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Nov 12th, 2014
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  1. Cards branch. Available on CBRO.
  2. [1] Changelog list draft, [2] To do
  3. ----
  4. [1] Changelog list draft.
  5. * Nemelex Xobeh:
  6. - Draw One and Peek at Two are no more.
  7. - Cards have been changed thoroughly over once more.
  8. - Nemelex now grants destruction decks again.
  9. --
  10. * New cards.
  11. - Elements, which summons beasts representing three of the four elements.
  12. - Rangers, which summons two or three ranged-missile users.
  13. - Placid Magic, which removes all status effects and applies heavy antimagic
  14. on the user and all targets in sight.
  15. * Revamped destruction cards:
  16. - Storm can now summon air elementals, an elemental wellspring, or
  17. thunder clouds alongside a wind blast, instead of rain and swiftness.
  18. - Pain now summons a flayed ghost to instantly apply its flaying effect
  19. to living targets at top power, instead of torment.
  20. - Venom has lost Sting for earlier Venom Bolts and Poison Arrows,
  21. but at low power will briefly make the user vulnerable to poison.
  22. - Degeneration now applies a temporary malmutated effect to targets
  23. alongside the polymorph.
  24. - Vitriol can now give Corrosive Bolts at higher power.
  25. * Revamped battle cards:
  26. - Potion has strictly-negative effects taken out, and will also
  27. apply the same effects to any allies if possible.
  28. - Blade now solely gives a cleaving status (which does not stack with
  29. the reaching of polearms or the original cleaving of axes.)
  30. - Helm can apply stoneskin or shroud effects to allies at high power.
  31. - Elixir gives a small amount of temporary vitality to your allies,
  32. alongside the previous restorative effects to the user.
  33. - Shadow gives the Darkness status (shrinking LOS) and not invisibility.
  34. * Revamped summoning cards:
  35. - Pentagram now summons a more constrained set of demons stronger at
  36. lower power and weaker at high power, and an additional accompanying
  37. hell hound, rakshasa, or pandemonium lord.
  38. - Dance has replaced its short swords with quarterstaves and its dire flails
  39. with executioner's axes. It also has a chance for summoning a randart.
  40. - Foxfire has lost butterflies and gained ravens.
  41. - Repulsiveness can now summon both an ugly thing and a very ugly thing
  42. at top power.
  43. * Revamped emergency cards:
  44. - Cloud now surrounds all monsters with more variable cloud types as
  45. effected by card power.
  46. - Shaft now randomly places shafts under other monsters as well, as
  47. effected by card power.
  48. - Tomb can now raise rock walls on stone stairs and deep water.
  49. - Velocity will now always apply positive overall effects with allies
  50. present.
  51. - Banshee now also drains targets alongside the fear effect.
  52. * Revamped other cards:
  53. - Dowsing is now significantly stronger in duration and range.
  54. * Decks of war have lost their set of destruction cards, and the Dowsing card.
  55. * Decks of destruction lost the Cloud card, and decks of escape gained it.
  56. * Removed cards: [Metamorphosis], Herd, Bones.
  59. [2] To do?
  60. Note that none of this should really block trunk placement?
  61. ----
  62. bugs and tweaks:
  64. * Pentagram: Remove summon_any_demon in the code
  65. and assign some other good-god-checking guilt mechanism,
  66. wrong summons are produced in Pan otherwise
  67. * Mercenary: autonote hiring them
  68. * Pain: remove the redundant You have drawn Pain line,
  69. adjust the direct damage's relations to damage reduction
  70. from Fort / DD
  71. * Elixir: investigate the monster-won't-attack check,
  72. had it apply the ephemeral infusion effect to a hostile once
  73. * Storm: While it still has air elementals, the whole default
  74. red and default message randomness / rest interruption due to
  75. the unidentified friendliness in the message is bad.
  76. * Varied gods probably should hate varied card effects but don't
  77. or in not fully-handled ways, I think. Banshee draining,
  78. fire / miasma Cloud, haste/berserk from Potion, etc
  79. * Rename Wild/Placid Magic, Rangers, Elements, Cloud.
