Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. You eventually find yourself in the lobby of the mansion, and you see Mordred sleeping on one of the sofas just as she said she would, her armor is gone, and it seems that somebody has draped a blanket over the top of the girl. You can't really see Mordred being the sort of girl to actively seek out a blanket to sleep with, she's too tough for that sort of thing. Even so, she looks so vulnerable right now. Mordred could kill you with a single movement if she wanted to, but right now, as she sleeps, she looks completely harmless. You actively have to resist the urge to pet her head, and you pull yourself away, heading towards the doors of the mansion. You open the doors as quietly as you are able in order to slip out, and Mordred doesn't even stir in her sleep. Seems that she was more tired than she was letting on...
  3. Part 18
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