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  1. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE TCR DOOM MOD: (which is frankly the only one of your mods i'm interested in :p)
  4. So I've played some versions of that TCR DOOM mod you're making, and I have some suggestions you could work on to make it better (you've done good already though), and I have also observed some thing you may wish to be aware of. I would also like to know how the plot and level work is progressing. (I'm IBETHISNAMEISTAKEN from YouTube, FYI.)
  6. I feel I should mention that this will always be True Capitalist Doom to me. If I were you I'd call it True Capitalist DOOM: Fruitbowls (or Bronies or Socialists) on Earth (or True Capitalist DOOM: Capitalist Conquest if you really want). I feel it works better this way.
  9. The new textures are okay, even if the high-res older ones were just fine (I beat the first DOOM with it, and I should mention that Ghost is too tall for some of the doors in DOOM II now).
  11. In some source ports, players can cycle through their weapons and see the names of the weapons displayed on the screen. You should change the weapon names whenever you scroll through the weapons: "FIST" instead of "BRASS KNUCKLES", "CATTLE PROD" instead of "CHAINSAW", "MAGNUM" instead of "PISTOL", "CAN CRUSHER" instead of "SHOTGUN", "CEASE AND DESIST ORDER" instead of "SUPER SHOTGUN", "DUAL MAGNUMS" instead of "CHAINGUN", "TEXAS ICER" instead of "PLASMA RIFLE", and "HADOUKEN" instead of "BFG 9000".
  13. When the player crouches in the GZDOOM sourceport it shows the default Doomguy texture.
  15. When you select the cattle prod, the original chainsaw starting noise starts playing briefly. Maybe that's supposed to represent turning the cattle prod on; I just thought you should know about this.
  17. The automap data is blocked by the new HUD. If you want to implement an automap in the statusbar, my personal opinion is that the regular automap is just fine, and you should focus on the rest of the mod before trying to do something like that.
  19. The new HUD seems more polished than in the earlier releases, and you could say that it's grown on me. I could play with it, but I'd still like if you made it optional if that's at all possible. At the very least, you should make the text display clearer and give indicators as to what types of ammo are being counted. You could change the ammo counters on the right side of the HUD to "CANS", "PERL", and "NITR" (keep "BULL" the way it is unless you really want to make it "CAND" or "CNDY" to represent magnum candy).
  21. I'd like it if you could, in the first level of the custom maps, open Ghost's fridge or watch Ghost's TV in his house.
  23. I hope you have plans to make the difficulties in the TCR campaign distinct from each other, as in the easy ones are easy and the harder ones are a challenge.
  25. You might want to consider finding a sound effect for when Ghost presses the use key against a wall (dsnoway I believe). That is, if you didn't already test it and find it too annoying.
  27. Some people in some sourceports have the ENDOOM screen enabled for custom WADs (I am one of them). Various custom WADs have custom ENDOOM screens. What I'm getting at is that maybe you should make one for the TCR mod.
  29. After you defeat the DOOM 2 endboss, there's an image of Duke Nukem. Normally that would be awesome, but it doesn't make much sense here. Perhaps a different image, like one of Ghost?
  31. I know you've got Alex Jones as the endboss to the TCR campaign (which is awesome); consider a midboss like Princess Celestia, the Ghetto Capitalist, one (or more of)the Mane 6(like with the old DOOM 2 endboss)...lots of possibilities here.
  33. Consider making a better title screen if at all possible, maybe showing Ghost battling ponies, socialists and\or Alex Jones.
  35. The original DOOM games had short stories and item/enemy descriptions in their manuals that explained the game. I could write them if you're REALLY busy, but I want to see what you might be able to do.
  37. I highly recommend you upload this to the doomworld /idgames archive when you're finished with it; just to see the looks on their faces.
  39. I'd change the in-game title of the mod in the pause menu to the proper title, as opposed to merely an image of a 12-gauge shotgun.
  41. Whatever you do, keep the WAD compatible with the main DOOM 2 game. The intermission screens and endboss cannot go to waste. Consider it a bonus feature of sorts.
  43. This is just my personal opinion: I'd combine the original monster death sounds with the newer death sounds you have for them if at all possible (having both play at the same time), unless you've tried this and found it too noisy for your tastes of course.
  45. I might just make a conversion of this mod to DOOM: The Roguelike. I'm working on a design document, at any rate. I plan to do a simple flavor replacement mod first; basically DOOMRL but with that TCR flavor, maybe with a couple new things. From there, I could gradually add new things. I hope that's okay with you (I'll credit you and Ghost..and maybe The Engineer, Alex Jones, Lauren Faust...maybe YOU should do that too).
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