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  1. PaIeblood: And this is where I start to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
  2. PaIeblood: Great.
  3. PaIeblood: x'D
  4. VaniraCosantoir: Oh suck it up
  5. Priestess: How tall are you? :o
  6. Dollitrix has left the chat
  7. PaIeblood: Random thought of the day: I don't get why everyone makes such a big deal out of people being sensitive, and then proceed to insult them for it.
  8. PaIeblood: Last time I was measured, I was 6
  9. PaIeblood: 6'3 and a half.*
  10. VaniraCosantoir: Oh dear, another snowflake -.-
  11. PaIeblood: Was that really necessary?
  12. Priestess: Well you're pretty tall. :D
  13. VaniraCosantoir: Foot taller than me lol
  14. Jinxes has joined the chat
  15. Priestess: Ellos
  16. PaIeblood: If you're going to belittle me, at least be creative about it. Don't use a term that pretty much every emotionless hardass on this planet uses.
  17. VaniraCosantoir: You do not desire for me to step into my repertoire if you are so easily offended hun.
  18. VaniraCosantoir: So sit back, and enjoy being the tallest here.
  19. VaniraCosantoir: :)
  20. PaIeblood: I have a right to be sensitive, just as you have a right to not be.
  21. VaniraCosantoir: Well the real world is going to fuck you sideways.
  22. VaniraCosantoir: Have fun with that.
  23. PaIeblood: You say that as if I haven't been through trauma.
  24. Priestess: .u.''
  25. VaniraCosantoir: Heh, don't open up a can of worms you can't handle hun.
  26. VaniraCosantoir: Some advice?
  27. PaIeblood: You're the one that started this, not me.
  28. Jinxes: Sigh. I thought this room would be different..
  29. VaniraCosantoir: You be sensitive around those that love you and care, outside of that, stay on your guard, because there are people out there that will use and abuse your naive ways, or snatch the life out of you.
  30. PaIeblood: I don't see how being sensitive is being naive, but okay, sure.
  31. VaniraCosantoir: There are no restarts if you die, fyi.
  32. PaIeblood: Same goes for you.
  33. PaIeblood: :)
  34. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : Hun, I am well covered.
  35. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : Don't try to bring your innocence in my direction.
  36. PaIebloodPaIeblood : Don't belittle others for being different from yourself in a public room, and we'll have no issues.
  37. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : To late.
  38. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : At least I see I hit a nerve, and giving wisdom is hardly belittling.
  39. PaIeblood: Do you see me going around rooms being like "Oh great, another internet hardass who thinks her shit doesn't stink?"
  40. VaniraCosantoir: Mm you kind of said that first, but ok.
  41. PaIeblood: Yes, because "Oh great, another snowflake -.-" is just such a wisdom-filled statement.
  42. VaniraCosantoir: Well truth is truth, so....
  43. VaniraCosantoir: I mean it has to be true since it hit such a chord.
  44. PaIebloodPaIeblood : Still doesn't mean you can't keep your thoughts to yourself.
  45. VaniraCosantoir: can't?
  46. VaniraCosantoir: Precisely.
  47. VaniraCosantoir: This is to fun.
  48. Jinxes: Well.. Seeing that this dispute isn't going to end anytime soon, I'll be heading out. You all have a lovely night.
  49. PaIeblood: You too.
  50. VaniraCosantoir: You as well hun.
  51. PaIeblood: How does it feel, knowing you'll amount to nothing more in life than bullying people over the internet in your life?
  52. Jinxes has left the chat
  53. Priestess: Sorry.
  54. Priestess: >~<
  55. VaniraCosantoir: Haha, hun I own two houses.
  56. PaIeblood: If you want more ammunition? I can easily give it to you, to make it even easier for you.
  57. VaniraCosantoir: And you are from the U.K. you can not provide ammunition
  58. PaIeblood: That's where you're wrong.
  59. PaIeblood: I'm actually from Australia.
  60. VaniraCosantoir: Unless you mean staying the victim mentallity
  61. VaniraCosantoir: Same thing there
  62. Priestess: Whats wrong with the UK? :(
  63. VaniraCosantoir: You can not own a firearm in U.K. or Aussie
  64. Priestess: Well the culture is pretty different.
  65. VaniraCosantoir: Yep, a lot more rape and theft there than in U.S.
  66. Priestess: I ='m not against America having their guns, I get it. I'm a big advocate for hunting. But theres really no point in us having them over here.
