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  1. Ace Bonus
  3. Ratsel: Cast "Focus" at the start of player phase if adjacent to a black unit.
  4. Katina: Movement +1 and final damage dealt +5% when her unit or the one twinned with her is red
  5. Kouta: Final damage against L or larger units +10%
  6. Kyosuke: If "Counter" activates, final damage dealt +20%
  7. Ginto: Leadership bonus +15%, own unit's pilots' max SP +5
  8. Lefina: Leadership bonus +10%. own unit's pilots' max SP +10
  9. Leona: "Telekinesis" level +1
  10. Ryouto: Final accuracy +10%, range of all non-range 1 or MAP weapons +1
  11. Yuuki: Range of all non-range 1 or MAP weapons +2
  12. Rim: Spirit Command "Strike" becomes "Sense"
  13. Josh: Spirit Command "Assault" becomes "Violent Assault"
  14. Lamia: All of the pilot's terrain ranks, except Water become S
  15. Rio: "Training" SP cost becomes 25
  16. Raul (Rescue), Despinis: At the start of the player phase, all adjacent units recover 20% (of MAX?) HP
  17. Raul (Gunstriker): Once, if partnered with Fiona, at the start of player phase, cast "Awaken"
  18. Fiona: Once, if partnered with Raul, cast "Training" at the start of player phase
  19. Arado: If Seolla is on the map, initial will +15
  20. Seolla: If Arado is on the map, at the start of player phase, will +5
  21. Kusuha: Spirit command "Guard" becomes "Belief"
  22. Ibis: If on Space or Sky terrain, +2 Movement from casting "Accel"
  23. Masaki: Movement +1 against enemies in Sky terrain , critical rate +30%
  24. Serena: at 140 or higher Will, final evasion +10%, critical rate +30%
  25. Yon: If battling a Zovork unit, final accuracy and damage +10%
  26. Mai: at 150 or higher Will, "SP Regen" restores 5 more SP
  27. Kai: All "Gespenst" units within Leadership aura's (own included) final damage +5%
  28. Viletta: Skill "Mental Focus" effect increase by +10% (so 70% reduction on spirit costs I assume)
  29. Skull Knight: If below 70% HP, cast "Hotblood" at the start of player phase
  30. Shouko: If the unit didn't move, cast "Luck" at the end of player phase.
  31. Sleigh: If the unit didn't move, cast "Accel" at the end of player phase
  32. Shu: Damage taken from all non-range 1 attacks -20%
  33. Michiru: No will penalty when using the "Resupply" command
  34. Tasuku: If adjacent to Leona, "Lucky" activation chance +25%, damage taken -10%
  35. Amara: If adjacent to Shu, once, cast "Focus" and "Kiai" at the start of player phase
  40. FUB
  42. Dea/Blanche Niege: Unit's Sky and Space terrains become S
  43. Aile/Geant Chevalier: Unit's Ground and Water trrains become S
  44. Siegerlion/Exexbein: All built-in TK weapons gain attack power equal to pilot's TK level x 30
  45. Gespenst Haken: All melee weapons gain attack power equal to Aschen's level x 5
  46. Grungust type 2/Cerberus/Garmraid: "Transform" command can be used after moving.
  47. Leonisis Vaga: "Flashing Assault" attack power +200, gains Barrier Pierce property
  48. Leonisis Haga: "Lightning Assault" attack power +200, gains Barrier Pierce property
  49. Alteisen Riese: All melee weapons +100 attack power, "Avalanche Claymore" becomes ALLW
  50. Forte Gigas: All weapons gain accuracy and critical rate equal to the subpilot's level
  51. ART1: All TK weapons +100 AP, accuracy +20
  52. R1: All TK weapons +100 AP, will req -5
  53. G Compatikaiser/vanilla/Thunder Gate: Weapon AP +100
  54. R2 Powered: Mobility +10, ranged weapon AP+100
  55. R3 Powered: Gain "Nendou Field S"
  56. R-Gun Powered: Max EN+50, "High Twin Launcher" will req-10
  57. SRX: Part slots +1
  58. Armorlion: Armor +200, melee weapon AP +200
