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  1. Luke Holt says
  2. hey hey
  3. Thomas Stiegler says
  4. for fucks sake what is this?
  5. Luke Holt says
  6. bio got my shit
  7. the valk
  8. and the pacifier
  9. he knew about the
  10. ck
  11. cause i told
  12. Thomas Stiegler says
  13. no shit, if he didnt we wouldnt
  14. Luke Holt says
  15. when i left the first time
  16. he used it
  17. in pvp
  18. Thomas Stiegler says
  19. big deal he still told us about it, you didnt
  20. Luke Holt says
  21. until he told u
  22. Thomas Stiegler says
  23. fucking asshole
  24. Luke Holt says
  25. ohh yeaaah
  26. what about the grain
  27. he knew about it
  28. Thomas Stiegler says
  29. what about it?
  30. Luke Holt says
  31. and he used them
  32. i told him
  33. about it
  34. Thomas Stiegler says
  35. How did the grain come about anyway?
  36. Luke Holt says
  37. the way u think
  38. Thomas Stiegler says
  39. You haxed it in?
  40. Luke Holt says
  41. yeah on bretts
  42. when he ws with max
  43. fucking brillant
  44. if u ask me'
  45. man i ran that server
  46. and its eco
  47. but yeah
  48. bio
  49. Thomas Stiegler says
  50. Thanks luke, you fessed up to everything we needed to.
  51. Luke Holt says
  52. knew all about it mman
  53. who causes
  54. im full banned
  55. like i care
  58. he fucked my server
  59. but bio
  60. knew it all
  61. he was like my partner man
  62. i told him all the hacks
  63. and shit
  64. he went if all of it
  65. for ages
  66. also i heard your eco
  67. is going to shit now
  68. bl's
  69. i could prove it
  70. im sure hes wearin the pac
  71. in the screen shot
  72. but there too many people covering him
  73. when he throw the bomb
  74. thats why he hit so much
  75. i also gave him valk +7
  76. in a trade
  77. as well has the pac
  78. he knew about it
  79. im being legit man
  80. why would i lie
  81. i have nothing to lose
  82. or do i giv a shit
  83. what hhappens to that fucking dog
  84. Thomas Stiegler says
  85. I get what youre saying
  86. Luke Holt says
  87. so why
  88. doesnt he cop it
  89. thats bs
  90. for brett man
  91. Thomas Stiegler says
  92. If youre gonna dog me around like that, using bretts PC to add shit, why should i even trust you?
  93. Luke Holt says
  94. why do i lie?
  96. Patricia de Leon has been added to the conversation.
  98. Luke Holt says
  99. Sup trish
  100. i traed him
  101. tareded him
  102. omg
  103. traded
  104. both the paci and the valk
  105. and before i agve
  106. i was like
  107. "I would really get one of these mouth items i have"
  108. then i told him what it does
  109. and traded to himj
  110. he accepted
  111. it
  112. this was when i first left
  113. Thomas Stiegler says
  114. So let me get this straight. You used bretts PC to edit Bag of Grain to gum, and Paci to CK and then proceded to fuck shit up?
  115. Luke Holt says
  116. YEAH
  117. BANG BANG
  118. Patricia de Leon says
  119. okay
  120. Luke Holt says
  121. at least i saved the eco
  122. Thomas Stiegler says
  123. Im glad we know what happened now.
  124. Patricia de Leon says
  125. so really brett is innocent
  126. Luke Holt says
  127. i heard it shit now
  128. Patricia de Leon says
  129. isnt brett your friend
  130. Luke Holt says
  131. yeah
  132. Brett says
  133. yeah
  134. bros
  135. Patricia de Leon says
  136. why would you even drag him in
  137. Thomas Stiegler says
  138. Wasnt i your friend too?
  139. Luke Holt says
  140. Tom bro
  141. Patricia de Leon says
  142. yes noc too
  143. Luke Holt says
  144. your server shit
  145. Patricia de Leon says
  146. tom  i mean
  147. if its shit
  148. Luke Holt says
  149. i told u
  150. Patricia de Leon says
  151. then fck off
  152. Luke Holt says
  153. about the items
  154. Thomas Stiegler says
  155. Youre seriously fucked in the head if this is what you do to your friends mate.
  156. Luke Holt says
  157. and u wouldnt check the item db
  158. I TOLD U
  160. and oyur nahh
  161. acted like acunt
  162. its all the same man
  163. Thomas Stiegler says
  164. Fuck up cunt, i did check it.
  165. It was all clean.
  166. Luke Holt says
  167. it wasnt
  168. that iwas laugh soo hard
  169. Patricia de Leon says
  170. this is getting out of hand
  171. we know the story now
  172. Luke Holt says
  173. cuase i gave it to you
  174. Patricia de Leon says
  175. luke doesnt need to play anymore
  176. whats done is done
  177. Luke Holt says
  178. still bio
  179. has to be punished
  180. he was my right hand man
  181. Patricia de Leon says
  182. punished?
