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Koh Tao - Thai Police Exposed by Anonymous

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Jan 3rd, 2016
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  1. Koh Tao - Thai Police - Their scapegoats, Tourist Trade Exposed by Anonymous
  3. Greetings world, We are Anonymous.
  5. It has come to our attention, that a Thai court in
  6. Thailand has recently sentenced two Burmese migrants
  7. to be executed after they were arrested and convicted
  8. of the rape and murders of British back packers,
  9. Hannah Witheridge, 23 and David Miller, 24 on the Thai
  10. Island of Koh Tao, back in September 15th 2014.
  12. Anonymous, would firstly like to point out that we
  13. offer our condolences to all of the victims families
  14. in the the current case this video is about and the
  15. past cases we will discuss.
  17. It is the desire of Anonymous to seek truth and
  18. justice especially for the innocent victims who have
  19. had their young lives cut short.
  21. Anonymous, has been watching this case, because of
  22. the large amount of online supporters for two Burmese
  23. migrants over social media, with many users and
  24. bloggers all suggesting on blogs and forums that
  25. they have been used by the Thai police as scapegoats
  26. to solve the case quickly and to protect Thailand's
  27. tourist industry.
  29. Anonymous has learned, that the Thai police have
  30. accused innocent people before, and would rather blame
  31. foreigners or migrants for such crimes so as to
  32. protect their tourism industry then accuse their own
  33. Thai locals, that may deter tourists from choosing
  34. Thailand as their holiday destination.
  36. Over the past few day's, Anonymous, has carefully
  37. viewed many documents and gone over many facts
  38. surrounding this Koh Tao case, involving these two
  39. Burmese migrants, Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin.
  41. Anonymous has also done extensive research into other
  42. rape and murder investigations in Thailand as well,
  43. and we have found that there are many similarities
  44. with this recent case in Koh Tao and past cases, of
  45. which concerns Anonymous.
  47. Our concerns are as follows, biased sentencing with
  48. westerners and migrants for crimes, using prisoners
  49. for political gain and publicity stunts, for example,
  50. the Bali nine and Schapelle Corby.
  52. Anonymous, is against any government who use prisoners
  53. including innocent prisoners for the benefit of
  54. getting a quick conviction to solve a case or for any
  55. kind of other publicity stunt for whatever purpose.
  57. Anonymous views these findings that we have learned,
  58. a disgrace to the the Thai police with the way in
  59. which they handle their investigations of serious
  60. crimes that have been committed on their islands
  61. against foreign tourists.
  63. Here are a few cases Anonymous would like to mention
  64. first of all.
  66. This first case we will focus on, involves the rape
  67. and attempted murder of Sheri Mac Farlane and the
  68. murder of Kelvin Bourke, Sheri's boyfriend, both from
  69. Australia who were killed in Northern Thailand back
  70. in February the 3rd 2000.
  72. Let's take a look at the details of this first case
  73. that the Thai police, whom at this time were under
  74. much pressure to find the murderers quickly so as to
  75. solve the case, as much spotlight was on Thailand at
  76. this time.
  78. Note, this past rape and murder case is very similar
  79. to the current case in Koh Tao, involving two Burmese
  80. migrants, namely, Wai Phyo and Zaw lin.
  82. In this past case, the Thai police had set up both Mr
  83. Sangthong Sae Yang and Mr Inthorn Sae Jong, who were
  84. both of Chinese descent.
  86. In this case, the Thai police said that these two
  87. Chinese men, were responsible for the rape and
  88. attempted murder of Sheri MacFarlane and the murder of
  89. Kelvin Bourke.
  91. Subsequently, both Chinese men were found guilty and
  92. sentenced to death, the Thai police who had lied and
  93. falsified facts and evidence in their investigation.
  95. Here are some of the news reports about this case.
  96. Note they were non Thai nationals.
  98. They had photographic alibi's but it was ignored.
  99. DNA from the scene was bungled.
  101. The Thai police had threatened to kill their
  102. families, if they did not confess to the crimes and
  103. stage a public re-enactment for the media, this was
  104. to show the western world that the Thai police are
  105. competent and credible.