  80. (Respectively, suggestions for each: Overload[?],
  81. Null/Dampening, Arrow/Bow, Primal[?], ????)
  82. --
  83. revisions, edits:
  85. * Cloud: Adjust the bottom level meph and steam to use
  86. something else (maybe rare poisonous clouds? hmm.)
  87. Also, the previously mentioned will-directly-place-some
  88. iff ring-monster overlap. Could just place clouds under
  89. monsters and throw it back into destruction.
  90. * Orb: Make the orb burst non-directed and automatically
  91. aimed for random valid targets, or keep the target and make
  92. the other orbs randomly aim in a narrow cone near the target.
  93. Otherwise, the fancy effect is marred by its large, slow curves.
  94. * Pain: Add the minor direct damage to the other two effects,
  95. for consistency and acceptable-tiny-double-edge etc etc
  96. * Degeneration: Since mutations do _something_ to undead,
  97. it'd be nice for the effect to do a short daze + minor damage
  98. or something (instead of nothing due to the poly immunity)
  99. * [Uncertain:
  100. Feast: Merge with Swine, keep in Wrath?
  101. Famine: Apply lichform alongside the hungering
  102. Mercenary: Buff equipment even further since it
  103. can't be upgraded? Make blade card apply brands to allies
  104. only, again, so there's some weird card interactions?
  105. Shrugging.]
  106. --
  107. uncertainy:
  109. * Storm: Lots of questionable bits left.
  110. The twister's monster damage seems low, the windblast itself could
  111. have a little more minimal power and less max power, the air
  112. elementals are out of place with their summony aspect.
  113. [On that last note: maybe bring back vapours, make them uninvis,
  114. and let them airstrike as well as lightning bolt while wandering around?
  115. Maybe not.]
  116. * [More deck of battle (buffs) to ally interaction?
  117. Summon a shadow with each summoned ally when using Shadow?
  118. Some weapon interaction or ally finesse with Blade?
  119. Keep shroud in Helm and make stoneskin for Fortitude?]
  120. --
  121. mass aoe effect ideas:
  123. (This is a niche distinctly currently absent from the current destruction decks,
  124. and while that's valid it'd be nice to differentiate the destructive effects
  125. some more beyond given resistance check (rPois, rAcid, rElec/Air/Drown, rPoly, rN)
  126. and some assoiciated random status. Don't need to do all of the below ideas,
  127. just enough that somebody might choose one card over another in e.g. triple draw
  128. besides resistance.)
  130. * Wild Magic: Apply the miscast effects to others in LOS randomly with power,
  131. maybe Damnation system of self-only-when-insufficient for disincentivizing
  132. singular targets. Be good in Wonders to replace Shaft, as well as Destruction
  133. [Might be reasonable to limit the miscast _range_, at minimum summoning and tloc
  134. to avoid summoned allies or random monster teleports]
  135. * Vitriol: Some vague idea of an lof-attack that spills out from the first auto-hit
  136. target to every creature adjascent to that monster? Auto-corrode the player once
  137. if they get that top effect? Obviously top tier (so acid spit, corrosive bolt,
  138. acid splash)
  139. * Hammer: After aiming the current select earth conjuration,
  140. a disc-of-storms like effect: randomly-targeted (or randomly entirely)
  141. earth attacks one tier lower (list: sandblast, stone arrow, iron shot,
  142. crystal spear), and a brought-back orb of fragmentation at a coinflip
  143. on tier 1 / guaranteed at tier 2.
  144. * Venom: Olgreb's alongside the poison arrow at top power?
  145. Steps on the fixedart's toes a little, but you can't spam
  146. it as easily as the staff.
  148. --
  149. non-card tweaks:
  151. * maybe cut decks of defence and decks of changes?
  152. the combined decks are awkward for clarity and basically card filler
  153. for already rare decks since there's not much overlap in their
  154. individual deck usages
  155. * [make oddities more interesting and wonders more tempting as a reward]
  156. * improve changelog draft
  157. * [inventory management proposal collection]
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