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May 4th, 2012
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  1. We are The Unknowns, and this is our message related to our Release(
  3. We are a new hacker group, we have never been in any hacking team before. We are not Anonymous Version 2 and we are not against the US Government.
  4. We can't call ourselves White Hat Hackers but we're not Black Hat Hackers either...
  5. Now, we decided to hack these sites for a reason...
  6. These Websites are important, we understand that we harmed the victims and we're sorry for that - we're soon going to email them all the information they need to know about the penetrations we did.
  7. We still think that what we did helped them, because right now they know that their Security is weak and that it should be fixed.
  8. We wanted to gain the trust of others, people now trust us, we're getting lots of emails from people we never knew, asking us to check their website's security and that's what we want to do.
  9. Our goal was never to harm anyone, we want to make this whole internet world more secured because, simply, it's not at all and we want to help.
  10. We don't want revolutions, we don't want chaos, we just want to protect the people out there.
  11. Websites are not secured, people are not secured, computers are not secured, nothing is...
  12. We're here to help and we're asking nothing in exchange.
  14. And now, we are happy to inform you that most of the links we used to penetrate threw the databases, have been patched. This is exactly what we where looking for. This is what we want.
  16. For all our supporters out there; Thank you, help us to spread the word, help us to make this internet world more secured.
  18. Take care all.
  19. The Unknowns.
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