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Nov 4th, 2015
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  1. Last updated 11/04/2015:
  2. This is a general tips and tricks guide for people just starting out in a game. This guide is mostly free of spoilers. More detailed information can be found places that aren't here.
  4. Megami Tensei
  5. > Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei has been translated! Here's a link to it, pre-patched with Patch V1.1
  7. > VIT/STR build for Nakajima. He cannot use Magic, but increasing INT also raises his magical resistance. INT/SPD build for Yumiko.
  8. She won't get her first damaging spell for a while though.
  9. > Recruit a Cerberus on 1F of Daedalus. He's an uncommon encounter. He should help with the Minotaur boss.
  10. > If you're underleveled, try grinding on the spots where a demon was hiding. They will be there every time.
  11. Shin Megami Tensei I
  12. > Use Orden's patch. It fixes some demon names, skill names, bugs, etc.
  14. > Nerve bullets are the best ammunition in the game, so buy them as soon as you can.
  15. > Hero should focus on VIT/STR with at least 10 INT and some SPD, for Law Hero focus on MAG/SPD,
  16. for Chaos Hero focus on STR/VIT, and for Heroine focus on MAG/SPD/VIT.
  17. Shin Megami Tensei II
  18. > Use Orden's patch. It's similar to his SMT1 patch in that it fixes some demon names and such.
  20. > By fusing a Messian/Gaian with a demon, you can fuse above your level limit. You may not have enough
  21. magnetite to summon it though, so be warned.
  22. > Aleph will need 10 MAG and 10 INT at certain points in the game. Aside from that, a VIT/STR build as usual. Beth and Hiroko benefit
  23. from MAG/SPD.
  24. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  25. > The PSN version has a bit of slow down during the fusion process, which is usually skipped anyways. Otherwise it runs great.
  26. > If you are running into problems with the game crashing, set it to NTSC 60hz mode regardless of the
  27. region.
  28. > If you are playing on hard mode, the first few battles are completely luck based so just keep trying
  29. if you die. It will eventually smooth out the further you get into the game.
  30. > A physical build is highly recommended, especially for the True Demon Ending; St is most important,
  31. with secondary stats Ag for hitrate and Vi for survivability. Do not ignore Ma entirely as it is used for magic
  32. defense, but do ignore Lu as it is largely terrible.
  33. > Keep track of what demon your Pixie fuses/evolves/sacrifices into and make sure you keep her, or
  34. that demon into end game. She is needed to open a door in one of the Kalpas for the True Demon Ending
  35. > Buffs and debuffs are very important for boss fights.
  36. > To make demon fusion planning much easier, download Heretic Mansion from:
  37. > Fusing demons of the same family will create an Element which can be used to rank down or rank up a demon within
  38. it's family.
  39. Fusing two Elements will result in a Mitama which will boost the stats and add skills to the skill
  40. pool of a demon it fuses into without changing it's EXP at all.
  41. > Recruit Angel and Lilim in Ginza and fuse them to make Nozuchi. He'll be very useful against the Matador fight. Buy and equip the
  42. Hifumi Magatama from the Junk Shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza if you're having trouble against him.
  43. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
  44. > The questionnaire you answer at the start of the game determines your stat distribution, as you cannot
  45. set your stats manually. Visit gamefaqs to see the different possibilities. This however, does not make
  46. a huge impact on the game.
  47. > Your alignment is determined through the choices you make in the game. Because there is a repeatable
  48. question in the Fairy Village of Sector Antlia, right before the Sector H scenario, you can be any
  49. alignment you want throughout the game and then switch to get the ending you want.
  50. > Don't be cheap with sources but don't waste them on throwaway demons like fusion fodder.
  51. You can get sources again easily on NG+.
  52. > Don't be afraid to use demons that aren't the same alignment as you. In fact, the neutral final boss is
  53. easier with varied alignments. However, it is recommended that you use a same-alignment team for the
  54. Ouroboros battle for reliable damage. Use fire skills on her ass.
  55. > You can crabwalk and back pedal by holding down the B button and moving in a direction.
