Planet 666 sucks

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. While Emery did the menial tasks, Bardox sat at his personal computer and ran numbers. By his best estimates, the temperature of the planet varied between zero and minus 196 Celsius-absolute zero. Taking into account the peculiar mixture of ground gasses that were composed in good part of freezing nitrogen, blended with strangely hot freon-type gas new to him, anything not instantly vaporized was left almost cryonically suspended. That blend of gasses, on contact with objects like rocks, soil, and certainly the debris of the wreckage, including the bodies, normally first formed a protective layer around the object. Then, in a fraction of a second, obviously affect by something, but what he did not know, the protective layer exploded and with it, the object itself. Bardox believed the enormous amount of dust on Planet #666 was composed of these exploded, vaporized particles. But some objects remained intact, for no reason that he could yet fathom, for instance, the debris from the two ships, parts of space suits, and the body of Jason X. That his corpse had withstood the assault of the planet's gasses was nothing short of a miracle. His body, flash-frozen, should have vaporized, but it did not, leading to hope that his tissue might survive indefinitely, or at least for the duration of Bardox's experiments.
  3. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 79-80
  5. Bill looked embarrassed and sheepish. "I gotta agree with Renata, London. We've been scanning the surface with you for over an hour and unless you can show us the heat source an we can prove it's from a life form, I can't see taking a shuttle down to the surface. It's not an easy flight. The Planet of the Beast changes conditions every time we revolve around it, like it's some kind of shape-shifter. We never know what to expect from hour to hour. We could hit a surface storm. As it stands, that planet has an unstable atmosphere and it's constantly being barraged with space debris and asteroids crashing through its outer atmosphere and being pulled down to the surface with some kind of gravity that we know very little about yet."
  7. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 114
  9. Planet #666 did not support life. Not just human life, either. Even the most specialized microorganisms that were known- extremophiles- which could survive in nuclear waste, volcanic vents, boiling geothermal geysers and deep inside rocks, feasting on chemicals and radiation that would kill almost every other organism in the galaxy, even these extremophiles could not survive on Planet #666. This planet was unique.
  11. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 184
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