  107. Poor crime scene investigating.
  109. DNA evidence lost.
  111. The Thai police said that they had confessed to the
  112. crimes, which was a lie by the Thai police as they
  113. did not confess to the crime at all.
  115. The Thai police were anxious to secure an arrest
  116. because of oversees media attention.
  118. Both suspects accused the Thai police of torture.
  120. The Thai police had Ignored the DNA of the two men
  121. and even had the lower court suppress the suspects DNA
  122. from being compared to the DNA the Thai police
  123. submitted to the court.
  125. This was a clear case of police corruption and
  126. criminal conduct on the part of the investigating
  127. police officers.
  129. Thankfully because of pressure and support by locals
  130. who were prepared to stand up against such injustice,
  131. the case was again re-heard by Thailand's Supreme
  132. court and the judge in this court had found that the
  133. DNA taken from Sheri Mac Farlane and Kelvin Bourke, did
  134. not match the DNA of the two Chinese migrant suspects
  135. who were previously found guilty and sentenced to
  136. death by the lower court previously.
  138. The Judge had acquitted them both and demanded that
  139. they be released as free men immediately.
  141. Had it not been for local help and the supreme court
  142. upholding integrity, these two Chinese migrants
  143. would have been executed for crimes their arresting
  144. officers knew, they had never committed.
  146. Still today, this case has never been solved.
  148. The full details of this case are in a links below in
  149. the description.
  150. ----------------
  152. The second case is of the late Kirsty Jones 23, raped
  153. and murdered in her guesthouse in Chiang Mai also in
  154. Northern Thailand, back in August also in the year 2000.
  156. Anonymous is wondering if this rape and murder could
  157. have been done by the same person or persons as Sheri
  158. Mac farlane.
  160. The Facts from this case are as follows.
  162. The royal Thai police were accused of bungling the
  163. investigation from the start.
  165. The Thai police had failed to secure the crime scene.
  167. Vital evidence could have been contaminated.
  169. In this case, the Thai police had arrested Andrew
  170. Gill, a non Thai national, charged him with the rape
  171. and murder of Ms Jones and accused him of being with
  172. another accomplice whom they could not name.
  174. Andrew Gill was later freed as no DNA could link him
  175. to the crime.
  177. The Thai police then turned their attention to
  178. another suspect and arrested a Karen guide who it was
  179. claimed, they tortured into confessing and even told
  180. him to masturbate to produce semen, sources say, so
  181. that the Thai police could insert his semen at the
  182. crime scene.
  184. Fortunately for the Karen guide, the guides
  185. association of Chiang Mai had marched onto the police
  186. station and demanded his immediate release, knowing
  187. he was a scapegoat and innocent of the crime and the
  188. charges were later dropped.
  190. Over some time, Sue Jones, Kirsty's mother had
  191. applied to view all of the documents involving her
  192. daughters rape and murder only to be denied the
  193. documents by the Thai police.
  195. Sue then approached her own countries officials who
  196. said that they had supported The decision, not
  197. to give her all corresponding documents and that it
  198. was for the benefit of good relations between the UK
  199. and Thailand governments.
  201. However, not giving up, Sue Jones had finally
  202. attained the requested documents only to find that
  203. names had been deleted from police reports.
  205. A breakthrough had occurred when Two senior officers
  206. from Dyfed Powys police in the UK, had found DNA and
  207. semen on Kirsty's sarong, that was used to strangle
  208. her and that DNA was noted as being of a Thai
  209. national, which cleared all previous suspects who
  210. were accused of the crime, to which Lieutenant
  211. General Suthep Dejraksa and Commissioner of the 5th
  212. Region Police, comprising most of Northern Thailand
  213. had stated, that the Asian DNA was planted.
  215. Sadly, to this day, although the Thai police promised
  216. to look further into the crime and new revelation,
  217. it too is still unresolved and will probably remain
  218. unresolved, because it shows the DNA is of a Thai
  219. national, one could not be blamed for assuming such a
  220. belief.
