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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. GutterS1ut6969: jg
  4. GutterS1ut6969: fuck youi
  5. GutterS1ut6969: get a faster pc
  6. GutterS1ut6969: ;*
  7. GutterS1ut6969: nou
  8. GutterS1ut6969: Im a gutterslut
  9. GutterS1ut6969: get your shit straight faggot
  10. GutterS1ut6969: DUO JUNGLE LETS GO
  11. GutterS1ut6969: LOW ELO BLINDS DUO JG LETS GO
  12. GutterS1ut6969: idgaf this is a throwaway
  13. GutterS1ut6969: do what you want
  14. GutterS1ut6969: i have like 3 owned champs on this acct
  15. GutterS1ut6969: i already locked lmao
  16. In-Game
  17. GutterS1ut6969: its cool
  18. GutterS1ut6969: ill report ahri for locking in to their called lane too
  19. GutterS1ut6969: nbd
  20. GutterS1ut6969: as did i
  21. GutterS1ut6969: first, even
  22. GutterS1ut6969: and then locked
  23. GutterS1ut6969: GASP
  24. GutterS1ut6969: THE AUDACITY
  25. GutterS1ut6969: double jungle was a joke, remove the stick from your ass
  26. GutterS1ut6969: here, let me help you, ya faggot kyke
  27. GutterS1ut6969: kill yourself neckbeard
  28. GutterS1ut6969: your mommy doesnt love you
  29. GutterS1ut6969: (that should help with the report)
  30. GutterS1ut6969: here ahri
  31. GutterS1ut6969: lemmme just run it down your lane
  32. GutterS1ut6969: since you want to continue being a cockbacg
  33. GutterS1ut6969: cockbag*
  34. GutterS1ut6969: done
  35. GutterS1ut6969: :)
  36. GutterS1ut6969: mobis for faster feeding
  37. GutterS1ut6969: again
  38. GutterS1ut6969: its my throwaway
  39. GutterS1ut6969: level 17
  40. GutterS1ut6969: idgaf
  41. GutterS1ut6969: of course
  42. GutterS1ut6969: here i come
  43. GutterS1ut6969: proves that i dont care lol
  44. GutterS1ut6969: i plan on it
  45. GutterS1ut6969: i might even set up a macro so i can go eat and feed
  46. GutterS1ut6969: i'm obviously inting lol
  47. GutterS1ut6969: ahri wants to be a cock /shrug
  48. GutterS1ut6969: oh no your words hurt me so much
  49. GutterS1ut6969: ./wrists
  50. GutterS1ut6969: ohhh nooo im sooo hurt
  51. GutterS1ut6969: throwaway account
  52. GutterS1ut6969: my main isnt ban ned
  53. GutterS1ut6969: banned*
  54. GutterS1ut6969: t minus 5 til the next
  55. GutterS1ut6969: HERE I COME
  56. GutterS1ut6969: gj on the double
  57. GutterS1ut6969: honestly
  58. GutterS1ut6969: yes
  59. GutterS1ut6969: its 1am
  60. GutterS1ut6969: lol
  61. GutterS1ut6969: i mean
  62. GutterS1ut6969: if youre not inting top
  63. GutterS1ut6969: you must just suck
  64. GutterS1ut6969: dance party ?!
  65. GutterS1ut6969: i'm making you obviously salty
  66. GutterS1ut6969: ;*
  67. GutterS1ut6969: again
  68. GutterS1ut6969: throwaway
  69. GutterS1ut6969: go ahead
  70. GutterS1ut6969: notice the name
  71. GutterS1ut6969: gutterslut6969
  72. GutterS1ut6969: are you dense enough to think this is a real acct?
  73. GutterS1ut6969: you must be a special kind of stupid
  74. GutterS1ut6969: please do
  75. GutterS1ut6969: but ahri has been a flaming cunt, hence the feed
  76. GutterS1ut6969: "_
  77. GutterS1ut6969: :) *
  78. GutterS1ut6969: 0/4 ahri and youve been trying?
  79. GutterS1ut6969: boy, you blow
  80. GutterS1ut6969: 41 farm at 14? jeeze
  81. GutterS1ut6969: im glad i didnt bother trying
  82. GutterS1ut6969: LET ME KILL SOMEONE
  83. GutterS1ut6969: IT RESETS GOLD
  84. GutterS1ut6969: my rreally acct is fine and dandy :)
  85. GutterS1ut6969: oh cmon now, why would you guys even try an early ff?
  86. GutterS1ut6969: whatever you think darling
  87. GutterS1ut6969: your words, oh man, they pain me so
  88. GutterS1ut6969: i may be feeding, but everyone whos willingly killed me is BMing
  89. GutterS1ut6969: I MAKE US ALL GUILTY
  90. GutterS1ut6969: dancing at drag for whoever is interested.
  91. GutterS1ut6969: I JUST WANTED TO DANCE, MAN
  92. GutterS1ut6969: I guess your friends are no friends of mine
  93. GutterS1ut6969: SSSS
  94. GutterS1ut6969: AAAA
  95. GutterS1ut6969: FFFF
  96. GutterS1ut6969: EEEE
  97. GutterS1ut6969: TTTT
  98. GutterS1ut6969: YYYY
  99. GutterS1ut6969: safetty
  100. GutterS1ut6969: daaaaance
  101. GutterS1ut6969: if it was that bad why didnt you guys FF?
  102. GutterS1ut6969: gg
  103. Post-Game
  104. GutterS1ut6969: oh my god yes pease
  105. GutterS1ut6969: can i report myself?
  106. GutterS1ut6969: drats.
  107. GutterS1ut6969: damn, didnt make it to 30
  108. GutterS1ut6969: yknow ahri
  109. GutterS1ut6969: if you werent a cockbag
  110. GutterS1ut6969: this wouldnt have happened
  111. GutterS1ut6969:
  112. GutterS1ut6969: ;*
  113. Game 2
  114. Pre-Game
  115. GutterS1ut6969: adc
  116. GutterS1ut6969: uhhm
  117. GutterS1ut6969: mid
  118. GutterS1ut6969: oh you got mid
  119. GutterS1ut6969: yeah
  120. GutterS1ut6969: Monster you got mid before me
  121. In-Game
  122. GutterS1ut6969: ive never played yas before
  123. GutterS1ut6969: whats a computer
  124. GutterS1ut6969: 2 mid
  125. GutterS1ut6969: cool. i have 2 mid and cant farm lol
  126. GutterS1ut6969: i know.
  127. GutterS1ut6969: nice.
  128. GutterS1ut6969: watch the map
  129. GutterS1ut6969: ^
  130. GutterS1ut6969: youve been a useless jg lol
  131. GutterS1ut6969: go ahead.
  132. GutterS1ut6969: report my name for me, too
  133. GutterS1ut6969: ^
  134. GutterS1ut6969: you are useless tho
  135. GutterS1ut6969: 2v1 mid, you didnt show
  136. GutterS1ut6969: and then you fed when you did
  137. GutterS1ut6969: yeah, youre useless as a jg
  138. GutterS1ut6969: you ahd no presence
  139. GutterS1ut6969: do. something. lol
  140. GutterS1ut6969: yi
  141. GutterS1ut6969: just sh hh
  142. GutterS1ut6969: youre bad
  143. GutterS1ut6969: obj is worth a non-shutdown death ;)
  144. GutterS1ut6969: rekt
  145. GutterS1ut6969: you did indeed
  146. GutterS1ut6969: yi so bad
  147. GutterS1ut6969: kill yourself
  149. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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