The cold wind that cut through seemed to no longer exist. My body could no longer feel any of it.
  8. Everything starts to turn foggy. My legs feel like they're made of lead, my whole body is sluggish. An uneven step and I'm on my hands and knees. I try to summon the strength to rise, but nothing comes forward. It'd be so easy just to fall and sleep.
  10. "Hey, are you ok?"
  12. A woman's voice? How long was I out? A minute, hours?
  14. "Hold on, You have to stay awake!"
  16. A horse's hooves come trotting next tome, coming to an end next to my head.
  18. "Can you stand?"
  20. Struggling to move, I couldn't even lift my head to look at her
  22. "I don't think so."
  24. The horse lays itself down. And a pair of arms grip and pull at me
  26. "How about now? Just crawl on."
  28. I crawl to it and climb onto its back
  30. "Thank goodness, My home is close by. I'll be able to warm you up there."
  32. It might be a hallucination, but that sounded like it came from the horse. As the horse rises to its feet and starts to move, I'm nearly thrown off. I have to grip the horse's neck for dear life, to which the horse seems to jump in response.
  34. "Oh my, please don't frighten me like that"
  36. Looking at the owner of the voice, there could be no mistake. Where there should be a horse's head to match its body was instead a girls torso, arms, and head.
  38. "You're not-"
  40. "Human? Nope. I hope you're not too upset, Beggars can't be choosers after all."
  42. "Sorry, didn't mean anything by it. I've just never met a horsegirl before."
  44. "You must not have if you're mistaking me for one. I'm more of a deer than a horse."
  46. "Sorry."
  48. "No need to apologize. Hold on tight, We're gonna be moving a bit faster now."
  50. I pull myself up and hug her back tightly. She's very warm. As I snuggle into her back she seems to shiver a bit. Am I stealing too much of her body heat?
  52. "Sorry to trouble you like this, but I do appreciate this. I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for you."
  54. "Huh? Oh yes, It's no problem at all. Everyone needs help now and then. It would've been heartless to not do anything."
  56. She seemed distracted. Maybe carrying me was a lot of effort?
  58. " We should be there shortly, We'll get you next to the fireplace and get you warmed up."
  60. As she says this a cottage appears through the break in the trees. It wasn't that huge, looked barely big enough for just her. No stairs or railings around it, very basic. Smoke was billowing from the chimney jutting out from the roof. As we reach the entrance, I couldn't help but notice her heavy breathing. This woman was really selfless to put this much effort to save a stranger.
  62. "There we are, Let's get you to the fireplace."
  64. As we enter her house I notice that she has little in the way of furniture. I guess her body would make most unusable. As we near the fireplace I notice a small mountain of pillows and blankets.
  66. "Now let's get you out of those clothes."
  68. "Excuse me?"
  70. "We need to get you out of those wet clothes so you can warm up."
  72. I was a little taken aback by the suddenness, but I couldn't find anything wrong with her logic.
  74. "Alright, I guess that makes sense."
  76. I fumble at taking my clothes off, but my numb hands refuse to cooperate. She seems to sense this as she starts to assist me whilst humming a sweet tune. With nothing to do I take a look at this girl. Her face was gorgeous. Her cheeks seemed a tad bit too rosy, from the weather perhaps? Her eyes were a deep blue and seemed to sparkle at her task. Her hair was white and reached the middle of her back, ending in curls. She seemed prepared for this weather with her thick coat, but even it couldn't hide her impressive bust. Her eyes drifted towards mine, a kind smile on her face.
  78. "I'm flattered, but let's focus on the task at hand, hmm?"
  80. "S-Sorry."
  82. My coat is easily unbuttoned and taken off. My shirt comes next, it struggles to stay connected as she peels it off. My pants are unbuttoned and pulled down. With no hesitation, my underwear is yanked off me and I'm covering my shame with my hands. She moves to my side, folding and organizing my clothes. Continuing my inspection of her, she did indeed have a deer's, not a horse's body where her legs should have been. She had a decent amount of brown fur covering her.
  84. "Alright, I'm gonna hang these to dry. Get close to the fire and warm up."
  86. As I scooch myself up to the fire, she puts a blanket around my back and leaves with my clothes. I spread my hands out and collect the warmth on my hands before rubbing them onto my body. My body isn't as numb, but with the returning feeling comes a painful prickling feeling all over. I try to get the areas suffering this close to the fire without getting to close due to my loss of dexterity. With the pain disappearing, next comes the feeling of the cold. The click-clacks of hooves tell me that my savior is back. Involuntary I shiver as she approaches.
