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May 19th, 2019
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  1. Hey, the kids got off to daycare and school well today. Emily has been pretty good this week, although challenging at times, but her health has been good with no coughs, although she did have very runny poos early in the week but that was quite short lived and seemed to clear itself up. She’s been sleeping pretty well, although up all night last night, she just didn’t seem to want to sleep much past midnight as was very tired this morning. Every night prior to that, she was good and even put herself back to bed when I asked, I didn’t even have to get up, she just walked away and tucked herself in. Ethan has even been putting himself to bed. Neither have had milk before bed on any night, but stories yes, apart from last night, as stories were terminated due to ill behaviour from Ethan and the lights were turned off. Ethan has seemed well and is healthy and strong, just has some attitude adjustments that we both need to work on so that there's consistency there for him. I don't let much slip and stamp on it pretty quickly, particularly with the poo bum talk, and he goes on about that stuff quite a lot, and of course Emily copies him. They’re kids and it’s the age for it is one thing, but on the other hand, I’m also there to set boundaries as his father, I’m not his friend and I've been finding his attitude sometimes he has been quite disrespectful. While they're kids and that's their ages, they also need to know their place, so there's been plenty of sit down talks with him and her too when they’ve been acting up. I had a work function one night and Joanna bath, fed and bed them and they were challenging at times until she sat and talked with Ethan, which is when he came good, and hugs always seem to work better than anything else. The worst time has been after sugar. I made the mistake of giving them pancakes with ice cream for breakfast yesterday, and 30 mins later, I wish I'd stuck to omelettes. Ethan had a lot of fun too, he’s great on his bike and has been loving the park and playing well. He's very protective of Emily where some kids were being mean to her, she basically alerted Ethan and he was her pitbull and jumped all over the other kids who quickly dispersed and ran away, he's going to be such a good big brother and also a little hot head that we have to watch. He's grown taller too, on the height chart. Emily has been more daring and shy’s away from less things at the park for example she’ll be all over the spinning platform as I push it very fast for them, and she’s really and a charming little girl. She loves a good high five and to run around with the soccer ball. She seemed to enjoy her excursion to the museum too. Ethan's detention signed slip is in his bag and ready for his teacher. He's also reached 157 bee stings which has been great news! His sight words have been coming along quite well too, he’s very quick and his counting when we’re driving is going really well, he can count well past 100. Interestingly he sometimes writes backwards, maybe he’s aware of the mirror trick? He didn't come home with your hat, I've asked Jabiru to look for it and Ethan will search for it in his classroom as well. The week is always too short with them. Hope you have a good week with them.
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