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  1. [12-Oct-2013 20:08:30] * @RedMeansGo comes hurtling headfirst through the door, smoke billowing behind him and coming off his leather trench coat.
  2. [12-Oct-2013 20:08:35] <@RedMeansGo> *cough*
  3. [12-Oct-2013 20:08:44] <@Zatman> RedMeansGo!
  4. [12-Oct-2013 20:08:52] <@RedMeansGo> ah that is why isogolic mixtures are bad jet fuel
  5. [12-Oct-2013 20:08:57] <dbeachy1> now what have I told you about touching down at 2000 FPM?
  6. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:01] * dbeachy1 glares at RedMeansGo
  7. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:07] <dbeachy1> THAT GETS EXPENSIVE
  8. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:11] <dbeachy1> LRN2FLARE
  9. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:12] <@Zatman> uh...you told him it was also wicked cool
  10. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:18] <@Zatman> and wtf is isogolic?
  11. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:19] <dbeachy1> MERE DETAILS
  12. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:25] <@RedMeansGo> er hypergolic
  13. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:26] * dbeachy1 sets Zatman an fire as he defenestrates him
  14. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:32] <@Zatman> wat
  15. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:37] <dbeachy1> lol
  16. [12-Oct-2013 20:09:50] <@RedMeansGo> hypergolic, mix 2 chemicles get boom, iz what makes rcs work
  17. [12-Oct-2013 20:10:19] <@Zatman> yes, I knew hypergolic :P
  18. [12-Oct-2013 20:10:20] <@RedMeansGo> and dbeachy1, the insurance forms say IOU ~from: dbeachy1
  19. [12-Oct-2013 20:10:29] <@RedMeansGo> so iz all good
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