12/02 "You think I don't know poverty"

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  1.  Task says, "Afternoon Iris."
  2.  Iris Arsali asks, "Exercising, Constable Task?"
  3.  Task exclaims, "As always. One must keep up a fine physicality in the constabulary to chase criminals!"
  4. Task says, "It is an important part of the regimen."
  5.  Iris Arsali says, "I've no doubt."
  6.  Iris's expression shifted into somewhat contemplative after a moment, glancing up at the bald watchman. "Thinking back on it, I don't think I actually saw you at the Festival. Thing became something of disaster after the First Light decided to devolve it into fighting -its fine though, only spitting on my people's culture, as usual- but up until then it was quite enjoyable." One of her hands idly rubbed at the space on her forearm now tattooed with a wolfshead, something she'd acquired at the festival in question.
  7. (Iris Arsali)
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  9. Task would nod steadily to the Rhoynish woman as he lightly sighed, taking a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as he mulled over the event in question with a steady shake of his head. The bald constable had admittedly been looking forward to the event; it was an occasion to spend a bit of time with Dame Iessia without the pair of them being stabbed.
  11. Sadly, it seemed even that wouldn't have been the case.
  13. "I was quite excited for the festival, truly. I'd planned to spend the occasion with Dame Iessia, it was looking to be a fine evening of merriment and relaxation. Sadly, my duties spontaneously called me out of the city, and I had to leave it in the hands of my fellow constables to maintain order at the event."
  15. The bald constable would nod steadily, sighing to himself as he rubbed at his temples.
  17. "I'm sorry that it didn't go as well as you hoped, Iris. These tensions are problematic, and I know you put alot of work into it."
  18. (Task)
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  20.  The Rhoynish woman sighed, sounding well and truly defeated. "I thought if I could show the people that, while different, my culture is just as vibrant and interesting" -personally, Iris thought it was more so- "as the Essharan culture, maybe it'd trigger some conversation about my people's lot in life. You probably already know this, Task, but many of the Rhoynish peoples taken as slaves weren't directly involved in the war, either non-combatants or too young. I only escaped such a fate because the Order soldier who came to our camp after the surrender flipped a coin between me and my sister."
  22. Even now, Iris' expression twisted momentarily into a snarl at the thought. A slight movement of the hands, and she was rubbing at the armring on her forearm. "I'm tired of inaction. I'm tired of hearing 'eventually'. Maybe the Syndicate has a point after all, because I'm steadily comingto believe if we don't rally to break the chains, they'll remain forever." The Essharans were enslaving their own people now after all, she doubted they'd be empathetic enough to free hers.
  23. (Iris Arsali)
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  26.  Task would sigh as he took a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe, shaking his head lightly as he felt a sense of sadness at the discontent that Iris possessed. It was an understandable feeling; one driven by the sense that one's whole culture wasn't truly accepted within the city they called home. This sense of being alien, of being a non-entity despite the presence of population, it was a tragedy.
  28. "I am familiar with the excesses of my city more than perhaps anyone else Iris, it is a constant reminder of what needs to be changed as an aspirant of justice within the constabulary. Your efforts weren't in vain, the idea of a cultural festival where there is a peaceful exchange of ideas isn't a failure, it's an admirable ideal worthy of being brought forth regardless of what negativity did occur. Slavery is an insult to the face of justice and egalitarian virtue, and it deserves to be abolished."
  30. The bald watchman would nod firmly to Iris once more, blowing a cloud of minty smoke up towards the distant horizon as he crossed his sinewed arms over the steel plate of his cuirass and the navy blue cotton of his watchman's cloak.
  32. "But violence and anarchy isn't the answer, Iris. Giving into the selfish aims of the syndicate, by using the struggles of your race to fuel their membership with apathetic criminals willing to commit crimes and hurt innocent is villainy. The Rhoynish need more people like you who are willing to maintain the positive image of your people in this city, not those that will doom them by joining enmasse with an illegal entity to...pursue what? Fame, fortune, change? The only change that would come of Rhoynish criminals is worsened stratification, crueler policies. The exact opposite of what each of us desire."
  33. (Task)
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  35.  "Y'know, a lot of people like to tell me violence isn't the answer. Thing is, passivity achieves nothing. The people cry out in the street for justice, the ones caught in a cycle of poverty in the slums and the ones serving their enemies with no other choice. They try and solve their problems with words, because words are all they have, and oftentimes not even that. Do people listen? I don't rightly know, Constable, but I can make an assumption based on what I have seen in my time is this city."
  37. In an instant, that calm that marked her previous words shattered, an explosion of hostility as she practically snarled her point, words enunciated sharply, as if the next logical step would be to maul someone, hands flex at her sides as if barely resisting the urge to do just that. It was almost as if a curtain had dropped, and behind taken the cheerful, good spirited woman that Iris usually presented as, save when discussing thisexact subject
  39. "My people need people like me? Maybe, but you don't really know me, Constable. When you say 'people like me', you mean the meek, talking loud words but holding behind it no action. The people who said of the treating of our people with less respect than cattle 'Oh well, this too shall pass'. We do not need those people, because they achieve nothing, wasting air with every breath they take.