  183. Luke Holt says
  184. rebtt cops
  185. Patricia de Leon says
  186. Oh yeah?
  187. Luke Holt says
  188. brett*
  189. cops all this shit
  190. and bio gets nothing
  191. Patricia de Leon says
  192. there are no rules for recieving items
  193. Luke Holt says
  194. even though brett
  195. HE KNEW
  197. Patricia de Leon says
  198. imo you shuldve given all your gears back to brett
  199. Luke Holt says
  201. what the paci did
  202. Patricia de Leon says
  203. look
  204. Luke Holt says
  205. so he should be banned
  206. u bannd me prior
  207. cause i said
  208. Patricia de Leon says
  209. The server had no players back then
  210. Luke Holt says
  211. his been in pvp
  212. with it
  213. how do u think
  214. he could sit and
  215. Patricia de Leon says
  216. pvp against who?
  217. Luke Holt says
  218. afk in pvp
  219. Patricia de Leon says
  220. you?
  221. Luke Holt says
  222. everyone
  223. Patricia de Leon says
  224. as i said
  225. there was no population
  226. Luke Holt says
  227. so what
  228. Patricia de Leon says
  229. As far as im concerned
  230. Luke Holt says
  231. thats bullshit
  232. Patricia de Leon says
  233. once he saw th epopulation started getting bigger
  234. Luke Holt says
  235. why does brett lose his shit
  236. Patricia de Leon says
  237. he told us about it right away
  238. and before that he even tested it with me
  239. then told us about what you did
  240. Luke Holt says
  241. yeah but thats still 4 weeks
  242. of using it
  243. u banned me
  244. cause i didnt tell u about it
  245. Patricia de Leon says
  246. we banned you for not telling us
  247. Luke Holt says
  248. when i said it worked fo 2 days
  249. Patricia de Leon says
  250. not for how logn you knew it
  251. Luke Holt says
  252. he used it for 3 weeks
  253. he had the item
  254. Patricia de Leon says
  255. on who exactly could he use it on?
  256. Luke Holt says
  258. its fuckign CK
  259. Patricia de Leon says
  260. yeah but he only testedit out with me
  261. Luke Holt says
  262. no he didnt
  263. Patricia de Leon says
  264. when he told me about it
  265. Luke Holt says
  266. omg
  267. thats not what happened
  268. listen to me
  269. when i left the first time
  270. Patricia de Leon says
  271. i dont see why he should be getting punished
  272. Luke Holt says
  273. i told him about the paci
  274. Patricia de Leon says
  275. He told us about all your cheats
  276. Luke Holt says
  277. i then gave it to him ina trade
  278. then he used in pvp
  279. until he told u
  280. like 4 week later
  281. Patricia de Leon says
  282. As i said there was NO POPULATION
  283. basically that info was useless
  284. it became useful when he saw there was a population
  285. thats when he told us
  286. about everything
  287. why should he cope a ban
  288. or lose items
  289. there are no rules for getting items off players
  290. its you dumb fcking fault for dealign him your gears brett hunted
  291. instead of returning them
  292. Luke Holt says
  293. omg
  294. i didnt say that
  295. you not listening
  296. I gave him the paci
  297. Patricia de Leon says
  298. I know what your saying
  299. Luke Holt says
  300. ina tarede
  301. Patricia de Leon says
  302. and you;re not getting my point (yet again)
  303. Luke Holt says
  304. abd before i told him about what is was
  308. Patricia de Leon says
  309. Of course
  310. Luke Holt says
  311. HE USED IT FOR 4 weeks
  312. then i told him
  313. Patricia de Leon says
  314. who wouldnt
  315. Luke Holt says
  316. tom was looking for shit
  317. Patricia de Leon says
  318. but my point is
  319. Luke Holt says
  320. and he ratted me out
  321. Brett says
  322. sup
  323. Thomas Stiegler says
  324. Am i still in this convo?
  325. Got DCed.
  326. Brett says
  327. nah ill lob ya back in
  328. meh
  329. lukes gone and i cant add bc trisih isnt in my contacts
  330. ebuddy chucking the shits
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