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Draupadi favors Arjuna

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Sep 16th, 2012
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  1. Draupadi favors Arjuna
  2. ======================
  4. (Extract from 'The Mahabharata' of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa BOOK 17 "Mahaprasthanika-parva"
  6. Translated into English Prose from the Original Sanskrit Text
  8. by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [1883-1896]
  9. ========================
  11. "Those princes of restrained souls and devoted to
  12. Yoga, proceeding to the north, beheld Himavat, that very large mountain.
  13. Crossing the Himavat, they beheld a vast desert of sand. They then saw
  14. the mighty mountain Meru, the foremost of all high-peaked mountains. As
  15. those mighty ones were proceeding quickly, all rapt in Yoga, Yajnaseni,
  16. falling of from Yoga, dropped down on the Earth. Beholding her fallen
  17. down, Bhimasena of great strength addressed king Yudhishthira the just,
  18. saying, O scorcher of foes, this princess never did any sinful act. Tell
  19. us what the cause is for which Krishna has fallen down on the Earth!
  21. "Yudhishthira said: O best of men, though we were all equal unto her she
  22. had great partiality for Dhananjaya. She obtains the fruit of that
  23. conduct today, O best of men."
  24. =========================
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