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Gen Prime V Joyride (Clown Cars)

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  1. GeneralFreedom: It all started with some odd vehicular mayhem perpetrated by some of Millennium Cities gangs. From there it spiraled out of control with explosions in Westside and the hijacking of several heavy duty construction vehicles! The police have suddenly found themselves swamped by incidents of garishly dressed super hoodlums in souped up cars all over the city. The worst of this event however, is taking place in Westside! A large area of largely deserted or low population land has been cleared out to make way for a kind of makeshift demolition derby arena! Tutor, coordinating from the base, has sent out a call for the members of Gen Prime and explained what he knows of the situation so far... (intros)
  3. Keioseth: Cobalt takes up a position above the arena keeping to the shadows. He taps his mask and the lenses zoom in on the festivities below, "Cobalt, in position, relaying visuals to you Tutor."
  5. CapsLockRAGE: "Understood." Megan replies to tutor after his explanation. She had been in city center when she received the call, getting medicine. After getting the call, she would pull her hoverboard out of its leg slot. And toss it to the ground, where it would expand to full size and start to do it's thing. She jumped on it and flew off to the "arena" keeping an eye out for other trouble on the way.
  7. silverswede: had to change his bus in order to make it to that place, and even then he had to jog from a distance due to the fact that no traffic wanted to come close to the place. He'd arrive dead last, most likely. "Alright, I'm there." He'd say at finally reaching the place.
  9. machinegunblues: Psyke stood among the spectators themselves, blending into the crowd with the air of a pulled up hood.. and a bit of telepathic tomfoolery, broadcasting a strange psychic frequency that made those around him more likely to overlook him entirely. "In. And close," he murmurs into his comms unit.
  11. Swixer: *Positioning herself behind Cobalt, Patricia Pan takes a moment to mimic his cool anti-hero stealth pose before crossing her legs in her hovering position and making herself known.* "Hey, Blue! What do your elven eyes see?"
  13. Keioseth: "Looks like they've set up a demolition derby with their stolen vehicles." He reaches into a pouch, pulls out a set of mini binoculars and offers them to her.
  15. GeneralFreedom: The arena is what you would expect from a few hours of hasty and unsafe demolition; there's a lot of rubble, some quickly constructed ramps, a lot of dust and dirt flying. The whole thing is fenced in by sheets of scavenged metal and wood. The attendants are definitely colorful, representing the city's super gangs, and very rowdy. They're currently intent on watching their allies drive around the arena and show off, sometimes firing off a couple of rounds from the various bits of mounted weaponry they've managed to bolt to their rides! In the center of this whole mess is a low profile, heavily armored vehicle that stands out like a sore thumb among all the others. Sitting on top of it is a woman with blue streaked hair dressed all in black and white, grinning with glee at everything going on around her. "How vulgar," Tutor mutters at the display. "We have a few objectives; we need to stop any cars currently running outside of the arena, disable their stolen construction equipment and prevent those in the main arena from escaping and causing any more damage."
  17. Swixer: *She changes her position to resemble lying on her stomach and takes the binoculars, peering through them lazily.* "My dad used to take me to demolition derbies sometimes. This one's a little... supersized, though."
  19. machinegunblues: "I think we've got bigger problems than a few missing bulldozers. You guys see the tank that chick's standing on?" He slowly, as unobtrusively as possible, maneuvers his way around the crowd to get closer to the action.
  21. silverswede: "Right, anyone got a plan for that?" He asks over the comm unit, trying to figure a good way into the arena proper.
  23. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon's robotic eye starts to take scans of the vehicles around the arena. "I'm taking scans. Mounted firearms, heavily armored with scrap steel. They can't possibly think this is actually a good idea. I'll handle the tank in the arena. I'm well armed and armored, Tyrfing should assist me. "
  24. "I recommend Cobalt and Patricia for vehicle disabling. If that is alright with you."