  67. VaniraCosantoir: per 100,000 differentiate between scotland yard and the FBI. I rest my case.
  68. PaIeblood: Well, at least we can say our country isn't led by an absolute degenerative hypocrite.
  69. VaniraCosantoir: See, what we have here with our tall friend is a victim mentality.
  70. VaniraCosantoir: And I am sorry but Trump is kicking all kinds of ass.
  71. VaniraCosantoir: Not bowing down like your current PM
  72. VaniraCosantoir: Thank goodness for Brexit
  73. PaIeblood: You do know that Trump's wife is an immigrant, right? What'll happen if his rule to ban all immigrants goes through?
  74. VaniraCosantoir: lmao
  75. VaniraCosantoir: there is not one
  76. VaniraCosantoir: ahem
  77. VaniraCosantoir: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS
  78. VaniraCosantoir: ignorant servile scum
  79. VaniraCosantoir: read, please
  80. VaniraCosantoir: please please read
  81. VaniraCosantoir: reeeeeeeeeeeead
  82. PaIeblood: I'm arguing with a Trump supporter.
  83. PaIeblood: This is going to be great.
  84. VaniraCosantoir: I already have won since you can not enrapture the meaning of 'illegal'
  85. VaniraCosantoir: Goodnight
  86. VaniraCosantoir: Thanks for playing
  87. VaniraCosantoir: Silly leftists..
  88. PaIeblood: Silly Trump supporters, actually believing what they say holds any merit.
  89. VaniraCosantoir: Keep thinking on emotions
  90. VaniraCosantoir: keep thinking with your heart
  91. VaniraCosantoir: go on now :)
  92. VaniraCosantoir: And the numbers are there
  93. VaniraCosantoir: so....
  94. VaniraCosantoir: you, lose
  95. PaIeblood: Go on, please keep rambling.
  96. VaniraCosantoir: Obozo, Obummer, I mean obama is gone
  97. VaniraCosantoir: oh no it is good, I know it is boiling your blood your globalist agenda is gone
  98. PaIeblood: Yay, we're playing the assumption game now!
  99. PaIeblood: This is my favorite part.
  100. VaniraCosantoir: Trump is making America great again, he is. The market is higher than ever, unemployment lower than ever, ISIS is gone
  101. VaniraCosantoir: And no hun
  102. VaniraCosantoir: the numbers are there, again
  103. VaniraCosantoir: you
  104. VaniraCosantoir: lose
  105. VaniraCosantoir: :)
  106. VaniraCosantoir: Go ring a bell somewhere
  107. VaniraCosantoir: Hopefully we get out of the U.N. as well. Been throwing money at it for decades with no support.
  108. VaniraCosantoir: Oh wait, we already started lol
  109. PaIeblood: Go and murder a person of different ethnic descent whilst screeching at the top of your lungs "Not my president!", since it's pretty well known that a vast majority of Trump supporters are overly aggressive halfwits who love their guns, and probably have wall-long rebel flags in their room and adore racism.
  110. VaniraCosantoir: Hun I am arabic so, you racist twit, fuck yourself
  111. VaniraCosantoir: And you are sooooo ignorant
  112. VaniraCosantoir: Do not breed.
  113. PaIeblood: Tell me how I was racist?
  114. VaniraCosantoir: Stay alone
  115. PaIeblood: I could say the exact same about you.
  116. VaniraCosantoir: And just, go in a box and disappear
  117. VaniraCosantoir: Oh really? Because I am arabic?
  118. VaniraCosantoir: Ah, how rude
  119. PaIeblood: No, because you support someone like Donald Trump.
  120. PaIeblood: How typical, putting words in my mouth.
  121. VaniraCosantoir: lol and you have not? And you call me a hypocrite?
  122. VaniraCosantoir: What a washy washy individual
  123. PaIeblood: Tell me how I have, please?
  124. VaniraCosantoir: See, people like you and your whiny, narrow-minded, unenlightened, self-interest persona, are why Trump was elected.
