MGCYOA Monster List (Incomplete)

May 21st, 2015
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  1. List of created monsters, more always to be added!
  2. Key:
  3. (Overcity) - Monsters who primarily live in the over City.
  4. (Normal) - Monsters that primarily live in the normal worlds.
  5. (Both) - Monsters that are equally likely to be in both places.
  8. --------------------Doorknocker (Overcity)
  10. Appears as a large, man shaped creature in a dark coat. Its face is shrouded in thick, bushy hair that grows wild. Its eye shine red in the light, and it has an overly wide, toothy grin. It's arms droop slightly past its knees, and monkey-like paws extend out of its sleeves.
  12. He's a fishing style predator, knocking on doors at night when the barrier between his lair in the dark alleys of the Overcity and the World are thin. A normal person looking to a house being visited by one might notice their doorstep shrouded in a deep shadow.
  14. He is a wish granter. Those unfortunate souls who answer his demanding knocks are greeted by a bear of a man with palms outstretched. He forces his way into their home, offers them a wish on his palms, and judges them based on their wish.
  16. Those whose wishes rise from loneliness or greed are his favorites. Hearing them, he forces his way in, devouring their anguished souls. Those who pass this test are then tempted nine more times. He presses them a little harder each time to reveal a flavor he would find appealing. If they pass all ten times, he leaves, slamming the door behind him to try again. Their wishes are granted in a cruel mockery of their intention. Those he devours are found later, the cause forever unknown.
  18. A clever magical girl, or one with an exceedingly pure heart, might cheat a Doorknocker out of a wish, but only with the utmost care in wording. They could destroy it as well, but these cowardly creatures, while able to overpower a normal human with ease, will flee from a hard fight.
  20. --------------------
  22. Sleeping Windows (Both)
  24. There are many entrances to the Overcity. The variety is nearly endless: streets, doors, elevators, stairs, windows, mirrors, or, in this monster's case, dreams and eye. Eyes are, after all, called the windows to the soul.
  26. A Sleeping Window is, normally, a harmless shadow inhabiting dreams. It attaches to a dreaming human, drains a part of their psychic energy, then departs.
  28. When a human falls into a nodding sleep, they risk bringing a Sleeping Window into this world. As their eyes open and close, the beast-like Sleeping Window moves out into this world, trapping then with no escape.
  29. In this world, they take the form of gangly, flying insect with a sharp proboscis.
  31. This inadvertent trapping most often happens when a sleepy person is driving. The shadows a driver sees in their backseat, the feeling of something being there, is often one of these monsters fading back into the Overcity through the open eyes of the observer.
  33. Some rare time, the gateway of the eyes closes completely. In their panic, drivers run themselves off the road. Their bodies broken, the Sleeping Window then drains them of their soul before flying off into the night. To the world, it's either seen as a driver falling asleep at the wheel, a drunk driver, or a suicide.
  35. --------------------
  37. Chatoyant (Normal)
  39. A Chatoyant is a monster with a desire to be a human. It's natural appearance is a lone, disembodied eye of a cat. It attaches itself to a cat, taking command of it and giving it heterochromia. From there, it begins its quest to be adopted by a human.
  41. Haunting neighborhoods for suitable owners, it will sit outside glass door and windows attempting to attract the sympathy of a human. If there are other cats in the neighborhood, it will viciously kill them get rid of any perceived competition. Once a human takes it into their home, it begins to prime the home for its final ritual.
  43. Sacrificing small animals beneath the home, the Chatoyant works. It draws a circle in their blood beneath the bed of its owner.
  45. And it always watches its human. At all waking hours, it sits silently at a distance. At night, it sits upon his chest staring. When he leaves for work, it watches. Only ceasing its surveillance to finish its ritual.
  47. Finally, the ritual ready, it switches bodies with its master. From there, it plucks the eye from the its former body, then cruelly kills the cat. This final act summons into existence another Chatoyant into the Eye.
  49. A Chatoyant who spent too long as a cat will surround themselves with cats while cutting themselves off from society, feeling more familiar with felines. Others will become violent sociopaths, having no humanity, committing atrocious murders and acts of cruelty.