  26. Swixer: "I don't make the plans, big guy. I just fly."
  28. silverswede: "I can do that."
  30. machinegunblues: "I'm in the belly of the beast here. Want me to make a racket?"
  32. GeneralFreedom: "I see it... Identified as a PRIMUS Steel Prowler. There were reports that one was stolen recently... It's amazing they were able to get it running," Tutor informs the team. While Gen Prime is making their plans, the woman on the Prowler raises her arms and picks up a megaphone. "Hey all you fans of real destruction and mayhem! Are you ready for a real show?" The crowd cries out excitedly and the other vehicles begin to line up and get into position. "We're going to turn this whole place into a wonderland of a wasteland where we can all do what we really want to do! BLOW THE HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING!" She cackles as the cars rev up. Looks like things are about to kick into high gear!
  34. CapsLockRAGE: "Hm. See if you can distract them and keep smaller cars off of me and Tyrfing.
  36. Keioseth: "Yeah lemme see what I've got on me." He sighs muting his comm, "Guessing calling the the National Guard is out of the question."
  38. Swixer: *Pat takes on a mockingly sympathetic tone.* "What, the big bad vigilante man can't handle the bad guys alone?"
  39. "We've got your back. Who needs the National Guard?"
  41. Keioseth: "Says the chick with super powers."
  43. Swixer: "I fly, dude. That's it. I'm basically you without the kung-fu grip hovering slightly off the ground."
  44. "And I've still got more balls."
  46. Keioseth: He flicks his comm back on, "I don't exactly have non-destructive ways of taking down cars so I don't want to hear you complain about me blowing shit up Tutor."
  48. silverswede: decides to try and find a way inside, climbing over rubble or just walking right past in, security probably isn't too tight. Failing that, he'd find a brittle enough portion to smash right through.
  50. CapsLockRAGE: "We should get in."
  52. GeneralFreedom: "I won't complain too much," Tutor sighs. "Just try not to do their job for them, alright?"
  54. silverswede: "Right, I'm in position." He says, curling his hand around the hilt of his sword.
  56. Keioseth: "I make no promises."
  58. Swixer: *Pat rubs her hands together, excitedly.* "Now we're getting somewhere. You need a lift, Blue?"
  60. CapsLockRAGE: Plates and gears on Cannons arm start to move and quickly adjust, reshaping into a large plasma cannon. She leaps off her hoverboard and lands right in the center of the arena, One knee, fist out. A superhero landing. "Cease and desist all activities at once. You are all under arrest."
  62. machinegunblues: Slowly, the hooded figure slides a pair of razor sharp throwing knives from his sleeves. With a 'crack' like a bullet breaking the sound barrier, they streak off towards individual targets. One seeks the front tire of a MG-toting motorbike still doing circles around the arena, the other the rear tire of an up-armored hot rod. Each is propelled not by his arms but a channeling of telekinetic force that causes his dead sockets to momentarily glow an eerie pink. Jig up, he throws back his hood in the middle of the mob.
  64. Swixer: "Little Miss Robocop's not one for stealth, huh?"
  66. Keioseth: Takes something out of his bracer and rigs it to his leg. He backs up a smidge turning to Patty, "Nope." He breaks off into a sprint and leaps off the building. Aiming for a street light has he plummets he'd fire his line to swing and carry his momentum into the nearest gangbanger.
  68. silverswede: "I guess we're going in." He shrugs, drawing the sword and transforming. Shortly thereafter, a colorful collection of "security guards" are hurled into the arena, as the berserker walks inside with heavy steps and a large grin on his face. "Now this is my kinda entertainment!" He laughs.
