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Jul 8th, 2012
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  1. It is with deep regret that i am here to announce the end of project DarkComet RAT after over 4 years of developement, hardwork day and night to offer you for free a tool with the will to meet community's expectations for a program of type Remote Administration Tool. I have devoted years with a nonprofit philosophy for you to enjoy without asking anything in return other than respect of the rules, unfortunately some of you couldn't respect the terms so because of you (generally speaking) made the DarkComet RAT geo cruiser end.
  3. i still wish to point out that i will remain on the scene of Computer Security and will keep developing freeware softwares but this time without having me taking risks because none of the futur ones will be close to be a Malware. This obviously means the deletion of the following softwares: (Celesty binder, Comet Beam, VertexNET Loader and the project FrozenTime RAT who was under developement for you .. unwisely.)
  5. But all the knowledge i acquired developing my computer security projects isn't lost considering i will only be doing softwares that require confirmations etc to install themselves and remain visible (impossible to cheat this time)
  7. Unlike what a handfull of people think i never cautioned small/huge hacker groups who used my software wrongly, my goals always where to provide acces to tools more powerfull than any paying/private existing tool in terms of security and all for free ! (for familys who wished to keep there eye on their kids or regular folks looking into acquiring some experience with such tools, users who wished to keep track on their machine any place in the world etc.)
  9. Why did i take such a decision ? Like it was said above because of the missuse of the tool, and unlike so many of you seem to believe i can be held responsible of your actions, and if there is something i will not tolerate is to have to pay the consequences for your mistakes and i will not cover for you.
  11. The law is how it is and i must abide by the rules, yes its unfortunate for devs in security but thats how it is.
  12. Without mentioning what happenened in Syria...
  15. Finally i wish to thank all those who supported me over the years aswell as all those who followed the rules: Damien Bancal (, Mohit Kumar (, $Instincts$, Nacra, DALLOZ, Kevin Mitnick (, Read101 (Former leader of the crew Are you Fearless) and all those i couldn't list publicly because the list would be way too long.. DarkComet RAT ends like this after several years of res/dev and with thousands of users through the world, hundreds of codes lines and over ten versions if you include (synRAT), the source codes will remain private and not for sale. This was a very hard decision to take, probably the hardest i ever had because after so many years its more than just a project, its a piece of you.
  17. ~DarkcoderSc (Jean-Pierre LESUEUR)
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