  56. Shin Megami Tensei IV
  57. > Giant FAQ:
  58. > Neutral Guide:
  59. > Choice by choice Neutral Guide:
  60. Persona 1
  61. > A bunch of great stuff:
  62. > Max out DEX and get Megido.
  63. > Unless the enemy will absorb or reflect it, always use your personas. When they level up, ALL of their
  64. stats go up.
  65. > If you want to go on the much harder Snow Queen Quest, and completely alternate quest, make sure you
  66. talk to everybody at school every single time you're there. Visit every room and talk to everyone.
  67. Twice.
  68. > The best 5th party member is Reiji, but you have to talk to everybody, including his mother at the
  69. mall before the real game starts, and you have to encounter him in front of SEBEC and at the
  70. abandoned factory at specific times. If you don't have him by the end of the school dungeon, you
  71. messed up.
  72. > Mediarama and regular Medicine will last you well past half way through the game
  73. > If you get into the lost forest dungeon, save your game on an alternate slot. Trust me on this.
  74. > Fill out every space on your map and fight everything you encounter to make sure you're leveled up.
  75. Persona 2: Innocent Sin
  76. > Max out DEX.
  77. > You can play the game using only the Persona you get from Philemon directly ("handouts").
  78. > Allow your party members to handle issues on their own when given the choice, however don't leave
  79. Yukino behind (you will understand the meaning of this eventually).
  80. > Spread the most expensive shop rumors.
  81. > Use fusion spells at every opportunity; they rank up your Persona faster and do tons of damage.
  82. > To get the ultimate handout persona, you must collect all the masks hidden in Mt. Iwato.
  83. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
  84. > Use the Velvet Room on a regular basis, as your handouts are not strong enough to carry you the whole
  85. game like in IS.
  86. > Stock up on Lucky Bags and Antidotes before going to the Sanitarium.
  87. > When warned to stock up on the next area, take the chance to do so.
  88. > Talk to everyone everywhere because there are miss-able unlockable contacts and sidequests.
  89. > Only go to the Bomb Shelter if you are prepared for a challenge.
  90. > Give Baofu personae with Tec or Agi bonuses.
  91. > Get accustomed to demon contacts; try to get blank cards whenever possible.
  92. > Vivian and Susanoo (make sure to get its mutation to Nodens) are some Persona with Estoma.
  93. > Don't give Katsuya a TEC Persona.
  94. Persona 3 (& Portable)
  95. > It is possible to max out all social links in your first run without a guide. Prioritize less accessible social
  96. links (ones available on fewer days of the week, or not available during the summer) over more accessible ones.
  97. Here are some SLs to take note of.
  98. > High Priority
  99. a. [Lovers, Empress, Priestess] The SEES girls (male protagonist), only a small time frame to do them
  100. b. [Sun] Akinari Kamiki
  101. c. [Moon] Shinjiro (P3P), very little time to rank him up. Must focus on him intensely when available.
  102. > Low Priority
  103. a. [Hierophant] Bunkichi and Mitsuko, avaliable on many days
  104. > Aim to reach the top of the current Tartarus block before the next full moon. Go as high as you are allowed.
  105. > Do Elizabeth's requests, even if they are difficult. They will pace the game well and they should level you up
  106. sufficiently for any upcoming important battles.
  107. Persona 4 (& Golden)
  108. * You can max social links in your first run without a guide. Prioritize less avaliable social links over more
  109. accessible ones. Also, don't bother spending free time with characters who already get a lot of social link
  110. points through events, but still advance their social links when possible. Here are some SLs to take note of.
  111. > High Priority or Hard
  112. a. [Temperance] Eri, daytime SL and yet no special events to add SL points as well as easy to forget about
  113. b. [Death] Old Lady, activated on Devil 4, only avaliable on Sundays and holidays but will always rank up
  114. c. [Jester] Adachi (P4G), avaliable at inconsistent times, sometimes on rainy days. Max doable rank is 6.
  115. > Low Priority or Easy
  116. a. [Magician] Yosuke, many special events, avaliable during breaks
  117. b. [Priestess] Yukiko, many special events, avaliable during breaks
  118. c. [Chariot] Chie, too much special events, avaliable during breaks, absolute lowest daytime priority
  119. d. [Hermit] Fox, actual social link event can be done in the rain. Try to finish before Janurary for ease.