  51. --------------------
  53. Sons of the Father (Overcity)
  55. In the deeper layers of the Overcity stands a clock tower of Brass that grows taller and taller. Everyday, it grows precisely 24 feet. Walking the halls, maintaining and adding to this tower are a legion of men of brass and flesh. Their hearts beat in perfect unison, wound by the unseen hand of the Father, the Clockmaster. Whether he was ever truly alive or not is unknown. What is known is that the tower has become his body. But, The Father is another story.
  57. This is the story of his children, the Sons of the Father. Occasionally, a single gear will fall between the Overcity and this world. These gears, being a part of the Father, fall towards clocks until, finally, they are put into a time piece. A wrist watch, a wall clock, a grandfather clock. With new forms of time pieces, new pieces of the Father have broken off to find their way.
  59. An infected clock is, to any person, an attractive time piece, indeed. It keeps time with greater accuracy than even an atomic clock. So perfect and mesmerizing is their precision that the owner becomes mesmerized. The measured movements inspire imitation in its subject. Their lives start to revolve entirely around time. Their hearts and breathing begin to match. The hypnotic movement compels them to stare at its face, opening them to the Father.
  61. They invite the Father into their lives, and he blesses their devotion with his gifts. Their waking dreams find them on cold operating table in the Brass Tower. Bone is replaced with brass, their eyes with quartz, their blood is drained and replaced with a fluid to better lubricate their new, inner machinations. The subject is fully aware of these surgeries. The pain and terror fills their mind, but it's too late by now. They're already slaves to ceaseless cycle of the Brass Tower.
  63. --------------------
  65. Blue Widow (Normal)
  67. A Blue Widow is a constrictor who feeds off of loneliness and grief. It's natural appearance is that of a midnight blue and ivory boa. However, it appears to its victim as a desirable companion.
  69. The Blue Widow traditionally made its burrow in wood grain or iron such as the nail of a coffin or hoop of a barrel. In the past, it would then burrow into the grieving families touching a coffin or make its home in the whiskey aging in its barrel.
  71. Recently, it's used the coils of telecommunication cables to make it home. The screen of a television or monitor of a computer make easy gateways for this snake.
  73. When it finds a victim, it burrows into their body to find what they desire most. Finding this, they project themselves to their victim as this image. It will then shed its skin to leave facsimiles of this same image where the victim will see it. The victim searching for images on the Internet will find an abundance of these to comfort them.
  75. As they sleep, the Blue Widow will begin to wrap itself around the victim, tightening its hold over time. Every night, it tightens ever so little that, upon waking, the victim doesn't notice anything as changed from the past day. During these visits, the victim is placated by images of their desire.
  77. The Blue Widow is a heavy monster, though, and the victim will feel this weight on their heart and mind. They will become less active, less likely to leave their home, less likely to socialize. The pressure on their lungs and legs will compel them to lie in bed where the snake can continue to coil around it. It's all too common for obesity to set in as the victim ceases to care about their health.
  79. Finally, when life is just too much of an effort, when they're too tired to even feel anything, and the Blue Widow is their only companion, the victim is finally squeezed of all life. The Blue Widow then swallows their crushed, lonely soul whole. They die never knowing about the coils which bound them.
  81. --------------------
  83. Grinder: (Both)
  86. --------------------
  88. Monster Name: Hollow (Both)
  89. Stats
  90. Vit: 5
  91. St: 5
  92. Agi: 5
  93. Mag:0
  94. lk:0
  95. Hollows are regular humans who have had there souls removed or destroyed, and survived the process. Hollowfication continues as they devour the souls and bodies of others, usually starting with former friends and family. Hollows are weak when they are first created, but get more powerful the more they devour. Because of their low resistance to magic, other more powerful evil creatures use them as minions and cannon fodder.
  97. --------------------
  99. Torigami (Normal)
  101. A torigami is a tall, gangly monster. Standing at over 6 foot tall, their legs take up a nearly 4 feet of that. In spite of their height, they often appear shorter as they walk hunched over. They have long, beak noses. Their eyes are overly wide and circular, and they never blink. Their arms are freakishly short, ending in small, intelligent hands. They often hide these features by wearing long robes to make their arms appear longer and their legs shorter.
  103. They most often are found near shallow bodies of water, along roads, or near forests. The torigami is one of the most social with humans. However, this doesn't mean they're good at it. Their harsh voices, appearance, and speech patterns repulse most.