  222. Anonymous, would like to recommend to the two
  223. parents of both victims in these cases, find out if
  224. the DNA of both cases are match and put new
  225. pressure on the Thai police to re open these cases to
  226. bring justice and peace to both parents.
  228. All links to this second case will also be below in
  229. the description.
  231. Only just recently, General Prawit Wongsuwan, had
  232. claimed that Thailand's judicial process is
  233. trustworthy, adding, that their authorities cannot
  234. re-investigate the current case involving
  235. Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin, the two Burmese migrants,
  236. since this would mean that the judicial process
  237. has been incompetent.
  239. Nothing could be further from the truth and with this
  240. specific case in mind saying that the Thai police
  241. have been incompetent, would be an under statement.
  243. The third case involves Nick Pearson's 25, who's body
  244. was discovered in the ocean close to the location where
  245. this recent case relates too in October 2014.
  247. Nick Pearson's body was found almost in the same
  248. location as the Koh Tao killings of David Miller and
  249. Hannah Witheridge.
  251. Both Nick Pearson's loving parents Tracey and Graham
  252. Pearson's and brother Matt, are still fighting the
  253. Thai police for answers about their sons death.
  255. The Thai police in Koh Tao had put the cause of
  256. death, as a drowning, however Tracey and Graham
  257. Pearson's believe that he was murdered and that the
  258. Thai police are refusing to cooperate with them and
  259. give them any further information about their sons
  260. death.
  262. Anonymous would now like to show some quotes from
  263. Nick's mother, Tracey Pearson's, Tracey say's 'It seems
  264. like they just want to protect their tourist industry
  265. but we need to know what happened".
  267. "We don't believe the men they've arrested for the
  268. killing of Hannah and David, have anything to do with
  269. it. It's just a plan to show the police have acted,
  270. so they don't push tourists off".
  272. Further Tracey say's, "As soon as I saw the news about
  273. Hannah and David, I cried for them and their parents
  274. because I know how hard it is to get the truth on
  275. that Island".
  277. Seeing it all on the news - the same beach, the same
  278. police, has brought it all back and we're finding it
  279. hard to deal with".
  281. The above cases along with remarks from loving
  282. parents who have also lost a child on the Island of
  283. Koa-Tao, know only too well, first hand about their
  284. experience with the same Thai police.
  286. So far all of these cases have been consistent in
  287. clearly showing the corruption involved within the Thai
  288. police force with the Thai police being incompetent and
  289. having a lack of empathy towards all of the victims
  290. and showing a lack of consideration towards the
  291. parents, who seem to all want many answers.
  293. Instead, the Thai police have refused to help these
  294. parents about their children they have lost in Thailand.
  296. They seem only to care about one thing, their
  297. lucrative tourism industry.
  299. Anonymous has found that Thai police, lie, fabricate
  300. evidence, do poor police investigating, contaminate
  301. crime scenes, loose DNA and evidence, accuse
  302. non Thai nationals, refuse to believe truth and evidence
  303. that would clear their preferred suspects and refuse to
  304. believe that their own Thai locals are responsible
  305. for any wrongdoing, such as accusing other investigators
  306. from other countries planted asain DNA.
  308. In fact Anonymous has also learned that not long
  309. after the murders of David and Hannah on Koh Tao, 3
  310. Thai locals tried to copycat the exact murders on
  311. another foreign tourist from Germany in Udon Thai, in
  312. Muang District and have been arrested for the crime
  313. in which they used a garden Hoe.
  315. Anonymous would now like to make mention about two
  316. recent cases this year in 2015 that we feel is of
  317. interest to us and you the viewer.
  319. Christina Annesley, 23, another British back packer,
  320. also died on the island of Koh Tao just a few days
  321. after she arrived in perfect health.
  323. Christina was a university graduate, straight A
  324. student and an activist, she died on January 21 this
  325. last year in 2015 on Koh Tao Island.
