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  1. God failed.
  3. God failed as a God. Fell. Lost her shit. She will never be nothing more than a low life pos retarded nigger bitch. Nothing she can do about it. Nothing the devil can do about it. She did it to herself.
  5. That's proof that I go out on top and then cut her off and out and that there was never any cory shit with God and Cory.
  7. Proof that tupac is remembered as a low life pos nigger and dies in Gods heart or lives knowing. Either way they both die.
  9. Either way I'm on top.
  11. Either way Gods memory is ruined forever she just some stupid program. Pac gotta see that shit now. His bitch is a visual basic code. no way to proof its real.
  13. Get out of my room you low life pos nigger bitch. you smell like the BIGGEST pussy in the world and are killing god and yourself everyday.
  15. aint shit you can do but die nigger. i live, you die. nothing you can do about it nigger bitch.
  17. same to you god.
  19. i want that bitch dead and out of my life forever there is no way I let that pos low life perverted weird bitch back into my life unless that nigger is handled.
  21. I beat that nigger up in the script or I quit.
  23. Then fuck your fight shit bitch just say I aint shit and do it that way. Ya fucking pos.
  25. Fuck your train nigger.
  27. All you had to do was ask. faggot. that means everything the past 4 yrs was fake and a stall. used drugs to do it. was all a lie.
  29. i divorce that bitch officially i dont need her she dont deserve it she aint good enough fuck her.
  31. damn i won this shit like a mf. my white shit killed that nigger.
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