Puppy Love Application

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  1. Name| Alexis Gou Mingxing (郭明星)
  2. Nickname(s)| Xingxing, Alex, Minnie
  3. Age| 16
  4. Birthday| 14/12/01
  5. Job| Student, Part-time barista, Artist
  7. Personality| She's a really soft, sweet and cheerful girl. She is always putting others before her and treating everyone nicely. She is always trying to brighten everyone's day by pulling lame jokes and puns or doing weird things just to see them smile. She is always motivating others to keep going on and she plans small surprises for them to make them feel better. She's also very hardworking and motivated. She will keep going on until her goal is reached. She can be quite insecure and paranoid though, worrying about others opinions of her or if she's doing something wrong. Overall, she's a soft, sweet, caring, hardworking yet insecure and paranoid girl.
  8.  Background| She was born in Chengdu, China. She had a rather peaceful childhood with her little brother, taking care of each other while their parents were at work. Besides her little Brother, she also had a childhood Friend from kindergarten. He was her best friend and they always had each other's back. When they seperated, she learnt that he had gone to become a child performer at the age of 8 and that inspired her. Ever since she was inspired by her childhood Friend, she knew that she had a passion for arts and decided that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up, whether it's performing, visual or even culinary arts. She moved to Seoul when she was 15 to continue studying and pursuing her dream in arts, and she ended up meeting him again.
  10. » Roses
  11. » Fashion
  12. » Cafés
  13. » Aesthetics
  14. » Music
  15. Dislikes|
  16. » Bad People
  17. » Procrastinating
  18. » Bitter Food
  19. » Creepy Crawlies
  20. » Criticism or Judging
  22. Slot| Coffee
  23. Face Claim| Lulubai_
  24. Backup| jung.y00n
  26. Love Interest| Zhong Chenle
  27. How Did Your Relationship Begin?| Chenle was actually her childhood Friend that had inspired her all this way, and they ended up meeting again when he had a day off and went to the café she worked part-time at. They decided to keep in contact after meeting again and developed feelings for each other. Chenle was the first to confess.
  29. Message to SM Entertainment| I hope that you'll accept our relationship and I'm truly sorry if it causes any inconvenience to you and the entertainment! >.<
  30. Message to the other Girls| Hey everyone! I hope that we all can get along well and have a great time together.
  31. Message to Love Interest| Don't you ever worry, I'm never leaving your side ever again. I'm always here for you like the kindergarten days and we have so much more ahead of us together ^_^
  33. Requested Scenes|
  34. » Having a small date at a café. Got spotted by some fans and had to run from them.
  35. » Her receiving hate from the fans for dating Chenle and he himself addresses the fans regarding the situation.
  36. » He had a comeback nearing and was rather stressed out, so she came and surprised him with a small coffee and some help on his dance.
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