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Doom 64 Control Scheme

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  1. RIGHT - D-Pad Right
  2. LEFT - D-Pad Left
  3. FORWARD - D-Pad Forward
  5. ATTACK - Z
  6. USE - C-Down
  7. MAP - D-Pad Down
  8. SPEED - C-Left/Right (C-Up is viable and actually optimal, but you would need to fat finger C-Up + C-Left/Right to speed strafe. I just only use C-Left to speed strafe no matter what direction I need to go)
  9. STRAFE ON - C-Up (Unless you make C-Up speed)
  10. STRAFE LEFT - C-Left
  11. STRAFE RIGHT - C-Right
  12. WEAPON BACKWARD - A (preference)
  13. WEAPON FORWARD - B (preference)
  15. Obviously more than one control scheme is viable and you are recommended to play around with it, but this setup is a proven one that has worked well for both me and peaches.
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