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  1. The flash drive contains a video recorded from Ka'rik's HUD. It begins with him crawling through an access shaft in the Ka'narrian mothership. From there, he breaks a small hatch open and crawls through - crouching behind several alien devices. There's a constant thrumming from inside the room, amidst sounds of agonized screaming from further in the room. The voice is immediately recognizable - Kasun - who is trapped inside a field of energy, with a constant stream of white fire being pulled away from him and into a machine.
  2. Ka'rik talks as if he's speaking to the people watching.
  4. "One of my brothers observed a sharp decline in the Paragon population, recently. He suggested that it might have something to do with the Cradle, so I decided to investigate. As it turns out, the old government is using the Paragons to power the Cradle. Their very essence is being siphoned away."
  6. He continues a few moments later.
  8. "I cannot get close enough to free him without attracting the attention of the guards - there are too many of them, we wouldn't make it out."
  10. The video ends there.
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