  125. VaniraCosantoir: You are singular.
  126. VaniraCosantoir: A paramecian.
  127. PaIeblood: Spoken by someone who has no depth as a person.
  128. PaIeblood: Okay, I'm listening.
  129. VaniraCosantoir: I have more depth than you could even begin to imagine, let alone fathom
  130. PaIeblood: Suuuure you do.
  131. PaIeblood: That 'Make america great again' cap you're most likely wearing right now just makes it seem like you hold so much inner depth.
  132. PaIeblood: Wow, amazing.
  133. VaniraCosantoir: You see, here is a textbook representation of an individual who has done nothing in their life, been to one other country, maybe, and is angry because they can not acheive much of not anything in their existance.
  134. VaniraCosantoir: I do not own one of those hats
  135. PaIeblood: Strawman argument, nicely done.
  136. VaniraCosantoir: But you assume so
  137. VaniraCosantoir: that is typical of a troglodyte such as yourself
  138. VaniraCosantoir: assume deflect
  139. VaniraCosantoir: the mantra of you
  140. VaniraCosantoir: -slow golf clap-
  141. VaniraCosantoir: bra-vo
  142. PaIeblood: Thank you, thank you. I'm here all night.
  143. VaniraCosantoir: Sadly, that is all he has to do haha
  144. VaniraCosantoir: Not the kind of person to invent something lol
  145. VaniraCosantoir: Do you even drive?
  146. PaIeblood: Yes, continue to pull those straws.
  147. VaniraCosantoir: ooo, several back and forth chat bubbles there
  148. PaIeblood: See how far it gets you.
  149. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir WhisperAdd Friend: Mm, an't believe it.
  150. VaniraCosantoir: *can't
  151. VaniraCosantoir: although 'ant' for him seems appropriate
  152. PaIeblood: Says the one who's inconsistent with sentence structuring.
  153. VaniraCosantoir: Also, you have no idea what a strawman arguement is if you keep placating that at this time... you just heard it and " ooough, liberal friend say tell me straw man, that dun make smart me!" -.-
  154. VaniraCosantoir: Once again.
  155. VaniraCosantoir: You
  156. VaniraCosantoir: Lose
  157. PaIeblood: Did I really lose, where there wasn't anything to win, in the first place?
  158. PaIeblood: It's an argument in a room on a game meant for children, get over yourself.
  159. VaniraCosantoir: Mm, a good smoke session is in order after this conquest of the feeble mind
  160. VaniraCosantoir: Not the best, there are a lot more retarded individuals out there than you so, chin up
  161. VaniraCosantoir: :)
  162. PaIeblood: Of course you'd use the word 'retarded'.
  163. PaIeblood: Typical.
  164. VaniraCosantoir: Would you rather me use half-wit, imbecile, ignoramous?
  165. VaniraCosantoir: You fit the parameter
  166. PaIeblood: You probably think people with Autism/Aspergers are mentally inept and not capable of anything.
  167. VaniraCosantoir: Actually being deaf I am quite well aware and alongside those who are autistic to teach ASL
  168. VaniraCosantoir: Not that your feeble ass vindictive mind cares
  169. VaniraCosantoir: self loathing cock roack you are
  170. PaIeblood: I actually do care, to be honest. Seeing as I'm on the Autistic spectrum, and all.
  171. VaniraCosantoir: Fucking libtards
  172. VaniraCosantoir: judgemental
  173. VaniraCosantoir: only caring for their lies and agenda
  174. PaIeblood: That, coming from someone like YOU.
  175. VaniraCosantoir: Go ring a bell somewhere
  176. PaIeblood: LOOOOOL.
  177. VaniraCosantoir: see
  178. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : evil incarnate
  179. VaniraCosantoir: the left
  180. VaniraCosantoir: making fun of those disabled
  181. VaniraCosantoir: Such a dick pincher
  182. VaniraCosantoir: Probably has a child or two chained in his basement
  183. VaniraCosantoir: toying them with a six pence
  184. PaIeblood: I'm not making fun of them, what the fuck? I tried to tell you that I'm on the Autistic spectrum, but you just ignored it as a means to suit your own argument, conveniently.