  120. e. [Strength] Kou/Daisuke, many days to attend to the social link
  121. f. [Sun] Yumi/Ayane, one of the few social links that can be done on rainy days
  122. g. All nighttime SLs, plenty of time to do them. Don't rush.
  123. > Other
  124. a. [Moon] Ai, save before each event in case
  125. b. [Aeon] Marie (P4G), need rank 10 to unlock an extra dungeon. December is the last month to do so.
  126. > In December, the schedules of SL members becomes inconsistent. The Investigation Team related SLs will become
  127. less avaliable while Marie will be extremely more avaliable making it easy to do a lot of the Aeon rank up work
  128. this month. Clearing the December dungeon will skip to the end of the month days-wise, so try to do it on the
  129. 22nd so you can clear it and still get the Christmas date event.
  130. > The aim of a perfect SL run is to have SL events running almost each day. You should be spending almost no free
  131. time with anyone but the non-school Social Links. If you cannot advance a SL, go to another one or use small
  132. talk at night time or fortunes to get SL points. Or, increase your social stats and await for special events to
  133. give the sufficient SL points you need to continue Social Linking.
  134. > You won't need a matching Persona for the early ranks of a social link, as correct answers will level them
  135. sufficiently or they are designed so you have to obtain non-in-SL event points anyway.
  136. > If you need to grind, Gold Hands give a lot of EXP.
  137. --
  138. > Mana management tips:
  139. > Buy TaP sodas from one of the vending machines; you can buy five per week (replenishes on Monday).
  140. > At level 17, you can fuse a Sarasvati with Invigorate 2.
  141. > If you are cheap and patient, you can grind on weak enemies for Cup cards. (P4G)
  142. > Only go into dungeons on days without a daytime or nighttime social link. Try to complete each in one day.
  143. > On rainy days, you can visit Aiya to get a large social stat increase.
  144. > Save scooter explorations for rainy days. (P4G)
  145. > When trying to catch the Guardians, cast and recast until you get a giant, splashing ripple. If you have to ask
  146. whether you've got the correct ripple or not, it's not.
  147. Persona 4 Arena / Ultimax
  148. > Play through Lesson Mode to learn the fundamentals of the game. Then, go into Challenge mode and do ~20 of the
  149. first challenges for your intended main character to learn the basics of him/her.
  150. > Play with other people a lot to get experience, no one is good when they start fighting games. You just have to
  151. keep on trying!
  152. Raidou Kuzunoha 1+2
  153. > A physical build for Raidou is recommended.
  154. > You can let Raidou do the damage and use a healer as your demon for the majority of the game.
  155. > You can bring up the R1 menu (this pauses the game) to dismiss your demon to protect it from danger;
  156. this is much more reliable than calling it to your side.
  157. Soul Hackers
  158. > MC should focus on Luck and En, with some Ag. MC learns no skills, so he will never be your main source of damage.
  159. > Nemissa should focus on Ma, and some Ag and In.
  160. > St increases physical attack damage, not useful on either MC or Nemissa.
  161. > In increases Magic def, MP, and slightly increases Magic damage.
  162. > Ma Increases Magic damage and slightly increases MP.
  163. > En increases Defense, very important for MC, death is game over.
  164. > Ag Increases Evasion rate, turn order, and slightly increases Accuracy.
  165. > Lu increases accuracy, evasion (both to damaging skills and to ailments, as well as to Hama/Mudo), item drops and negotiation.
  166. > Nemissa's skill path is determined by an early question about Hitomi. When Spooky asks what she's
  167. like, you get to pick from upbeat (Fire and Expel skills), calm (Ice and Death skills), and sexy
  168. (Electric and more Almighty skills).
  169. > Conserve MAG by not having a full party of demons out unless you need to. MC, Nemissa, and Zeed are often
  170. enough to get through dungeons.