  41. My people need people like Lady Dayndros, who put herself in what many would consider a unwinnable situation, and then won anyways. Who secured freedom for our people, a freedom we cherished until it was stolen from us by people who have for us no respect, no honour, who decide the fate of children with a fucking coin flip, they care so little. We need a new Natasa!" Her arm moved almost magenetically, water surging from the air to proudly proclaim the Dayndros Clan symbol, something most certainly illegal in Esshar. "We need someone who'll break the fucking chains!
  43. She fell silent, looking almost shocked that she'd said all that, although Iris would not say it was something she regretted. Sometimes thing needed to be said, and she'd been holding that in for some time. The symbol hung in the air, even as Iris stood motionless, harsh breathes trying to recapture control over herself.
  45. (Iris Arsali)
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  50.  The young rogue had toppled on a rather unexpected scene- amidst the street, nonetheless. A political debacle? As a twist of fate, a surplus of observers seemed to gather about at an alarming rate.
  52. Discord was a force that seemed to have a penchant of its own for drawing ears and tongues, it'd seem.
  54. With an unceremonious, gaudy pep to his step, Ciarán halts just before Task, crossing both hands behind his waistline.
  56. "My, my."
  58. Queerly, the rogue's maw goes agape, dropping to a height adequate to a finely-crafted front of shock. He had heard this sort of philosophical dogma with more and more frequency as of late, after all, and its sporadic, repetitive appearance brought little surprise.
  60. "Y'got a strong opinion, lady," his gaze speaks of guilt- like most of the entourage about, he was a complete intruder. "Maybe y'shouldn't voice this sort of stuff so... unreservedly? Syndicate's a glaringly moonstruck bunch, nay?"
  61. (Ciarán)
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  64.  "It is not the righteous path because it is easy, Iris. But no good task ever is. Maintaining a commitment to passivity for the good of your people in spite of having every reason, inclination, and infuriation not to is what makes it an admirable effort. A worthy one. These kinds of changes do not occur over night, not in one sitting and one festival. But the incremental change is what will save your people, not doom them."
  66. Task would nod firmly, his brown, tired eyes flickering with the embers of duty and justice. Ethereal wisps of energy magic swirled about the bald constable's form as he took a deep breathe, the woman's passion and discontent stirring the watchman's own efforts and determination. The people required help, especially now of all times.
  68. Bursting forth in a shroud of pulsating blue mana, the watchman would raise his fist into the air as he struck the Captain Morgan pose with a flash of his missing toothed grin.
  70. "When I say people like you Iris, I mean those that want to see change, those who care about their people's fate instead of growing apathetic and bitter at it. You want the best for them, and have expended your efforts and energy to do just the same despite the trials that have befallen you. That is what I mean by people like you, have no confusion."
  71. (Task)
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  79.  "You people don't understand. You people never understand. If you did, you'd realise that 'incremental' change is worthless, especially to those who in the meantime have to face bondage. Our culture is a living thing, Task. We don't record our history because it is the place of our elders to pass it down. Except, those who your people have enslaved don't have the chance to learn it. The enslavement of my people isn't just taking from us our liberty, its ripping from us the chance to pass down our whole culture to the next generation."
  81. Her hands clenched, fingernails digging into her palms hard enough to draw blood. "In fifty, a hundred years, if things haven't changed then there'll be nothing of my people left! Whole clans were destroyed in the aftermath of the war, others separated from their elders. Centuries of tradition, lost. I can't stand still, speak out to people who don't care, who don't understand even if they wanted to, which I assure you most slaveowners don't."
  83. "So go on, Task. Give me a solution. An actual solution, because only one I can see offers any hope of my people being free once again, only one where our ways survive."
  84. (Iris Arsali)
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  86. Avaseele, promptly picks up a shoe. She fiddles about with it for a moment, squinting and prodding at it with her finger as she tried to infuse the object with energy, or at-least attempt to imprint symbols into the darn things.
  88. It does nothing though. And even if she did manage it, chances are it wouldn't react very kindly to someone stomping around on them all the time. After a few attempts, she frowns and hands the shoes back to them. "Yeah, later." She responds in kind.
  90. Her attention shifts to Iris, and in response Avaseele tilts her head. People seemed to be getting rather heated about whatever it was they seemed to be discussing, and part of her wished to intervene. But for now, she assumed they were merely venting as opposed to trying to take action.
  92. So for now? She waits curiously. Her attention shifts to Emily for but a moment as she whispers something to them but other-wise remains settled on Iris.
  93. (Avaseele Valar)
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  95. Walking through the streets of the upper-middle class, Juri found a conversation that piqued interest. Mainly the numerous people that watched and a Constable involved.
  97. The youth sticks to the shadows of the building, choosing to remain more hidden and watching from afar. He couldn't hear everything but perhaps enough.