  327. Christina was by herself visiting Koh Tao and she was
  328. found dead in her room at the InTouch Resort in Koh
  329. Tao.
  331. It is Ironic that the owner of the InTouch Resort
  332. just happens to be none other, then Montriwat
  333. Toovichien according to this report, Montriwat
  334. Toovichien, the initial suspect for the David
  335. Miller and Hannah Witheridge Rape and murder case.
  337. The Autopsy report put Christina's death as "Natural
  338. Causes".
  340. However, Christina was found face down with blood
  341. running out of her nose and mouth, after being found
  342. by a hotel cleaner.
  344. Also, we noted that Christina's parents had to track
  345. down the last known person who had seen their
  346. daughter alive as they say, the Thai police were not
  347. interested in helping them any further, reiterating
  348. that her death was from natural causes and her case
  349. was closed.
  351. Christina's father had commented that he found this
  352. very disappointing and unhelpful towards grieving
  353. parents.
  355. Anonymous, does not claim to be forensic pathologists
  356. or medical experts, but this case is of interest to
  357. us, as it involved Koh Tao Island and the first suspect in
  358. the David Miller and Hannah Witheridge case.
  360. Lastly, we have another suspicious case involving
  361. another tourist from France, Namely Dimitri Povse 29.
  363. The short facts in this case is that Dimitri was
  364. found hanging from his bungalow balcony ceiling, but
  365. amazingly he had his hands tied behind his back.
  367. Many people on social media had claimed foul play
  368. however, the Thai police on the island of Koh Tao,
  369. had concluded his cause of death was a suicide.
  371. A suicide note was left near his bed saying "Iris, I
  372. love you, Suicide seems easy but it is actually
  373. difficult", but no effort was put forth to verify if
  374. the handwriting was that off Dimitri.
  376. Police reports say there was no evidence of a
  377. struggle.
  379. Again, Anonymous has no conspiracies about these last
  380. two deaths but they certainly add the the total of
  381. deaths on this island of Koh Tao and one must now be
  382. highly concerned about the way these cases are
  383. investigated and concluded.
  385. There seems to be way too many deaths involving
  386. tourists on the Island of Koh Tao, and a lack of support
  387. or help for their parents wanting answers.
  389. Now let us review the current case involving
  390. Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin and look at the facts
  391. that we know of and see if there is a familiar
  392. pattern with Thai police, and in the way they
  393. have investigated this crime.
  395. As we have noted earlier in the year 2000
  396. the Thai police have not really be shown to be very
  397. competent or professional when investigating crime
  398. scenes.
  400. Police say early in morning on the 15th September 2014
  401. that they receive a phone call tipping them off
  402. that two bodies were laying on the beach in
  403. Koh Tao that were suspicious.
  405. The Thai police claim that this call was from a
  406. female and they did not consider to ask for her name to
  407. make any further inquiries later.
  409. When the first police officer arrived at the scene of
  410. the crime, photographs show both bodies of David
  411. Miller and Hannah Witheridge, lay on the sand and
  412. in the water.
  414. Then another set of photographs showing the
  415. crime scene shows clothing of Hannah Whitheridge
  416. out to be different, namely, her white skirt is missing
  417. and replaced with different shorts.
  419. David Miller's clothes were initially shown as strewn
  420. over the sand however, the second group of
  421. photographs show shoes and clothing of both victims
  422. placed neatly onto a rock.
  424. This shows the crime scene to have been contaminated
  425. straight away.
  427. To our surprise and so early at the crime scene we
  428. see, Montriwat Tuwichian right there amongst the
  429. police and before corners and forensic police had
  430. even arrived.
  432. Here are some pictures of Mon and note he is actually
  433. stepping over the poorly barricaded crime scene rope.
  435. For what purpose Mon is doing this or why he is
  436. spreading his DNA all over what should be a sealed
  437. off crime scene, is anyone's guess.
  439. We can see Mon standing here and note Hannah
  440. Witheridge's body without the blue body bag under her
  441. feet or body, giving evidence that Mon was clearly at
  442. this crime scene very early in the morning.
  444. Seeing Mon at the scene of the crime at such a very
  445. early stage would now give him a valid excuse, being seen by
  446. many police and others as to why any of his DNA would
  447. have been found at the scene of the crime.
