Volkov Gang

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  1. [b][font size="5"][font face="georgia"]SYNOPSIS[/font]
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  4. [code]Vor V Zakone
  8. In the Soviet Union, a professional criminal society developed in Russian prisons during the Stalinist period—the era of the gulag.
  9. These criminals adopted customs, rules, and established traditions that unified them in what was to be called the "thieves' world."
  10. Led by the "vory v zakone," these criminals would develop to become the most influential figures in modern Russian organized crime.
  11. [/code]
  15. [font style="font-family:"" size="3"]In the middle of the 19th century, [b]Russian [/b]immigrants migrated to the United States, however at the time immigration was forbidden during the Soviet era. Most took the risk and emigrated anyways due to the Union persecuting individuals because of religious beliefs, another common reason being the American dream. The American Dream inspired a large percentage of Russia's population to emigrate due to Americas reputation within the world, fortifying a belief in their heads that it was all white picket fences in a marvelous utopia that the Land Of Opportunity would provide to them upon emigrating. These immigrants came by the boat load, thousands who predominantly settled on the western side of the U.S. and in the Tri-State area, especially the Cove Beach area within Griffinmead, Newmoor known for it's predominately Eastern European population.
  18. With immigration being at an all-time high late in the 19th century, [b]Russians[/b] - like other ethnic groups - were forced to make money however way they could.
  19. The increase in numbers of [b]Russians[/b] residing in the Cove Beach area also had its negative drawbacks, such as a huge competition for legal jobs. Due to this, many dipped a hand into illegal endeavors in order to keep themselves afloat financially, or even their families. The [b]Russian[/b] Mafia took advantage of this, keeping Cove Beach as a stronghold for the organization due to no shortage of numbers.
  21.  As for legal work, a majority of folks worked a day job or under the table for bare minimum, while others invested their time into other illegal endeavors to make ends meet. Newmoor was vulnerable to organized crime, primarily from the [b]Russians.[/b] Gangs and criminal organizations soon formed, some were linked with organizations from the former Soviet Union or other Slavic countries, and they forged on-going agreements with Italian American, Latin American and Asian syndicates. 
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  30. The foundation of the Volkov GANG dates back to the 80s in Cove Beach, Griffinmead. The gangs founders, the main big wig being Sergei Volkov. The founders were under the wing of the Solntsevskaya Bratva before doing time, known enforcers within the organization. The organized crime group was one of the major players within the criminal underworld. The founders began operating with them again, this time behind bars, basically being sponsored by the Bratva's prison gang. The small group eventually turned into a larger group, comprised of Volkov loyaltists, operating behind prison walls. On the outside, a civil war was brewing within the organization. Volkov took advantage of this and began discussing plans with his small group on the inside, and men on the outside about moving elsewhere. Volkov got word that a fellow prison inmate, Stefan Glukhov had migrated to Cove Beach,Griffinmead. The group came to a conclusion on the argument of where to move, heading to the United States upon release. The gang pushed to hitting the east coast upon their early releases, the motion was officially set. 
  32. Once touching down in Cove Beach, the group quickly organized and was given some support from the Solntsevskaya organization, to kickstart the operation. Fronts were established within Cove Beach, giving the impression that the organization was just a group of hardworking Russian immigrants. Eventually, conflict arose between rival Russian crime outfit: the  Isayev Gang, led by notorious Russian mobster Kenny Isayev. The two gangs managed to co-exist for a while, although the relationship between the two worsened overtime naturally, due to the small space of Cove Beach and how only one group could really hold the reigns. This led to an all out short, but deadly war. Due to the Isayev Gang being formed prior to the Volkov Gang, the Volkovs had to compensate for lower numbers by being more ruthless and conniving to completely obliberate the Isayevs off of the map. The Volkovs were successful, after taking out lead figures within the Isayev group successfully, including Kenny Isayev,, making Cove Beach the Volkov's stronghold with no Isayev influence. Taking over Cove Beach as a stronghold [b]inspired offshoot operations in other parts of the state, not just centralizing in Cove Beach.
  33. [/b]
  34. The war brought success to the Volkovs because of winning the war.  They had a plethora of Russians to join their ranks, now being the dominant force in Cove Beach, with no rival Russian factions to get in the way. Due to this,  key figures joined the ranks of Volkov's outfit, producing more income for the organized crime faction. Michael Bugayev eventually took a step up the ladder by Volkov. Bugayev was basically Volkov's right hand man, his main enforcer, rising through the ranks quickly due to treacherous power plays, and known as a quiet man, barely playing the song and dance on stage, being careful about his profile to outsiders. What made Bugayev different from other key figures within the faction was of his young age. Bugayev was a young Russian American man, granting him a large amount of respect from his criminal peers for his leadership skills and hard work put in for the organization as a young man.[/font]
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  46. [font style="font-family:""][font size="5" color="#c00000"][b]OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION[/b][/font]
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  49. [code]Volkov Gang is a  Russian crime organization and brotherhood based out of Cove Beach, Griffinmead. Anyone wanting to rise through the ranks
  50.  should refrain from portraying stereotyped characters. To add onto this, once joining our faction discord guides will be provided.
  51. Most of us did not previously roleplay having newly migrated to the U.S. due to economic failure, and therefore, nor should you do so.
  52. We strongly recommend portraying a first or second generation Russian -American.
  54. Nevertheless, no one is required to follow a blueprint when making their character, however we ask that you realistically portray your
  55. character.
  57. General inquiries, faction or member complaints and screenshot permission requests should be directed to Kris.
  58. Recruitment assistance can be given by us, as well.
  60. Contact flexus
  61.  #8165 for a discord invite if interested in roleplaying with us. [/code]
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