  99. An argument of convictions or treatment? Still he couldn't tell without more information.
  100. (Juri)
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  105.  "You think I don't understand poverty? I was born in the slums of Sudsbury, raised in them, molded by them. I was not a slave, and I cannot imply that I have an understanding of the trials that your people go through in chains. But I am not unfamiliar with the bottom rungs of this city, Iris, I know more than well the conditions they live in. If it is the duty of your people to pass down your history from word of mouth, then risking your life by pursuing violence only endangers its passage. If the Rhoynish die out, their story goes with them. Trying to force change will only cause destruction, trying to answer violence with violence only breeds more violence."
  107. Task would take a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as he hummed to himself, tapping at his chin as he mulled over the woman's inquiries with a steady nod of his head and a light sigh. Her issues were ones shared by many of the Rhoynish, a sense of disenfranchisement that only added tothe wildfire of resentment that brewed throughout the city.
  109. "I am not asking you to stand still, Iris. Your efforts with the festival weren't in vain, peacefully spreading your people's culture and steadily inserting it into the city's accepted melting pot of cultures is a fine start! Were it not for the attacks, your plans would have gone to a key. I ask you to maintain that diligence even if no one else will, it's the best shot the Rhoynish have in this city to one day shed their chains with their lives."
  111. The bald constable would sigh deeply, crossing his arms once more over his chest as the shroud of energy about his form progressively dissipated.
  113. "I am asking you to have hope, Iris. My solution is to maintain your diligence, to keep trying no matter how many times it fails. And to continue to be the good person you've proven to me that you are."
  116. (Task)
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  118. In truth, Avaseele held a some-what confusing opinion in regards to this topic as a whole. On the one hand, she could understand the desire to find change that would benefit themselves and their people. On the other, violence certainly wouldn't accomplish that. And even if it did, there's nothing stopping people who want a different kind of change from enacting violence themselves.
  120. It was a bad cycle, one Avaseele hoped to avoid. But as it stood the Syndicate were having their way, clawing their way into any notable event worth attending and using the innocent populace as meat-shields. Feeding them lies, playing to their weaknesses. It was disgusting, and honestly it annoyed Avaseele quite a lot.
  122. People were being mislead, and there wasn't much she could do about it. She wasn't special, she was only a single person who could voice her opinion. It was drowned out by all those who wished for change or all those who wished for none to happen at all, however. It was annoying, to say the least.
  124. This scene in particular brought her to these thoughts, though not because it was a good mirroring of what she's thinking of. But more-so because the nature of it in general brought her attention to this line of thinking once more. Not to mention her own opinion was probably discredited by the rumors regarding herself being spread around. Which she also needs to talk to some friends about, too!
  126. Though for now, she remains quiet. Allowing the scene to unfold in whatever direction it may fall to. If she finds someone being attacked? She may very well intervene. But other-wise, she had no plans to do anything but watch.
  127. (Avaseele Valar)
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  133.  Several long moments passed, a standoff between the Rhoynish woman and the bald watchman, before the rage seemed to drain out of the woman, a few staggered steps to the side bringing her to lean heavily against the wall of a nearby building. The Dayndros symbol lost its cohesiveness, splashing down onto the cobblestones of the street, gone as quickly as it'd come.
  135. "I..I'm the last. It doesn't matter what I do, they're never coming back. You people killed or enslaved my whole family, and I didn't learn enough. My clan is dead, and I'm nothing but half a remnant. Arsali died the day you won." The words were little more than a whisper, to the point it was more likely than not that Task wouldn't even properly hear them. She pushed off the wall, glancing at the crowd, and slowly shook her head, before making her way out the opposite direction, assuming no-one stopped her.
  137. She was full of conflicting emotions right now, and needed a quiet place to vent them.
  138. (Iris Arsali)
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  141. [19:31] Maven had strolled up behind the woman, a pipe in hand, her hand's bandaged and she had starred at the symbol, she'd heard it, when few others likely woulden't have and Maven's mouth went into a straight line.
  143. A soft exhale leaving her throat, as a woman, she sympathized with, that had family taken from her, that had no family left just like her, that gave off a feeling of hopelessness.
  145. Maven could see her worthless self in Iris and that was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for many a reason, her lip being bitten as the woman staggered past, Maven quietly moved to follow.
  146. (Maven Delias)
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  148. Task would stand unbent as he crossed his sinewed arms over the steel plate of his cuirass and the navy blue wool of his watchman's cloak, face dutiful and ironclad as he shook his head to Iris. This was not the first civic debate of this kind that the watchman had had with a dissatisfied citizen, it would not be the last. As Iris proceeded to disengage, the constable would wave genially at the departing woman with a last response.
  150. "You are only the last if you choose to be, Iris. Every story you gather, every one you choose to pass on to the next generation, that will determine the truth of your words. Believe in your own ability, learn more from those that have suffered, and become a living monument to your people that cannot be felled by the throes of history. I am certain that you are capable."
  152. The bald constable would nod firmly, taking a long, thoughtful tug from his corncob pipe.
  154. "As long as you live, your clan survives. Remember that."
  155. (Task)
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