  105. But, don't tell a torigami that. They're excessively vain creatures. Damaging a torigami's ego is, for any unfortunate human, a fatal mistake.
  107. Once scorned, the torigami begins to stalk the offending party. It will often times call in an entire flock for this purpose. They follow their prey at every hour of the day. At night, they perch outside their window in the the trees. With eyes which never blink, they stare. As time goes on, it turns to outright harassment. Property is damaged, pets go missing, family members and friends are threatened and attacked. Nights are sleepless as they prowl just outside the house, leaving scratches in walls and on windows.
  109. At some point, the torigami will decide that the victim now has "character." His flock will approach one more time, and ask the victim what he thinks of the torigami's face. Answer correctly, and they leave, forever. Answer wrong, and the torigami drag the victim back to their nest.
  111. There, they teach the offender the torigami's idea of beauty. Methodically folding the victim's body, joints back against joins, bones snapping, they form the victim into a human crane. The effigy to torigami beauty complete, they deposit the body into the water as another unexplained drowning.
  113. --------------------
  115. Monster Name: Black Swordsmen (Both)
  116. Stats
  117. Vit: 8
  118. St: 9
  119. Ag: 7
  120. Mg: 4
  121. Lk:4
  122. A Black Swordsmen is a much more tangible threat to a magical girl. Strong, fast and tough, they close quickly to bring their massive melee weapons to bear. Their appearance changes form swordsmen to swordsmen, but their faces are never uncovered. Possessing a code of honor, they will spare opponents that fight with courage and will refuse to kill an unarmed person unless attacked first.
  124. --------------------
  126. Shadow Beast (Both)
  127. Attack Power: Moderate
  128. Difficulty to Detect: High
  129. Difficulty to destroy: High
  130. Restrictions: Powerless during the day.
  131. Diet: The Emotion of fear and living beings
  133. Living shadows are monsters who live and hunt from the shadows of reality.
  135. Hailing from a universe of darkness these cruel beings from the shadows feed on fear and life and will use their natural unnatural Aura to create panic amongst crowds to ease their hunts.
  137. By day they are powerless against the harsh light of the sun, leaving them only able to move between the shadows of people and things to get around but by nightfall they gain their true strength, gaining a physical form that they turn upon the people they stalked.
  139. A shadow beast's humanoid form can range from a size between 5 to 20 feet tall and almost all uniformly pitch black, only occasionally manifesting eyes, claws, and teeth which they will turn against the magical girl fighting them.
  141. The attacks of a Shadow Beasts are fairly easy to dodge but the real measure of their difficulty is in how hard it is to completely destroy them.
  143. The defeat of their physical body will not always resort in a defeat for them for as long as there is a shadow to cling to then they can always find a means to escape.
  145. The only way to truly defeat a Shadow Being is to trap it in a location without shadow, then and only then can you be sure that it is gone for good.
  146. STR 2
  147. AGI 8
  148. VIT 10
  149. MAG 8
  150. LCK 3
  153. ------------------
  155. Ghost Knight:
  157. Ghost knights are suits of medievall armor that over time and exposure to magic in the air, came to life. Ghost knights mindlessly wander the world for a master to wear them. They don't discrimnate between humans and will force the nearest human into itself to see if they are worthy. Most of the time the human just dies a quick but painful death as the magic of the armor is far too much for them to handle. What remains of the body is dumped out and the ghost knight moves onto the next nearest humans. If the human resists, ghost knights will fight back to the best of their ability. Though they are easy to predect due to their single mindedness of trying to grab and stuffing themselves with their human target. No normal human would be able to reasonable fight one... only hope they can get away...
  159. --------------------
  161. Berserk Knight:
  162. When a human turns out to be strong enough to handle the magic of a Ghost Knight after being forced to wear it, one of two outcomes are possible. One of them is the human's mind warping becoming a crazed berserk knight. The human's body may have been strong enough to handle the magic, but it turns out their mind can not. Berserk knights lash out and destroy everything around them, their past human selves forever gone. A berserk knight will forever continue destroying everything forever or until it is stopped. In a fight, they are far more capable than ghost knights. They're over all strength is higher, a few is able to use basic or low level magic. Also even though they lash and rage, they can think enough to block, dodge, and get out of the way of attacks.