  449. It should be noted that Mon was actually implicated
  450. as a suspect for this crime and police had said that
  451. they viewed him as the main suspect, had taken him
  452. into the police custody to answer questions and
  453. conflicting reports say that they had arrested him
  454. however, other reports say that they did not arrest
  455. him as shown here.
  457. Knowing that Mon was the prime suspect and seeing his
  458. picture contaminating the crime scene shows a major
  459. lack of incompetence from the Thai police in charge
  460. of this horrific case.
  462. A proper barricade at the crime scene would have
  463. protected vital evidence including DNA, so that no
  464. one could have any excuse as to why their DNA was
  465. found at the scene.
  467. Mon was the brother of the Village headman Woraphan
  468. Tuwichian and his son which is Worat Tuwichian or
  469. Nomsod, is the nephew of Mon, who police had called
  470. their second suspect and was wanted for questioning.
  472. It is interesting that Mon first claimed that he was the runner
  473. in the CCTV footage police released as the main person
  474. of interest but then police had claimed it is evidence that implicates
  475. his nephew, who later was cleared because other CCTV
  476. footage showed him not to be on the island at the time.
  478. However, this evidence is the subject of much debate.
  480. In the events that followed, the island headman had
  481. then come to the police station and after having a
  482. discussion with police they had let Montriwat go a
  483. free man.
  485. After a week when police finally found and caught up
  486. with Worat the Headman's son, sources say that he had
  487. a trimmed haircut and had been missing for about a
  488. week given him much needed to to plan for anything he
  489. needed to or find assistance with his alibi or any other
  490. facts that would accuse him of being involved in the
  491. murder.
  493. Anonymous can only present assumptions about this of
  494. course however they all relate to this crime.
  496. Worat's lawyer Attakorn On-arj, produced a photograph
  497. showing that his client was not on the island at the
  498. time of the murders displaying a still photograph of
  499. Worat at his apartment.
  501. Anonymous has pieced together from these time stamped
  502. stills that Worat was missing from Sunday afternoon
  503. and we have him back at his apartment just after 9am
  504. on Monday the 15th however, it has been suggested that
  505. the time stamps have been manipulated, thus the different
  506. colors on the time stamps and the appearance of the lobby
  507. had been changed during the week could not find Worat.
  509. We also note just one day before the murder Worat is
  510. seen leaving his apartment and is wearing very
  511. similar shorts as the runner in the CCTV footage.
  513. It is Worats defence that he could not have been on
  514. the island at the time of the murders and arrive back
  515. at the apartments.
  517. Police accepted this and subsequently dismissed him
  518. as a suspect.
  520. It is not the role of Anonymous here to play
  521. detective, but purely to show the flaws in this
  522. investigation and hopefully bring some needed
  523. attention as to the similarities we are concerned
  524. with so that the parents of David Miller and Hannah
  525. Witheridge have no doubts as to any convictions that
  526. are handed down in the Thai court.
  528. Bringing our attention back to Mon, the initial
  529. suspect for the crime, we have found that he was
  530. accused of trying to kill Sean McAnna a previous
  531. friend of Mon and took this still photograph claiming
  532. Mon was going to kill him and that he is part of the
  533. mafia on the island.
  535. Here is part of what Sean had claimed.
  537. Sean McAnna contacted us on our Facebook page
  538. and offered to answer our questions after learning
  539. about our involvement with this case, a number of questions
  540. were asked but all answers were the same of which can
  541. be found online and his answers did not change.
  543. What Anonymous did ask Sean, was why did he believe
  544. Mon accompanied with a suggested police officer
  545. named, "Big Ears" was going to kill him?
  547. The reply we got, Anonymous does not find
  548. satisfactory, Sean's reply was he felt Mon needed a
  549. scapegoat and that they, namely the island Mafia, do
  550. not need a reason to kill someone and that they do it
  551. often.
