Dagé (one-shot)

Jul 30th, 2015
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  1. I write this on the eve of my death - by tomorrow, I shall no longer exist. As I am now, I can no longer bear to continue. I shall outline my sordid fate below, so as to explain my disappearance to those that come searching for me.
  5. It was in one of the most scenic and frequented parts of the city that I found myself wandering into the building of a maid service. Inside, an attendant introduced me to the files of several newly graduated young ladies, who were in need of an employer. I, on the other hand, was no friend of domestic work, and my generous inheritance allowed me to entertain the thought of a full-time servant. As I paged through the files, I was somehow awestruck by one certain face, framed as it was by luminescent, black - almost purple - hair. Her.
  7. Little could I understand, how I had set in motion the cogs that would now, inevitably, crush me between their teeth, as I asked to meet this candidate in person. In retrospect, I see how the middle-aged Kikimora, who had selected the dossiers for me, seemed to smirk at my choice. At the time I thought it self-assurance at her successful selection - she must have, in fact, known how my life would end. She called the maid and led me to a meeting room, sitting herself at an angle to two chairs facing one another.
  9. Then she arrived. A series of sharp knocks heralded her arrival, and the reddish, oaken door swung gently open, and then closed. I did not notice how elegantly she had handled it - I was too transfixed by her. She strode to face me, clad in a knee-length midnight dress with long sleeves. The heavy, woollen fabric gently swayed with every step, even as a lighter cotton semi-apron fluttered in the calm air. Her long, shimmering hair hung free below her staight bangs, divided by her delicate shoulders, and disappeared into the blue of her dress. This all I could only barely see out of the corner of my eyes, as I stared, transfixed, into the blue eyes behind rimless spectacles.
  13. I have almost no recollection of the interview - I could barely open my mouth to speak. The only clear memory I have is of her smile, the way her eyes narrowed as she looked at me, barely perceptibly, the way her cheeks rose without revealing her teeth, the way her eyeglasses welled as her beautiful nose deformed with every movement of her perfect lips. I left the building, followed by her - of course directly behind me at a respectable distance.
  15. As my home slowly became clean and orderly, I spent my waking hours staring at her - and my sleeping hours dreaming of her. Her perfectly tailored uniform accentuated the curves of her back and rear, presenting her body to me despite revealing none of it outright. I watched her hips, her stomach, her jawline - all the most beautiful I had ever seen - bend and sway as she gathered my clutter, cleaned the floors, even washed my clothes. Every time our eyes met, she smiled her radiant smile, and I, with my lewd thoughts, was forced to avert my gaze.
  17. Not even a week had passed when it happened. I had thought something seemed off with the young lady, but I only realized what it was as I saw her kneeling to load the washing machine. I fellowed the contour of her dress from her shoulders, down the gentle curves of her back all the way to the more powerful shape of her hips - to a bulbous mass of writhing flesh, shifting under my very eyes, as a mass of eyes, all directed at me, swam to the surface and again dove below.
  19. In my confusion, I approached her, and touched her shoulder. I felt my fingers dig deep into what should have been her flesh and bone, but felt almost no resistance. Instead, I felt the most exquisite pleasure of my life - it was as if my hand had somehow found itself inserted into the very ideal of love. I snapped back to reality, falling over behind me, screaming out in surprise as I did. At once, she spun to face me, blushing, and I saw it - behind the beautiful striated blue of her eyes hid a black void I had never before noticed.
  23. I hid from her in the library for the next days. I pored through the ancient tomes left behind by my grand-uncle, and realized what she was. That terrifying puddle of molten flesh, with bulging, milky eyes and shifting mouths was unmistakeable. As terrified as I was, the would not leave my dreams. Only - the humanoid woman of my dreams was replaced by the truth. In my dreams I passionately kissed her delicate lips, staring into the black-and-blue eyes as I committed the most indescribable sins with the writhing mass below her hips. Each morning the thought seemed less disgusting.
  25. Finally, this morning, I left the confines of my new sanctuary. I found that young lady standing at attention across the door - or, rather, what would have been at attention were she not asleep. Cautiously, I stepped closer. Some foul power had corrupted me beyond measure during those last few days, as I found myself drawn inexorably towards her barely-open lips. Finally we met - I believe my sanity finally shattered irrevocably at the moment that the intoxicating pleasure of her lips spread to mine.
  27. I opened my eyes after the kiss only to face those inky-black orbs wide and open. A shiver ran though my spine as a blush appeared on her cheeks - as if by instinct I took her hands in mine. I gasped with pleasure as I held her hands, so great was the contentment radiating through my body. And yet, it was not nearly enough. I stuttered and stammered, I'm sure, but at the end I asked her to be my bride. Instead of an answer, I received a hug. I lost my consciousness as I drowned in abominable happiness.
  31. At this moment, I sit in my bedchamber. Behind me lies something that was only hours ago my maid, and will in only moments become my bride. I can hear her breathe heavily as she lies in my bed, naked save for her spectacles. I am truly doomed - I found that abominable mass of flesh below her knees to extend along her entire body, writhing just below the surface of her humanoid form, but I no longer mind. In fact, it is now beautiful to me. All those eyes watching me, filled with love...
  33. I do not know what will become of me once I enter my wife. The books tell me that I will enter her rather more literally than you might assume - becoming one with her in fact as well as word. No matter what happens, I assure you that I do it willingly. If I am not seen or heard of again, do not look for me.
  37. * * *
  39. "Isn't it cute, bro? Grandma musta been such a cutie!" My cute little sister wells impatiently as she hovers above my shoulder, waiting for me to finish reading the faded letter. "I wonder if I can ever find someone as passionate as Grandpa..." I reach over to ruffle her hair, and a wave of giddy, almost anxious anticipation washes over me. "How about that boy you always bring home from school?" She blushes and denies it furiously, but what I feel from her hair can't hide it. I just hope they get out of school before they go all out...
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