SIBO positive in 13 yr old with recurrent pancreatitis

Nov 10th, 2016
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  1. SIBO positive in 13 yr old with recurrent pancreatitis
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  3. laurarepola
  4. Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8 10:06 PM
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  6. Hi yall
  7. I need a call or a good consult for this case. Please email me if you are available to conference with me directly over the phone about this complicated case, but I will take any and all input in this format.
  9. 13 yr old. CC1: recurrent pancreatitis
  10. She has had pancreatitis on several occasions for the last 2 yrs. She is seeing doctors in Seattle, Kalispell and more.
  11. She has the gene for pancreatitis per patient report.
  12. She has a divisum in the pancreas which has been stented that offered mild relief but the stenting creates pancreatitis and has not cured the problem.
  13. She has chronic severe constipation. I just found out she has been taking Miralax and Senna everyday for the last year to help the constipation.
  14. She is overweight eating a standard American diet.
  16. Her SIBO test was positive. The hydrogen is 25 ppm at 160 minutes. Her results are questionable because she spikes at the 140 min mark from zero to 25. Mother and I are trying to decide if we can safely treat with Rifaximin and Flagyl, since she is prone to pancreatitis. We also discussed retesting because the results appear peculiar.
  18. Help? I am planning to call her peds MD at Seattle Childrens to get an OK for the antibiotic therapy, though I don't know if this is necessary.
  21. THANKS
  23. Laura Repola, ND
  24. Butte, MT
  28. Mona Morstein
  29. Message 2 of 2 , Nov 9 5:52 AM
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  31. Hello, Laura,
  33. Please ensure the child, believe it or not, is not drinking alcohol. I used to show a YouTube video of a 16 year old who reports on her problems with chronic pancreatitis due to alcohol ingestion. Ensure no one smokes around her. No coffee.
  35. There are some good studies using antioxidants to help pancreatitis: Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Carotenoids, some of us basics. R-ALA, etc.
  37. I would do a food allergy test. Did you use AeroDiagnostics for SIBO testing? What made you do that test anyway? Hydrogen only requires Rifaximin, Guar Gum, NAC for treatment; Flagyl is not necessarily used.
  39. Get her off a very pro-inflammatoy SAD. Remove food sensitivities. Up all the antioxidants you can. Give her a good pancreatic digestive enzyme to help it rest. Castor Oil Packs.
  41. Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP
  42. Tempe, AZ
  44. Executive Director: Low Carb Diabetes Association
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