  88. "You still seem cold, let me get under that blanket with you!"
  90. Before I can object, she's already behind me coming into the blanket as well. As she hugs her body I feel her warmth soaking into me. This comfort is short-lived as I realize that she's naked as well. I quickly hide my member and pull away
  92. "What do you think you're doing!?"
  94. "Please calm down, you're still cold and if we don't warm you up soon, you could go into shock!"
  96. This is really weird, having a girl just get naked and hug you. On the other hand, maybe I'm just overreacting. She did feel warm. Her hands move to my head and chest as she rubs both. Her chest pushes against my back.
  98. "So cold...please just relax and let me help you."
  100. Her hands drift from my chest to my stomach. It was a little ticklish, but I couldn't help but lean back into her and let out a sigh of relaxation. I should just let her help me, She seems to know what she's doing. Her warm breath lands on my neck and I can feel myself getting drowsy. My eyes start to close, at least until I take notice that her hand had shifted down to my cock.
  102. "Hey, what's the idea!?"
  104. "Sorry, my hands are starting to get cold and that area is usually the warmest. Besides, you wouldn't have any illicit thoughts in this situation would you?"
  106. Before I could answer my own body had betrayed me.
  108. "Oh my, you are getting aroused, aren't you?"
  110. "N-no, it's just getting warm!"
  112. Her sweet voice lets out a soft giggle. Her breasts push even harder into my back, her nipples digging into my back. Her mouth comes close to my ear
  114. "You won't mind if I continue then?"
  116. Her fingertips make the gentlest caress of my manhood. She traces the whole length before her fingers reverse direction. I can feel sparks going off in my head, and my objection gets caught in my throat.
  118. "I'll take that as a no"
  120. Her fingertips continue teasing me, urging my erection to grow to full mast.
  122. "You're breathing quite deeply and you seem to be getting warmer, maybe we should have started this right away?"
  124. She wraps her hand around my erection and rubs the underside of my head with her thumb.
  126. "Oh, it's twitching! Hmm, I think my hands might be warm enough now"
  128. "W-wait!"
  130. "Hmm, you didn't seem to like me playing with it, did you change your mind?"
  132. "Well, your hands started to feel good and..."
  134. A light giggling interrupts me.
  136. "I'm sorry, I'm just teasing you. You're just so cute when you're flustered, I couldn't help myself."
  138. She faces me and starts to spread her forelegs.
  140. "You started this fire in me. Now I need your help with it."
  142. Exposed between her open forelegs was her womanhood, A single bead of moisture trailing From it showcases her arousal.
  144. "You can do more than stare, you know?"
  146. "Sorry, I'm a little nervous."
  148. "There's no need to be."
  150. She reaches her arms to me
  152. "Let us enjoy each others body and take in each other's warmth"
  154. With her smile and arms welcoming me, I couldn't resist her. As we move to each other our arms wrap around each other.
  156. "Just relax."
  158. Her right-hand moves to my cock and lines the head of it to her slit. As the head goes in, she goes back to holding me against her.
  160. "There we go. Now let's just enjoy ourselves."
  162. I Slowly push myself into her until our pelvises met. Her warmth was close to unbearable. She felt like a velvet vice. A quiet moan from her was all the encouragement I needed to continue. I slowly pull out until only the head is left inside and insert myself in again. As our pelvises meet again her already tight insides tighten even more for a moment. I keep a slow pace while she starts to blow into my ear.
  164. "It feels good for me, how about you?"
  166. I nod to her as I focus on keeping an even tempo. Leaning my head down, I take one of her stiff nipples in my mouth. A gasp escapes her mouth as I start to tease her.
  168. "Mmm, such a good boy."
  170. Her mouth is on the side of my neck, leaving a trail of kisses. My pace increases as I start to lose myself to pleasure. Her mouth leaves my neck and I can hear her breath coming heavy.
  172. "Give me your warmth."
  174. At my limit, I Squeeze her to me, like a treasure I fear to lose. I plunge myself to the hilt inside of her as I climax. Her insides squeeze and massage me as she reaches her own. Our moans meld together as we come crashing down from our mutual orgasms. Drained I slump against her as my Erection withers. Her hand rubs my head as she lays me down onto her side.
  176. "That was Amazing, but let's rest for now. We can enjoy more of this warmth later"
  178. Having no energy to argue. I drifted off to sleep, holding my savior turned lover.
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