  70. Swixer: *Pat watches him plunge down with a roll of the eyes.* "I can smell the testosterone from here." *With that, she flies up high and dives in low, pulling up and soaring towards the nearest car in an attempt to shut it down.*
  72. (5:16:49 PM) Palanius: Arac is quietly sneaking arround the arena, not that it's that hard with the engines and crowd roaring in the background. Cloaked by his stealthsuit he strategicly places out a series of landmines - on ramps, at sharp turns and corners and any other path likely to be chosen
  74. (5:19:53 PM) AceofFours: Quite literally out of nowhere, a grappling hook latches onto the armored top of the Steel Prowler, quickly followed by the masked Moonbeam! She lands with a thud, hanging onto the grapple gun to keep from falling.  "'SUP NERDS!"
  76. (5:21:50 PM) SomethingWitty: High overhead, the clouds gather, blocking the sun with their ominous grey bodies. Carpet lightning flashes inside, accompanied shortly by rumbling thunder - and then finally, the lightning strikes dead center in the arena. Raikiri rises from the impact zone, electricity crackling around her hands and arms. "I apologize for the delay - but worry no longer, justice has arrived." She doesn't turn her head to look at her teammates, eyes focused on the Steel Prowler instead... but she sure hopes that they think she's cool after that line.
  78. (5:24:41 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Heeey! You kids are just in time! Let's have some FUN FUN FUN!" Joyride cackles and slides into the Prowler! As the hatch closes, its main cannon swivels a full three 360, trying to dislodge Moonbeam before settling on Cannon! It lets out a booming (and dangerously overclocked) pulson blast! Cobalt meanwhile finds himself swarmed by goons after his dynamic entry! Armed with pipes, bats and wrenches, it's heartwarming to see them set aside their differences in pursuit of pummeling a common foe! "ReadysetGO!" Joyride's voice calls over a loudspeaker and the waiting cars spring to life! They engage the heroes and each other with equal gusto, and even fire off a few rockets towards the nearby buildings! Worse still, the stolen construction equipment (a wrecking ball, a steamroller and two bulldozers) begins moving out to do what they do best, each piloted by a crew of gangers! A few vehicles get totaled by landmines, adding to the chaos!
  80. (5:35:17 PM) Palanius: Content with his mines doing what they're supposed to Arac draws his weapon of the choice for today. A huge 308. AR complete with an underslung m32 grenadelauncher. Still hidden he find a relatively secluded spot under one of the hastely constructed ramps. He carefully takes aim with his enhanced robotic eyes and sets those nanomachines in his brain into work as he carefully takes aim at the wire connecting the wreckingball with the vehicle. Exhale, gently pulling the trigger and fire away.
  82. (5:37:20 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "They never surrender." Cannon scoffs, she brings up her cannon, the sound of an electric hum emits from it, then she lets loose her own blast of energy at Joyride, She was aiming to take out the cannon with her cannon, but both cannons fired at the same time, causing cannons cannon blast to connect with the other cannon's cannon blast. Cannon.
  85. (5:38:42 PM) Keioseth: "Oh, I remember some of you, I bet you've been waiting a long time for this." Cobalt releases a flashbang and in the ensuing confusion he draws his weapons, currently in nunchuck mode, and goes to town on the wannabe gangsters. Sending the chucks at them, acrobatic kicks, he seems in his element.
  87. (5:38:52 PM) SomethingWitty: Raikiri tucks and rolls to the side, adjusting her position to one that was hopefully not targetted by a bevy of missiles. Thunderblasts explode from her palms towards an oncoming car, in (potentially unfound) hope that her godling might can match up to 8-cylinders of PAIN. And also hoping that she isn't missing a missile - the mask doesn't do anything good for her peripherals!
  89. (5:39:04 PM) AceofFours: As it takes aim, the prowler's cannon dislodges Moonbeam's grappling hook before sweeping her legs out from under her!  She tucks and rolls but still hits the ground pretty hard. "Real smart, Moonie.  Real  smart."  But there was no time for further self chastising, she had to get the heck out of there! She grapple guns onto one of those sturdy looking bulldozers!"
