(FR) Fishing

Mar 12th, 2013
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  1. >Day 321 in Equestria
  2. >Be a defeated Anon
  3. >After months of fetish guesses, pestering, and spying, you have finally given in
  4. >You agreed to take Fluttershy on a date
  5. >In fact, it went pretty nice
  6. >When she isn’t a borderline rapist she is pretty fun to hang around for a chill guy like yourself
  7. >Today you were at a river bank
  8. >Fishing
  9. >Not only do you want your meat, several of the animals Flutters takes care of want some also
  10. >So here you two are, fishing
  11. >While you decided to go with a fishing rod and bait, Bananashush says that’s a bit too cruel
  12. >”Fishes would get their mouthies stuck on the metal hook, and it would hurt a lot”
  13. >So she fishes by dunking her head in the water and grabbing fish with her teeth
  14. >Fucking hardcore
  16. >After a few hours of light conversation and joking the sun has begun to set
  17. >You count your catches
  18. >Anon: 2
  19. >YellowTimid: 34
  20. >God damn it
  21. >She trots up next to you as you are packing up, rubbing her wet thick coat against your leg in affection
  22. >”So Anon, I know you didn’t want to be here, but thank you”
  23. “It wasn’t a problem. I was a bit scared when you first woke me up from my 5 a clock nap…”
  24. >”Hehehe, I could tell”
  25. >The memory of her whispering in your ear…
  26. >And of you flailing and screaming come back to you
  27. “Yea… anyways it wasn’t that bad. At least I got myself some dinner“
  28. >A growling noise comes from Fluttershy
  29. >”Oh my… speaking of dinner, do you want to maybe come back to my place?”
  30. “Sure Flutters, that sounds awe-“
  31. >Your jaw drops as you realize something
  32. >She caught those fish with her mouth
  33. >She has a thick coat
  34. >She can detect fear in humans
  35. >She growls
  36. >As you blink your eyes you notice that Fluttershy isn’t a yellow winged pony
  37. >She’s a fucking 8’ tall Grizzly Bear
  40. >You do a backflip and kick Flutterbear straight in the chest
  41. >She stumbles backwards into the river, but quickly gets up
  43. >With sudden quickness she slashes to your right, then to your left
  44. >But your superior monkey reflexes save you!
  45. >…Except not your shirt…
  46. >As it falls off in shreds, exposing your manly hairy chest
  47. >”…rawr…”
  48. >Flutterbear blushes as she takes another swing
  49. >Quick on your toes, ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE!
  50. >Then, before she can recover, KICK OUT HER KNEES!
  51. >BAM! You are a fighting machine right now!
  52. >You jump in the air, only to have your leg grabbed and body slammed back down to the ground
  54. >Quick hands! Blocking every attack she gives until
  55. >BAM! Uppercut, uppercut, uppercut, uppercut
  56. >The last one knocking you out, letting your unconscious body fall to the ground
  57. >Flutterbear looks in lustfully
  58. >As glowing red letters form above your body
  61. >You throw down the controller in rage
  62. “Fuck this game.”
  63. >Flutters looks at you from her seat on the couch next to you
  64. >”I-Is something wrong?”
  65. “It’s just a stupid fighter. All you have to is button mash. There’s no strategy. The attractive characters always are underpowered to the mean looking ones. They all have the same moves. It’s all about reaction time.”
  66. >”Do you want to stop playing?”
  67. >You stop your ranting and stare at her
  68. “Hell no. 6 out of 11. Let’s go!”
  69. >With that, you pick up the controller
  70. >And spend the rest of the night and early morning
  71. >Getting your pleb ass beaten by
  72. >Fucking Fluttershy
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