  164. ---------------------
  166. Black Knight:
  167. The other outcome of somehow surviving being forced into a ghost knight is becoming a Black Knight. Black Knights are humans who survived the process in both body and mind. Most of the time, these humans are actually magical girls themselves. Their knew body is the armor itself, and they behave as they did as they was human. They a free to use their new power as they wish. So their are just as many 'Good' black knights a there are 'Evil'. But if their will ever gives out, they run the chance of degenerating into a Berserk Knight. Black Knights are far stronger then a human, a Ghost Knight, or even a Berserk Knight. They are able to use powerful magic and can potentially fight on even ground with even the most powerful and experienced magical girls. That is given the time, training, and experience. Still, whether Black Knights are good or evil, many try to destroy or atleast avoid them because their strength and the fact that they still run the chance of becoming Berserk Knights.
  169. ---------------------
  171. Sleeper
  173. Str: 4 -8 awakened
  174. Agl: 4 -6 awakened
  175. Vit: 10
  176. Mag: 2
  177. Luck: 2
  179. The secret identity of a magical girl is one thing that many an opponent had sought out, countless effort has been spent by various villains and monsters to attempt to discover them, many to no effect.
  181. The creation of sleepers was the result of one such effort and one of the most successful ones.
  183. A sleeper is an artificial human created by a mixture of advanced technology and forbidden magic who is sent to inflitrate a magical girl's social life in order to identity her for her masters.
  185. A sleeper will join a school rumored to be attended by a magical girl as a transfer student and will quickly use her pre-programmed skills to endear herself to most of the student population.
  187. Sleepers are usually unaware of their own nature in order to purposefully keep them authentic and it is only when they learn or are exposed to a magical girl's secret identity that they will Awaken.
  189. An Awakened sleeper's first move is to wire-lessly alert their master to their location and to stand down to await their response, if the response is to engage a Sleeper will quickly enter combat mode, causing their strength and abilities to increase as she put all her efforts into destroying the girl she may have minutes before called friend with no hesitation.
  191. Stat wise Sleepers are extremely well built to tolerate almost all forms of non-magical damage in order to help maintain their disguise but in response are also rather clumsy due to their minds being programmed to believe their bodies to be weaker than they really are, in combat though these limits are removed, granting them a speed and strength fitting to their artificial body, but it is the emotion effect of the disguise that makes them so effective a weapon against the unprepared magical girl.
  194. Springheel Jack
  196. This monster is created from the condensed feelings of hopelessness, sadness and anger of persons who where betrayed, particularly those who died with these feelings still strong within them. It has the appearance of a tall and gaunt man missing its arms but with extremely long legs that seem to have far more joints than they should. Its skin is covered in red-hued scales, and it's head is wrapped in bandages. From its back sprout five prehensile limbs akin to tails, which are tipped by hook-like blades.
  197. It attacks during the night, stalking people who wander deserted streets and trapping them within an illusory terrain that is like an endless maze, then creating illusions to try to drive said person to reveal their "true" personality - selfish, deceitful and two-faced.
  198. When their victim finally displays such behavior, it attacks, the bandages in its head unwrapping to reveal it is in fact headless, then wrapping its bandages around its victim's head while it consumes their mind and drives them insane. Should one remain honest, kind and just, the illusions will keep getting worse through the night until he's trapped in a living nightmare. Only at dawn will it dispel the illusion and consider that said person passed the test.
  199. STR 3
  200. AGI 15 (8)
  201. VIT 8
  202. MAG 8
  203. LCK 2
  205. Abilities:
  206. Flailing Limbs - Springheel Jacks can do up to six attacks per round with no penalty, one with each tail, and a single powerful kick that knocks enemies back. However, it is limited to a maximum of 3 attacks per target.
  207. Weapon Finesse - Springheel Jacks make melee attack rolls with AGI rather than STR.
  208. Powerful Legs - Despite not being physically tough, the unique way its legs are built allow Springheel Jacks to jump incredible heights. They can nonchalantly leap up a ten-story building from a standing start.
  209. Illusion magic - Changes landscapes to create a self-contained illusory terrain that is all but impossible to leave without magical aid. From outside, it is impossible to see or hear the trapped victim.
  211. ----------------------------------------------------------
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