6 O'Clock Application (2)

J15UNG5PLU5H13 Sep 18th, 2018 (edited) 117 Never
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  1. ❝ THE EVE ❞
  3. ▢ USERNAME : @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. ▢ PASSWORD : Giddy Up - The Boyz
  6. ❝ KO KO BOP ❞
  8. ▢ FULL NAME : Reisha Min Ryuji
  9. ▢ NICKNAMES : Rei, SunRei, Minnie, Ryu
  10. ▢ BIRTHDATE : 14/01/99
  11. ▢ BIRTHPLACE : Seoul, South Korea
  12. ▢ NATIONALITY : Korean/Filipino
  13. ▢ ETHNICITY : Korean/Filipino
  14. ▢ HEIGHT : 168cm
  15. ▢ WEIGHT : 49kg
  17. ❝ WHAT U DO? ❞
  19. ▢ COMPANY : HappyFace Entertainment
  20. ▢ BACK-UP COMPANY : Cre.Ker Entertainment
  21. ▢ SKILL : Rap
  22. ▢ BACK-UP SKILL : Vocal
  23. ▢ FACE CLAIM : Kwon Eunbin (CLC)
  24. ▢ BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : Gowon (Loona)
  26.      + VOCAL 86/100
  27.      + RAP 95/100
  28.      + DANCE 68/100
  30. ❝ FOREVER ❞
  33. » Sunshine; She's really lives up to her nickname "SunRei". She is a living ball of sunshine who won't fail to brighten up your day. She's constantly smiling and it's contagious so you can tell help but start beaming too. Her actions and words will just make you want to laugh
  34. » Clueless; she's clueless 25/8 if that's even possible. She always has no idea what is going on and she's so cute when she goes asking around "whats happening? what are we doing? who's that? why am I even here-" she's an adorable lentil jean that needs full protection.
  35. » Appreciative; She's appreciative of everything. Because of the hard times she had to go through while growing up, she learnt never to take things for granted and give to those who need it more. She'll treat even the smallest little thing like it is a precious diamond and be grateful for everything.
  36. » Hard-working; She isn't afraid of hard-work. She's grown up to be used to the toil and labour. She will work hard to get what she wishes to achieve, and normally she does. She sometimes takes hard-work over health and safety.
  37. » 4D; I don't even think 4D justifies her. How about 7D? She is weirder than the word weird itself and people find that really amusing. She's loud and dorky that you just can't help but roll on the floor, laughing at her antics. Sometimes it isn't even on purpose!!
  38. » Savage; This precious, innocent bean is actually secretly savage on the inside. She'll pull sarcastic comments and mischevious faces sometimes. She often gets caught by her Unnie she and has to run for her life after such mean comments, especially if it's on camera. Some people say that shes disrespectful when she doesn't mean it of course.
  39. ▢ BACKGROUND : She was born in Seoul, South Korea. When she turned 5, she moved to Cebu, her mother's hometown in the Philippines. A few months after they moved, her Father died of heat stroke. This caused her family to have financial problems as her Father was the bread-winner of the family. After school, she had to finish her homework before helping her Mother with any errands or household chores. Her elder Brother helped her Mother earn money at a small bookshop. She had a love for music and performing from a young age, joining the school choir as well as performing traditional dances like Tinnikling. They soon put an end to their financial problems when she turned 13. Her Brother was going to move back to Seoul when she turned 14 to continue his studies, and she wanted to go with him. Their Mother consented and they moved together. He continued studies while she became a trainee with the hopes of fufilling her dream so that she can pay it all back to her beloved Mother that had done so much for her.
  40. ▢ LIKES :
  41. » Neon Lights/Neon Colours
  42. » Fruits
  43. » Skateboarding
  44. » Jackets
  45. » Plushies
  46. ▢ DISLIKES :
  47. » Illnesses
  48. » Procrastinating
  49. » High Heels
  50. » Dust (Allergic)
  51. » Thunder
  53. ❝ DIAMOND ❞
  55. ▢ MOTTO : “ Even with the clouds blocking, sunlight is able to get through. I'm going to get through my challenges like how sunlight gets through the clouds. ”
  56. ▢ WINNING SPEECH : “ Thank you so much for this win!! I honestly didn't think I'd make through but it's feel great to know that I have achieved whatnot I have worked so hard for. Thank you to everyone involved in this and I can't wait to debut with these 5 beautiful and talented girls!! ”
  57. ▢ ELIMINATION SPEECH : “ Its been quite the journey, Long or short. I'm happy to know that I tried my best and it was really worth the experience that I made it all this way. Good luck to the remaining girls and who knows, I might see you again in the future :) ”
  58. ▢ MESSAGE TO ME : Hi Hello!! Thank you for the chance to apply again and I'm sorry if it isn't up to your standard!
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