Doumi - 57

Sep 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single
Yoo-Won Parlor Massage Single

Chapter - 57

Karaoke Room FMC x MC

FMC is amazed after hearing MC's news and says how he's the boss now. She continues saying how her Oppa is the best and she's really happy for him. MC puts gently his hand on her shoulder telling her how he finally got promoted so she doesn't have to feel guilty or to worry about him anymore. He tells her how she should relax now and take a rest. She gives him her best smile saying 'Yes!'

MC narrates how he always thought she felt guilty because he was basically fired after protecting her.. He says how it was the first time he saw her smiling like this and he was really happy at this time because he felt like he eased a bit FMC's life / worries.


Karaoke Room FMC x MC

MC looks at FMC's smiling face and founds her really beautiful, he tells her how it's the first he sees such a bright smile on her face. he asks to smile like this more often, FMC laughs saying how she's glad about MC's promotion. He touches her cheeks with his hands saying how she's really pretty right now. She thanks him for the praise.

He tells her how he'll come here more often in the future to conduct official business, she doesn't understand what he means by 'Official' and MC tells her how he was handed by Joe to take care of all the future sales. FMC tells him how it's great and MC narrates how Joe will not accompany him anymore to take care of the 'Ad' business.


Workplace Seo x MC x Joe x Nam

MC is leaving the office to take care of a sale and says he goodbye to Joe and Seo. He narrates how even if he still has a sexual relationship with Seo, when they're working she stay professional and really polite towards him. he praises her saying how even now she's the one who pay the most attention to him.

nam is staring angrily at MC's back gnashing how MC stole him his job, MC narrates how Nam was at first really jealous and angry against him but after MC helped him to meet the woman (2 to 5 chap ago) he became more polite with him.

Park Nam x Gf

Nam is saying how the cherry blossom are as beautiful as their love.. GF tells him how they'll fall soon.. (Like their love lmao)


Karaoke Room FMC x MC

MC is feeling FMC's thighs saying how he would like to use the karaoke to attend party and business meeting.. He tells her how he'll tell to Pimp (FMC's Boss) how she contributed a lot and will ask for earn to have a raise.
FMC doesn't like that much the idea telling how MC can't use this place to receive his guests because there are a lot of better place for this. He's a bit taken aback and asks her why a Karaoke Bar would be a bad place and says how he's doing this for her to earn more and finds the place pretty.

She asks him if he's okay to use this place for party but what will he do when one of his guest will sit next to her. He says how he'll be worried if it happens so of course she will have to sit next to him. She feels warmth inside her after hearing this and tells him how it'll be okay.

MC is teasing her clitoris through her underwear, they look at each other and exchange an amorous kiss. MC's dishonest hand finally arrives at it destination and rubs FMC's pussy..

They intertwine their tongues together, deeply kissing each other, he keeps teasing her pussy meanwhile FMC's hand finds her way through MC's pants.
He asks her if he should take off his pants and she tells him to take it off because if not she wont be able to do her job properly.

She gives him the remote control of the Karaoke machine and tells how she prepared a 'Ballad Medley' for him with all his favorites songs.. He checks the playlist and thanks FMC to have thought about this, she gives him a microphone and warns him about stopping in the middle of a song. She tels him to give her a full concert or she'll stop and kick him out of the room.

MC narrates how the winter 2014 was the best of his life, he was promoted to chief and at the company he had a lot of people who cared for him like his friends Joe, Seo and..

MC is pants down, he's singing like a beast while FMC gives him head.. He narrates how FMC was really good to him, when he went to the karaoke she always took care of his 'mind' and 'body' and because of her support he never felt stressed..
He keeps singing while narrating how this period was perfect, how he even successfully got the best score in the hardest song of the club.. And.. How he's missing that time..

FMC is amazed because he finished the playlist with a perfect score, MC is laughing saying how there is nothing impossible for him right now and says how even the universe is helping him. She's rubbing his dick while looking at him and asks if he can share this wonderful energy with her.
He looks at her playfully asking her how can he share his energy with her, she pushes him on the couch saying like this.
She takes off her bra, panties and dress, she goes on the top of MC, grabs his dick and puts it into her saying how she should be careful with her 'Oppa', she squats down completely accepting his penis inside her then says how she can accept his vigorous energy like that. He laughs saying how another kind of energy might getting out from him..

She looks at him tenderly and starts to move her hips up and down.. MC narrates how she was very happy about his promotion and congratulated him in her way.

She keeps riding him until MC pushes her on the table to fuck her from behind.. They kiss.. He gropes her amazing breasts.. While fucking FMC, he narrates how he felt it that night, how soft and light her body was..

After finishing their affair, she tells him how she's doing this only because it's him and hope he believes her. She says how the other guests can barely pose a hand on her body.
MC chuckles hearing this saying how he knows.. She's a bit alarmed because he doesn't trust her enough and affirms a second time how she's only doing this king of thing with him, he laughs saying he believes her..

MC narrates how it was a nice night and was happy because FMC confessed how she respected him.

He doesn't understand why she respects him so much and asks her why he did to merit her respect, she tells him it's because he's so cool and he succeeded in two different field and he merits her praise and admiration for that because there are not a lot of people capable of doing this. (actual company and the resort park)

He stay humble saying he's not successful right now and it's just the beginning.. He narrates how FMC praised him like he was Kang Ho-dong (Wikipedia)

He tells her while she's pouring him a drink how there is still a long way to go before achieving 'success', he narrates how she asked him an unexpected question that night..

They're drinking and enjoying their time when FMC drops the bomb, asking him if she can work for the same company than him, deeply surprising him.

To be continued..
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