  59. G-Bankaran: "8710moonrunesIdon'tunderstand" AP +200 and its terrains become S
  60. Aussenseiter: Ranged weapon AP +100, all of the unit's terrain rankings become A
  61. Ashsaber: Ranged weapon AP+200. missile-type weaponry ignores the "Jammer" skill
  62. R-Blade Custom: All melee weapons +200 AP
  63. Angelg: Gain "EN Regen M"
  64. Excellence Gunstriker: Movement +1, ignore the effects of "Larseilam" when attacking
  65. Excellence Rescue: "Repair" range +2, "Repair" command removes status ailments
  66. Vaisaga/Valsione: lolbunshin+20%procchance
  67. Exbein: Targting, mobility +10, range of all non-range 1 and MAP weapons +1
  68. Coustwell Brachium/Grandad Dracodeus: +200 AP to all melee weapons, ignore the effects of "Larseilam" when attacking
  69. Granzon: Gain "Beam Absorb"
  70. Granteed: All melee weapons +200 AP
  71. Grungust kai: All weapons +100 AP
  72. Grungust type 3: All melee weapons +200 AP
  73. Grungust type 0: All weapons' +30 crit rate, unit's terrains become A
  74. Kurogane: "Big Spinny Thing or Titanic Drill for fatlusians" terrains become S, and gains 200 AP
  75. Gespenst RV: All built-in weapons gain 4 ammo
  76. Cerberlion: Mobility +10, all weapons +200 AP
  77. Cybastard: Mobility +10, Cosmo Nova ammo +1
  78. Cylion: Movement +1, unit and weapon's Space and Sky terrain rankings become S
  79. Giganscudo Duro: Armor +200, "G-Territory" EN consumption -10
  80. Soulsaber: All weapons +100 AP
  81. SUPER Soulsaber: Armor +200, all weapons +100 AP
  82. Soulgain: All melee weapons gain 200 AP
  83. Dygenguar: All melee weapons +100 AP, "General Blaster" becomes ALLW
  84. Vega/Altair/Hyperion: Move +1, mobility +10
  85. Hagane: Docked units lose no will
  86. Hiryu: Docket units are fully restored in 1 turn
  87. Wildwurger: Built-in, non-range 1 weapons' range +1, unit's Sky ranking becomes S
  88. Wildfalken: Built-in weapons +1 ammo, unit's Sky ranking becomes S
  89. Wildraubtier Schnabel: Built-in weapons +100 AP and become P
  90. Fabularis: See Vaisaga
  91. Fairlions: Mobility 25, "Vostok Laser" becomes ALLW
  92. Pfeil Drei: All weapons' will req -10, all non-range 1 weapons' range +1
  93. Flickerei Geist: All Built-in, ammo based weapons AP+100 and ammo +4
  94. Persoenlichkeit: Grant "Bunshin" to partnered unit
  95. Bellzebein: Ranged weapons +200 AP
  96. Bellzelute Brigandy: Ranged weapons +200 AP, gain "EN Regen M"
  97. Lazangriff/Landgrith Raven: Mobility +10, built-in weapons +100 AP
  98. Raiou: Melee weapons +200 AP
  99. Rein Weiss: Mobility +10, Beam weapons +200 AP
  100. Raftklanz Auron: All melee weapons +300 AP
  101. Ryukoou/Kouryou/etc: Gain "EN Regen M"
  102. Gespenst kai: Equippable weapons +100 AP, unit's terrain rankings (except Sky) become S
  103. MP Huckebein mk II: All weapons +200 AP, all non-range 1 weapons' range +1
  104. Leige Geios: +300 AP to all ranged weapons
  105. Schwert: All of the unit's weapons become post-movement and their terrains become S
  111. Secrets
  113. SP Drink
  114. Earth route: During stage 8, destroy all Dona Lyunpee
  115. Space route: During stage 7, destroy all enemy units within 5 turns.
  116. Mark of the Brave: Have 15 or more Ace Pilots by the end of stage 28.
  117. High Performance Super Elecit's a fucking Haro: have at least 1 pilot at level 35 by the end of stage 29.
  118. Soul of Steel: Have 30 or more ace Pilots by the end of stage 45.
  120. The last 3 are automatically obtained on a second run, as are the red Grungust type 2, Cylion, Cerberlion and Leige Geios.
  121. Begginer's Mode players obtain the Grungust automatically on a first run as well.
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