  171. > Demons have a chance of disobeying depending on their loyalty level. You can increase their loyalty
  172. by ordering them to do things they like or giving them gifts from the Item menu. The digital manual
  173. (home screen, touch 'Manual' on the bottom screen when selecting the icon) and the game give you good
  174. descriptions of each personality type. You can also give demons booze to change their personality for
  175. a small amount of time.
  176. > Zoma Zeed is a special demon you unlock at some point in the game. It takes no MAG to summon or
  177. upkeep, is always at Maximum loyalty, and is also great at inheriting skills, but it has lower
  178. stats than demons at the same level. When you initially fuse it, it'll gain the level of the other
  179. demon. It's level will change to the average of its and the other demon's level on subsequent fusions,
  180. but you can reset him by fusing him on New moon. Since it's weak, it's often put in support role, with
  181. healing, buffs/debuffs, etc. Or used as a decoy in random encounters.
  182. > The best way to acquire yen is to sell MAG.
  183. > In the casino you can acquire amazing swords and armor which can easily last to the endgame, though
  184. they're not the best in the game. Use back-upper to save outside the casino and try either Vs. Poker or
  185. Dice Game, reload if you lose too much money. In the case of Dice Game, always bet 100 on your 3 picks
  186. (2, 3, 11 and 12 tend to give the most money) and max out the Frost Bet. You can then keep doing bonus
  187. rolls to quickly multiply your coins, but if you get a 7 you lose them.
  188. > After maxing a demon's loyalty, you can go to Victor and use Mystic Change to turn that demon into an
  189. item. A lot of demons give great equipment.
  190. Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 1+2
  191. > Any build is fine.
  192. > Don't ever buy ammo unless you are planning to hunt DDS1 Omoikanes.
  193. > Get Dekunda and Dekaja as soon as possible, obtained by doing the buff and Expel Mantra route respectively.
  194. > Make sure to get Mutual Karma as soon as possible.
  195. * In DDS1,
  196. Magic/Luck Noise is easier to obtain than Strength/Agility Noise.
  197. Don't bother learning skills for party members you are not planning to use.
  198. Sell Cells at Full Solar Noise to get the most profit, except Jack cells, which should be sold at Minimum Solar Noise for maximum profit.
  199. * In DDS2,
  200. Level up every character equally, you'll regret it if you don't.
  201. Learning the Zio-based mantras are imperative.
  202. If you want to fight the angel sidebosses, learning ailment resistant mantras is imperative.
  203. Poison and Charm attacks will allow you to bulldoze through the final dungeon.
  204. Null Element from the Almighty mantras will make most fights a breeze, especially the final boss.
  205. Devil Survivor (& Overclocked)
  206. > A magic build is preferable to a physical one, although it is possible to do even the hardest routes with phys.
  207. > Strive for no leader deaths so you can get a title which will help in NG+. Guest deaths do not count. (OC only)
  208. > A demon's base level plays heavily into their usefulness, especially in terms of damage. Fuse often.
  209. > If you are playing Overclocked, get strength and vitality to 12 for Null Physical.
  210. > Up STR and VIT to 15 to get Repel Physical if you are doing the 8th day of Amane's route.
  211. > You can ignore all of Honda's events after experiencing his initial one.
  212. Devil Survivor 2
  213. > Any build is fine. There are more skills than DeSu 1 to play around with and distribute among party members.
  214. > Strive for no leader deaths so you can get a title which will help in NG+. Guest deaths do not count.
  215. > Do all required/plot events immediately. No exceptions.
  216. > A demon's base level plays heavily into their usefulness, especially in terms of damage. Fuse often.
  217. > To fuse demons cheaply, check out the following guide:
  218. > Triumphant Ending Guide:
  219. > To get the Daichi+ ending, all characters need to be Fate 4 except for: Al Saiduq, Daichi, Jungo,
  220. Hinako, and Io (but she is required to survive). Also, the player must choose to restore the world.
  221. Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE
  222. > The English servers are dead, but you can still play on the Japanese servers.
  223. > Check this site for help on playing on the Japanese servers:
  224. > Make sure to stick to a plan for your character, as it is expensive to undo changes.
  225. > Melee characters focus intently on STR with occasional VIT/LUCK; Enhancers focus utterly on INT; Mages
  226. focus on MAG.
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