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  1. Kanzaki, Yuuto looked upon his village with starry eyes, he was in other shock of the beauty that was his village, he moved his hand slowly into his pocket, where he found a rather small scroll, his sweaty fingers wrapped around the base of the scroll, and he began to pull it out slowly. Once he had the scroll out he proceeded to roll it out, looking at the contents of the scroll. The scroll seemed to contain a small map of the village, that had small dots in specific areas, these were indications of enemy shinobi. Suddenly multiple sounds erupted, and his head shot upwards, viewing the locations that had been struck, they seemed to match up with the dots that had been on his map.
  3. His attention then shifted as he heard the intercoms roar, "Villagers of the Leaf, surrender now or we will exterminate you all." With that he realized that they were in his home using his own system to broadcast their messages throughout the village. He proceeded to leap down the faces that had been carved into the mountains. He glided over towards his mansion, and immediately entered, to be greeted by multiple enemy shinobi. He proceeded to weave multiple hand seals, carving his chakra into multiple disks that surrounded him, immediately the disks shot off, disabling the enemy shinobi almost instantly, seeing as his lightning was an unstoppable force.
  5. After having taken out most of the shinobi within the mansion, he headed upstairs, into his room, there he focused his eyes upon a shinobi wearing the hat of a Mizukage, immediately, without hesitation, he performed multiple hand seals, and raised his hand, a spear of lightning forming within it, he looked to his opponent, and proceeded to throw the spear with all his strength towards said enemy, who would simply draw their own blade, and smack away the technique as though it was nothing, the enemy then proceeded to remove the Mizukage's hat, revealing themselves to the no one other than the true Mizukage, shocking even Yuuto.
  7. Yuuto leaped back, gaining his distance, but the mizukage being as relentless as possible, released multiple shuriken, aiming to end this battle rather quickly. Yuuto proceeded to extend his arms out, raising his palms as well, so that they are facing the shuriken, and before him would form a wall of lightning seemingly, the wall would cut into the wood flooring, and into the ceiling of the room, completely stopping the shuriken attack in it's place. As soon as Yuuto had stopped the shuriken, he propelled the shield forward, in the process wrecking majority of the room. The Mizukage at that point had only one option, and so he took it, the Mizukage drove his fist into the ground, destroying the floor beneath them, Yuuto himself being caught up, causing him and the Mizukage both to fall into his office.
  9. Stood up, the fall having caught him off guard, immediately he seemed to super charge electricity within his legs, he kicked off from the ground, destroying the floor beneath him as he ran, he bull rushed the Mizukage, whilst holding a kunai, the Mizukage having been caught off guard, would have the kunai drove into their chest. At that point Yuuto forced his chakra into the kunai, to the point where a giant beam of lightning shot through the Mizukage's chest, ultimately killing him. Yuuto fell to the ground, as the Mizukage's body hit the floor, Yuuto seemed to be bleeding as well, he looked to his stomach, multiple senbon having been driven into his stomach in very precise spots.
  11. He proceeded to grab the senbon, and rip them out, causing him to spit up a good amount of blood. Despite the fact that he was bleeding, he proceeded to crawl over towards the communication systems, and grabbed the mic, "The Mizukage is dead...Konoha not give up hope, we have eachother..we can get through this..Fight..Fight for your friends, and the village!" He roared into the mic, as multiple enemies entered the room. The only thing Yuuto could do was smile, and begin to put handseals together, his back against his desk.
  13. A few seconds later a giant stream of lightning shot out the Hokage Mansion's doors, incinerating them entirely. Yuuto walked out after it, the body of Kirigakure shinobi littered the streets, as well as some Konoha shinobi, and before him, was his village, looking upon him, all he could do, was hold his stomach, but he forced one hand up, into the sky, his index finger extending, signifying their victory.
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