  553. It is the opinion of Anonymous that Sean McAnna had
  554. grave reasons to run, hide and fear for his life even
  555. uploading these pictures with the text, the owner of
  556. the AC did it, which Sean told us, referred to, if he was found
  557. dead on the Island, but Sean said that he did not know that Mon
  558. did not own the AC bar where it is alleged an
  559. argument took place involving David Miller coming to
  560. the aid of Muang Muang, seen here on the motorcycle, with
  561. the now two convicted Burmese migrants Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin.
  563. Anonymous finds it very disturbing that two Burmese
  564. migrants have been found guilty and sentenced to
  565. death when you have Mon the initial suspect who was
  566. arrested only day's after accusing Sean McAnna of the
  567. crime and threatening to kill him over it.
  569. Sean McAnna has said that he believed if they had of
  570. killed him or hung him as he mentioned in his video
  571. interview, Which reminds Anonymous of the Frenchman
  572. who was hung with his hands behind his back in Koh
  573. Tao that he would have been used as the scapegoat to
  574. protect Mon's nephew Worat, Sean Said.
  576. We have men running around the Island of Koh Tao
  577. threatening people, being chased, uploading pictures
  578. and in fear of their life involving the main suspect
  579. Mon and surprisingly, we are faced with two Burmese
  580. migrants awaiting death for the crime.
  582. It is also noted that many who live on the island are
  583. too scared to talk to police as they claim they fear
  584. for their lives.
  586. Here are some facts we would like to mention.
  588. Hannah Witheridge had clutched in the palm of her
  589. hand, blonde hair roots where she lay deceased on the
  590. beach.
  592. Anonymous would like to know why the DNA of the
  593. blonde hair has never been investigated as to who
  594. that DNA belongs to.
  596. If Hannah Witherdige has blonde hair roots in the
  597. palm of her hands at the scene of her rape and
  598. murder, and forensic tests claim they are not her hairs
  599. or that of David Miller, how could the Thai police
  600. not focus and pursue this major fact and revelation.
  602. It would be the opinion of any competent police
  603. investigator that those hairs could very well be that of
  604. the person who was involved in this crime and yet,
  605. the Thai police have dismissed any need to examine
  606. the blonde hair and do any further DNA tests.
  608. Anonymous finds this unbelievable when their are two
  609. Burmese awaiting to be executed for this crime who
  610. clearly have black hair.
  612. As far as Anonymous is concerned this is a crucial
  613. bit of evidence that needs attending to as it could
  614. pin point who was responsible.
  616. Mon had his picture taken by Sean McAnna because
  617. Sean was in fear of his life and said he was running
  618. from Mon because they needed a scapegoat for his
  619. nephew, as he was implicated in this rape and double
  620. murder and yet police turn their attention to the
  621. Burmese migrants instead of thoroughly investigating
  622. Sean McAnna's accusations and statement and allowed
  623. Sean to leave the Island after a handshake.
  625. Why would someone be running around trying to kill
  626. someone over a case they knew nothing about or had no
  627. connections or involvement with.
  629. Such information and evidence does not lead Anonymous
  630. into believing that police have the correct culprits for this crime,
  631. namely, Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin.
  633. Clearly, Mon had reasons to be chasing Sean McAnna
  634. and Sean had reasons to believe he was going to be
  635. killed over David and Hannah's deaths and yet, two
  636. Burmese migrants have already being found guilty and
  637. awaiting execution for the crime.
  639. The runner shown by the Thai police, as being the
  640. main suspect has been viewed by an expert and has
  641. stated that the appearance of the runner does not fit
  642. Wei Phyo on of the two Burmese suspects.
  644. Mr Stephen Cole of Acume Forensics had done an
  645. extensive forensic analysis of the the gait of Wei
  646. Phyo and the runner in the police released CCTV
  647. footage of their mains suspect and concluded that Wei
  648. Phyo could not be the same man seen running from the
  649. crime scene.
  651. This report was submitted to the court.
  653. Police involved in the case have been inconsistent
  654. and even had to be reminded about some of the facts.
  656. The Thai police have used scapegoats before for
  657. crimes that they wanted solved and have blamed non Thai
  658. nationals.
  660. This has been proven above with the 2 cases we
  661. presented earlier.
