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  1. Good evening my fellow citizens of City Seventeen. I come to you today to speak about the Union and it's benefactors, and everything they've done for me in the past years of being taken into their care. I grew up a poor girl in Roma, Italia. I didn't have much except for a pen, a notebook, and a vast amount of dreams and goals that seemed everything but achievable. As I grew up through my younger years, all I've ever wanted was have the opportunity to make amazing food and put a smile on people's faces. I wanted to be well known by my town and meet new people, but I was always far too shy.
  3. Once the war came around, I was completely frightened about what the future might've held for me at this point. I was seventeen at the time and thought that it was over before I even got to begin my bright and hope filled future. At the time, we /all/ feared the same thing. Though it was a rough start, the Union has taken care of us, giving us chances to prosper and chase our dreams that have seen impossible. Coming from almost nothing, I've devoted myself to the prosperity of our benefactors and worked diligently to get to where I am now.
  5. Comparing it to the past, I live a much better life than I did before the war. Instead of going to bed on an empty stomach, the Union feeds me and keeps me healthy to live my daily life. Instead of fearing of being robbed walking to the store, units stay ever so vigilant to protect me from the dangers of this city. Instead of fearing the iron fist of The Mafia in Italia, I am secure in this city with a strong force standing behind me and /every/ other citizen in this city. So, fellow citizens. Whether you are at standard status or loyalist status, you must not forget your origins of course, but you need to be open to a new future. I have provided for the Union, and the Union has done more than to provide for me. Glory to the Benefactors, glory to the Union, and glory to all of you who here this. Thank you.
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