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  2. Question: What is our policy on rape, robbing and scamming?
  3. Your answer: Disgusting Role-play is not allowed, unless OOC permission is given by all the parties involved. Disgusting role-play can be: Rape, Cannibalism, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Dismemberment, Sexual Harassment; If OOC permission is given, the role-play must happen away from public, where it will not be interrupted & seen by other people. If you start to feel uncomfortable during this kind of role-play, you're allowed to stop it immediately.
  5. Robbing can be defined as taking someone's possession by force and scamming is refusing to pay for the service/product after receiving it. Characters participating in a robbery or scam must be level 5 or higher. You can rob a maximum of $500 and scam $50,000. However, there are no limits on how many weapons, drugs and cargo you can rob. You are not allowed to kill a player during or while robbery/scam unless they start showing attitude or not being cooperative. You can rob back all the things you have lost. You can not rob the same people more than once in a 2-hour period. Business, houses and vehicle scams are not allowed. You are not allowed to steal properties or abuse /furniture command as a furniture designer. The maximum bet you can place in a legal betting business is $1,000,000 and it must be role-played realistically. Loaning and illegal gambling is done at your own risk, as you can get robbed or scammed. Bank robberies requires an admin which will supervision it. The rules of robbing a bank are: There must be at least 30 PD or SD members online & on duty. You must inform the admin of your plan before starting it. As soon as you remove your gun in a bank, silent alarm goes off. There is no roof access. If you fail to obey any of listed rules the punishment can be anything from an admin-jail to a temporary ban.
  8. Question: Explain some roleplaying terms, like metagaming and powergaming, and give examples to each.
  9. Your answer: Metagaming is using out of character information in character, which is not allowed. Inciting someone to metagame is also against the rules. Using Voice Programs such as Discord, Skype and Teamspeak to communicate in character whilst in-game is not allowed. However, official law enforcement factions like PD and SD can use VoIP programs. Punishment can be anything from a warn to a ban, depending on the severity. Here are some examples of metagaming:
  11. * Jack Tuo approaches one of the Triad faction bosses without knowing him IC'ly and asks them to join their faction.
  12. * Jack Tuo messages John Tuo on discord OOC'ly and tells him that he's being arrested. Jack Tuo reads the message & heads to the scene, where he shoots the cops and rescues his brother.
  14. Powergaming can be defined as doing something that is not possible in real life. Also forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance. Making things which did not happen so you can gain advantage. Roleplaying things that are not possible script-wise & getting advantage with it. Punishment can be anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail or ban. Here are some examples of powergaming:
  16. * Jack Tuo takes a huge rock from the ground and throws it at the cruiser.
  17. * Jack Tuo ninja kicks John Tuo, instantly dropping him dead.
  18. * Jack Tuo pulls his hands up, crashing the handcuffs and running off.
  20. SA-MP physics and movement in-game cannot be changed via scripting so the following is forbidden to avoid any unfair roleplay situations:
  22. Bunnyhopping - jumping repeatedly to move around the map faster.
  23. Olympic swimming - continuously swimming without getting exhausted in character.
  24. Chicken running - running around in circles to avoid being hit by bullets.
  25. Ninja jacking - pulling players out of the vehicles without any roleplay.
  26. Vehicle surfing - being on top of a vehicle to ride it.
  27. Drive-by as the driver with an SMG - shooting others from the driver seat.
  28. Drive-by without a driver - shooting others from a car with no driver.
  29. Tackle - abusing the /tackle command.
  31. Deathmatch can be defined as killing another person without a good roleplay reason & it's not allowed. Unnecessary provoking is forbidden too. Terrorism roleplay is not allowed unless done with admin permission. Punishment can be anything from a kick to a ban depending on the outcome of your actions. Here are some deathmatching examples:
  32. * Jack Tuo kills Tyrone Smith because he called him a faggot.
  33. * Jack Tuo rushes in the city hall and kills everyone because of his Taoism religion.
  35. Revenge killing is when you respawn after being killed and then murder the person who just killed you. Your memory is lost whenever you respawn. Punishment is the same as deathmatch. Examples of revenge killing:
  36. * Jack Tuo gets killed by Tyrone Smith. Tuo then tracks Smith down & kills him.
  37. * Jack Tuo returns to the gang that killed him 2 minutes ago & kills them all.
  39. Safe zones are places where you can not commit crime. It's highly populated areas that would realistically be watched over by guards. Punishment is anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail. The safe zone locations are:
  40. All LSPD Buildings
  41. All Los Santos Country Sheriff's Department Buildings
  42. All Los Santos Fire Department Buildings
  43. Department of Justice in Rodeo
  44. Federal Building in Downtown
  45. San Andreas Correctional Facility Lobby
  46. City Hall in Pershing Square
  47. Courthouse
  48. All Saints General Hospital
  49. The Governor's Estate in Verdant Bluffs
  50. The Lieutenant Governor's Estate in Temple
  51. All Vehicle Dealerships
  52. Ammunation stores
  53. Banks (unless permission is given)
  54. Los Santos International Airport
  55. Verona Mall (inside only)
  56. Santa Maria Fising Pier
  57. Ocean Docks Loading Bay
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