  663. Police had allowed the public to take selfies, at the
  664. crime scene, showing a total lack of empathy or
  665. respect, not only to the victims but their rape and
  666. murder investigation, contaminating the crime scene.
  668. Police allowed extremely graphic pictures of the
  669. murder victims which quickly circulated online
  670. instead of having respect for the victims and their
  671. family members and completely sealing off the crime
  672. scene.
  674. Police said that DNA taken from the murder
  675. weapon did not match DNA of the two Burmese Migrants,
  676. incredibly they have been found guilty of the crime.
  678. Police later said that DNA from Hannah Witherdige's
  679. body did match both suspects.
  681. It is no secret that the DNA from the scene of this
  682. crime cannot be trusted.
  684. As proven above in past cases the Thai police are not
  685. credible for their claims, especially on the Island
  686. of Koh Tao.
  688. A forensic scientist by the name of Dr Porntip has
  689. mentioned that DNA testing in Thailand is at least in
  690. 60% of cases, incorrect.
  692. Dr Porntip also mentioned that the DNA process of
  693. those responsible for gathering DNA at this crime
  694. scene had shown signs of faults in the way the DNA
  695. was handled by Thai police.
  697. Further, when requested to provide DNA from Hannah's
  698. body by the defence, they said it had all been used
  699. up.
  701. They also declined to produce the actual DNA test
  702. results and only produced a hand written document
  703. that had been amended as evidence in which in any
  704. other country would have been inadmissible evidence.
  706. But in the Thai lower court it was enough to convict both
  707. Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin and sentence them to be put to death.
  709. The fact that Thailand has the death penalty and accepted
  710. a hand written document that had been amended
  711. is an absolute joke to any court of law.
  713. In court, Thia officials claimed DNA taken from Hannah's
  714. body matches that of the two Burmese migrants but Dr
  715. Porntip has doubts of the veracity of the DNA taken
  716. from the scene of this crime and how it was handled.
  718. We have also learned that to secure a conviction Thai
  719. police have lied before and even tried to force a
  720. suspect to give them his semen so that they could use
  721. at the crime scene.
  723. One very important point here about DNA at this crime
  724. scene, is that it was mentioned that a third persons
  725. DNA was found on the chest of Hannah Witheridge.
  727. Why hasn't this been investigated.
  729. In hindsight after Anonymous has read countless
  730. documents, reports, comments and read other sources
  731. about the DNA from suspects and taken from the
  732. victims and the crime scene, it is our opinion that
  733. the DNA results are not reliable or credible and it
  734. is a wonder the Thai police were able to claim DNA
  735. matched the two Burmese suspects after claiming and
  736. hearing evidence that the DNA from the murder weapon
  737. did not match both Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin.
  739. So it seems that the only DNA they have allegedly
  740. connecting the two Burmese migrants, is DNA allegedly
  741. taken from Hannah's body but we have already revealed
  742. evidence that Thai police manipulate DNA results to
  743. suit their preferred suspects in previous cases.
  745. This gives read doubt towards the outcome in this case.
  747. Given the fact the Dr Porntip, probably the best
  748. forensic scientist in Thailand claimed the whole DNA
  749. from this crime scene was faulty and did not trust
  750. the veracity of the DNA and that no DNA matched the
  751. two Burmese Migrants from the murder weapon, one
  752. would have to question the authenticity of any
  753. suggestion that the DNA supposedly from Hannah's body
  754. did in fact implicate the two Burmese migrants.
  756. If the DNA from the murder weapon wasn't a match to
  757. the two Burmese Migrants, then how can they have been
  758. found guilty of murder?
  760. This conviction is exactly as the previous false
  761. conviction above that saw two Chinese migrants set up for
  762. the rape of Sheri Mac Farlane and murder of Kelvin
  763. Bourke back in 2000
  765. Thailand's military prime minister, General Prayuth
  766. Chan-ocha said he believed Burmese migrant workers
  767. were the culprits for this crime and shortly after the two
  768. Burmese migrants Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin were arrested.
  770. Here is a quick video of General Prayuth Chan-ocha's
  771. military men under him showing just how much the Thai
  772. military views Burmese migrants.