  185. VaniraCosantoir: Disgusting...
  186. VaniraCosantoir: No, you are not, you are a leach
  187. VaniraCosantoir: Grow up
  188. PaIeblood: Who are you to tell me what I do and don't suffer from?
  189. VaniraCosantoir: Oh noooo, the victim mentality
  190. VaniraCosantoir: nuuuu
  191. VaniraCosantoir: -.- Not convinced
  192. PaIeblood: What else am I supposed to do, when I tell you the truth and you deny it?
  193. VaniraCosantoir: Yeah, I could say I am telling the truth and lies abound, vice versa
  194. VaniraCosantoir: Hun, you don't fit the parameters
  195. PaIeblood: You really think I'd lie about something as serious as being autistic?
  196. PaIebloodPaIeblood : I'm not like that.
  197. VaniraCosantoir: Would not be the first time I called someone out on it on imvu
  198. PaIeblood: What can I do to prove it to you, then?
  199. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : What's your kick?
  200. PaIebloodPaIeblood : I'd give you my word and go through my history of diagnosis, but you wouldn't believe me.
  201. VaniraCosantoir: What
  202. VaniraCosantoir: is
  203. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : your
  204. VaniraCosantoir: kick
  205. VaniraCosantoir: Everyone who is legitimately autistic has, something
  206. VaniraCosantoir: What is yours?
  207. PaIeblood: I'd have to say, social interaction. That's where it's most noticable for others, in my experiences. I know this sounds like I'm spouting bullshit, but I'm doing all I can to be serious when I say this: Not once in my life have I been asked this question, so I am a little confused and thrown off by what you mean by 'kick.'
  208. VaniraCosantoir: Let me know when you are done talking hun
  209. PaIeblood: My first diagnosis was High-functioning Aspergers, which was then legally renamed to Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  210. PaIebloodPaIeblood : Also, I'm quite sorry for acting as hostile as I did towards you. I tend to get lost in anger when arguing with people.
  211. VaniraCosantoir: Anger is weakness. Did you not notice?
  212. PaIeblood: You seem like a caring individual, and I'm sorry for making myself out to be a complete cunt in your eyes.
  213. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : You were angry, I used that against you. Angery people are predictable, they do things no one normally does.
  214. VaniraCosantoir: *Angry
  215. VaniraCosantoir: I read you like a book.
  216. PaIeblood: I can't even be mad at you for that.
  217. VaniraCosantoir: -yawns-
  218. PaIeblood: Have you studied Sociology before?
  219. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : It is fine.
  220. VaniraCosantoir: Easy.
  221. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : There are two kinds of people in this world,
  222. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : Those whom think with their hearts, and those whom think with their heads. The point is to balance the two. Desire to know how to do such?
  223. PaIebloodPaIeblood : Unfortunately, in my current circumstance? Being told how to do such a thing and actually keeping it mentally intact are two seperate things.
  224. VaniraCosantoirVaniraCosantoir : I can tell you how and when to use both.
  225. PaIebloodPaIeblood : That would certainly be appreciated. In fact, would you mind if I documented this, so I have something to refer to when something similar to what just happened between us happens, again?
  226. VaniraCosantoir  gets up, walking next to him, planting her clawed hand on his heart "Friends, Family, Neighbors, and little beyond that. Use this. Anything else bigger than that. use this -bops him on the head- You leftists always shout how everyone is an individual.... EXACTLY Everyone is an individual, so use your head in the bigger picture. That is why Trump is wildly successful.
  227. VaniraCosantoir: Go ahead, write it down.
  228. VaniraCosantoir: -kept her hand on his chest, patting it once- " Strong heart." -sat back down-
  229. VaniraCosantoir: The problem with the left is they use their heart for everything, or lie flat out
  230. VaniraCosantoir: I am not religious but as the saying goes: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
  231. PaIeblood: Thinking about it a little more in-depthly, I have been really on edge as of late. Though it may just be my overly sensitive nature messing with my head, I parted ways with a large group of friends recently, and it's really gotten under my skin.
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