Hopefully A Happy Ending (Unfinished)

Apr 28th, 2014
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  3. > it's another wonderful morning at the Spa.
  4. > Aloe is busy running the register so you're to open the doors and greet the first appointment.
  5. > they've been coming earlier and earlier lately.
  6. > you're pretty sure you know why.
  7. > you open the door and smile brightly at both Rarity and Fluttershy, who are politely waiting.
  8. > they're also very pregnant.
  9. "Oh, good morning to you both! Come in, please. Right this way."
  10. > it's slow going, Rarity very carefully slips through the door.
  11. > Fluttershy even wobbles on her hooves and blushes when you offer her a guiding hoof.
  12. > even several months in and they're not use to the weight.
  13. > "I do believe Fluttershy and I would adore a massage. With those wonderful oils you used last week."
  14. > Rarity only occasionally even acknowledges she's pregnant. The weight must be a hangup.
  15. > Fluttershy just goes red at the slightest reference.
  16. "Oh of course! I will grab the tray, make yourself comfortable in the main room."
  18. > by the time you return with the tray of massage oils the two have settled on the upraised tables.
  19. > you overhear them talking, not realizing you're just around the corner.
  20. > "it's not fair to him, Applejack or really their whole family. They should know. We did ask him to..."
  21. > "I won't hear of it Fluttershy. The scandal would be...dreadful. I know you've been always partial to...him, but consider my situation as well. It's better we keep this indiscretion quiet. For the sake of our children."
  22. >"But they should know their father, Rarity."
  23. > You've already heard enough gossip to last months. But if you wait longer you'll be discovered.
  24. > You make a show of loudly coughing and wheel the tray into the room.
  25. > whatever Rarity was about to say is quieted at your entrance.
  26. > You smile, on autopilot as you connect the dots of the last few months.
  27. > A year ago Rarity had confided she'd always wanted to try a threesome. And her birthday was coming up.
  28. > now you even knew the truth, and the father.
  29. "So then. I believe that you had the massage first, miss Fluttershy. If you don't mind I believe it will be Rarity today."
  31. > They don't disagree with your idea but you didn't think they would. Just polite to ask.
  32. > you slather your hooves up with the slick oil.
  33. > it's something of a challenge to stumble over without smearing the floor but you manage to slide up next to Rarity.
  34. > she's laying on her back, her huge swollen stomach exposed
  35. > fur helps, but you imagine that Rarity has been asking for these massages on her belly to avoid stretch marks.
  36. > gingerly you place your hooves on her stomach and marvel at the tension.
  37. > Rarity jumps a bit and then nervously laughs.
  38. >"it wasn't you. The uh..foal just kicked."
  39. > You smile, always a fan of kids yourself. You begin massaging and half hoping you'd feel a kick yourself.
  40. > There! Rarity jumps, but you catch the feeling of a soft little hoof meeting your own from inside her womb.
  41. > You resist the urge to melt and coo like any mare does when faced with foals that don't belong to her.
  42. "Oh my, a very early riser here I think. Do you have any idea if it's a filly or a colt?"
  43. > Rarity bites her lip and blushes.
  44. > but not in a particularly good way. You may have touched a problem area.
  45. > "I...have not. I've been still very busy to be honest. I could ask Twilight to look with magic but I suppose I'll learn eventually right? "
  46. > You laugh for her sake, smoothing over that you're dealing with a mare not really prepared to be a mother.
  47. > Fluttershy has been watching and had warmly smiled when you asked your question.
  48. > "I know! It'll be a little boy. A earth pony and...well, he's really growing fast. So much like his father..."
  49. > she mumbles the last part, which you still heard. Fluttershy had been affectionately rubbing her own stomach.
  50. > at least she was happy where she was
  52. > normally you'd start asking about names and baby shower plans.
  53. > but Rarity looks uneasy. Especially when Fluttershy alluded to the father.
  54. > you concentrate on the massage.
  55. > there's a lot of stomach to slather with oil, and soon Rarity's pristine white coat is slick and matted.
  56. > she settles in and sighs while you attend to your work.
  57. > you smile at just the notion that you're playing with the baby.
  58. > it keeps kicking around where your hooves go.
  59. > absently you slip a bit lower, lower than you usually would go.
  60. > the stomach is throwing you off.
  61. >"oh, uh. De-ar!"
  62. > Rarity squeaks just when you realize how close you were to becoming like a very different sort of massage parlor.
  63. "My mistake, aha. I am very sorry."
  64. > embarrassed you rise far up along her stomach and redouble your hooves circling.
  65. > Rarity is red faced but then laughs it off.
  66. >"Oh, not to worry. I suppose that's the most action I've had there in quite awhile. "
  67. > you laugh nervously and studiously refuse eye contact.
  68. > it's bad enough when the stallions roll over and expect a 'happy ending'
  69. > Aloe would kill you if the mares started to expect that too
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