  774. No wonder the Thai military General blamed this crime
  775. on migrants, as mentioned before it is part of Thai
  776. culture to blame migrants, especially from Burma.
  778. Mon's involvement with this case is far too
  779. suspicious, he was implicated as the prime suspect,
  780. he was at the crime scene earlier than most including
  781. police and officials, he was contaminating the crime
  782. scene, he had his picture taken about the case, he
  783. was threatening to kill Sean McAnna over this case
  784. and he is well known on the Island as someone to
  785. fear and he could have been the person who changed
  786. the appearance of the crime scene in the two different
  787. pictures.
  789. It is interesting that Mon's brother the Island
  790. headman Mr Woraphan Tuwichian had offered a
  791. substantial reward if anyone could implicate his
  792. family members to the the crime.
  794. This was more like a challenge if anything, if Mr Woraphan
  795. was any real Island headman one would think
  796. that he would offer a reward to find the killers
  797. and those responsible, not for successfully
  798. implicating his family members.
  800. Again we see here what is of main concern on this
  801. Island, their good name and not justice.
  803. These victims are foreigners and experience as shown
  804. that the Thai police do not really care about
  805. foreigners, they only care about their own good name
  806. and their tourism industry.
  808. in Conclusion, Anonymous has seen so many flaws in
  809. this case, so many incompetent officials involved,
  810. the DNA cannot be trusted statements have not been
  811. taken seriously or investigated thoroughly, CCTV
  812. footage is missing or was refused to be handed over,
  813. people leaving the island not investigated and Koh
  814. Tao, travel and mobile phone records ignored and not
  815. investigated re suspects.
  817. It seems like an island of Koh Tao is an Island that tourists
  818. should avoid.
  820. We do not believe the two Burmese migrants are the
  821. actual culprits for this horrific case and our
  822. thoughts go out to the families of every case we have
  823. mentioned in this video and offer our sincere
  824. condolences.
  826. Truth and justice is what Anonymous desires and we
  827. encourage the supreme court in Thailand that has
  828. shown integrity in the past to demand a thorough
  829. investigation into the deaths of those in Koh Tao and
  830. we encourage the Thai government to investigate the
  831. allocations of mafia drug dealings, date rape
  832. cocktails of female tourists in Koh Tao, the DNA of
  833. the two rape cases dating back in 2000 and offer as
  834. much help and support to the still grieving parents
  835. who do not yet have closure of the deaths of their children.
  837. Anonymous would like to see the Thai government allow
  838. foreign police investigators have more power and
  839. control over serious rape and murder cases in
  840. Thailand that involve foreigners.
  842. We do not like the facts in this recent Koh Tao case
  843. and we do not believe the Thai court has convicted
  844. the actual murderers of the crime and Anonymous calls
  845. for this case to be re investigated with credible forensic
  846. specialists such as Dr Porntip who clearly has much respect
  847. in the eyes of the Thai people, migrants and foreigners.
  849. Anonymous will post all of the corresponding links to
  850. all of the facts of this video and much more to do
  851. with this specific case.
  853. Lastly, Anonymous would warn foreigners from
  854. preferring Thailand as their first option for a
  855. memorable holiday until such a time the Thai police
  856. make many changes in the way they handle rape and
  857. murder cases involving foreigners or migrants and
  858. show more respect to deceased victims.
  860. Also Anonymous noted the efforts of the Facebook page
  861. CSI LA and many interested one in finding the truth about
  862. this case working towards correct justice.
  864. There are many other who have worked tirelessly on
  865. this case and all links will be below.
  867. If you feel that this case warrants another investigation
  868. feel free to sign the Change dot org petition via the
  869. link provided below in the description.
  871. Anonymous at this point supports a boycott Thailand
  872. until such time changes are made with the way Thai
  873. police handle investigations involving foreign tourists.
  875. We are anonymous,
  876. we are legion,
  877. united as one,
  878. divided by zero,
  879. we do not forgive,
  880. we do not forget,
  881. to all those who seek justice, you can,
  882. expect us!
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