  91. (5:41:10 PM) GeneralFreedom: The meeting of energy blasts causes a pretty impressive explosion and the Prowler goes skidding backwards. Black and white coloring begins crawling along its surface, tinged with purple. "Nice, nice! Let's see what this thing can really do!" Joyride giggles joyously as the Prowler suddenly barrels towards Cannon in an attempt to ram her! Raikiri's blasts manage to hold back the car headed for her (a monstrousity spattered with mime smileys) and send it skidding out of control wildly! Unforunately something that looks like a go-cart with swinging scythes is coming at her from the side! Cobalt's flashbang addles a large group of the swarming gang members, making the brawl even more chaotic as several of them start swinging blindly! Unfortunately, there's no real shortage of punks around and the hero finds himself facing down a brawny Purple holding a wrench almost as tall as he is! Arac's shot frays the steel cable holding the wrecking ball, but doesn't stop it from swinging back in preparation for some urban renewal! Moonlight swings over to a bulldozer and is greeted by a Red Banner with a long thrusting sword. "No more than two to a vehicle!" He calls out as he takes a stab at
  92. (5:49:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: her! (Done)
  94. (5:52:47 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Cannon fires at the treads of the vehicle rushing at her, attempting to immobilize it, but even as she fired, she was nailed by the tank, despite her cyborg body, her weight wasn't enough to keep her on her feet, and she goes spiraling back, and onto the ground.
  96. (5:54:55 PM) Palanius: Holds down the fort, as ling as he goes unnoticed in his hidy-hole he keeps taking potshots at tires of unsuspecting vehicles
  98. (5:54:55 PM) SomethingWitty: Raikri stands up straight again, dusting off her robe with the half-second of downtime she has... before the deathkart comes howling in at her side! Rather than doing the smart thing and, you know, running away, Raikiri does the opposite - she runs torwards the driver to meet death on wheels head-on! It's the silliest game of chicken in the world, that ends with Raikiri diving forward, her body converting into electricity midair and aimed right at the driver's stomach; she's pulling the same trick her father had, forcing herself into the driver's body and clawing away at them from the inside!
  100. (5:56:50 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt would try to wrap the wire connecting the two parts of the nunchucks around the neck of the wrench. Letting his muscle memory take over, he spin so that his back was to the chest of his attacker and try to use the attacker's momentum to lift him up and over his shoulder to slam the Purple punk on the ground.
  102. (5:57:37 PM) AceofFours: Narrowly dodges the sword as she swings into the Bulldozer's cabin.  "But there's only one of you!  C'mon, Let me ride SHOTGUN!"  With that she emits a blinding flash of light from her palms into the Red Bannerman's eyes!"
  104. (6:03:22 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hehehehehe! This thing really is a miracle! Best birthday present ever!" Joyride whoops and turns the vehicle sharply, opening fire on the downed Cannon with side mounted, rapid fire pulson guns! It seems to have taken some minor damage on the treads but Joyride doesn't seem too concerned. Raikiri avoids swinging scythes by being a gross lightning thing and climbing inside a guy. Understandably, the driver panics a bit and the deathcart goes out of control and smashes into the supports holding the ramp Arac is hiding under! Cobalt's Purple grunts as he goes down hard, but he's quickly back up and goes for a shoulder charge! The goons have temporarily cleared a space for them to fight it out, but they'll shove and take swipes at Cobalt if he gets too close to the edges! Moonbeam blinds her target with a flash and he falls back, rubbing at his eyes and swinging wildly, something the driver doesn't care much for! He careens into a light pole and knocks it down while drawing a gun and taking a few shots at the hero!  The wrecking ball's windup swing causes the dangerously damaged cable to shudder, but it still manages to bash into a nearby building! The remaining steamroller and bulldozer drive through a local (mostly unusable) playground, making it the future home of an arena addition!
  106. (6:07:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Cannon isn't having that, she reaches into a leg compartment and throws something to the ground, Some kind of forcefield pops up around her, blocking the pulson shots, It doesn't last long, just long enough for Cannon to get back to her feet and to take the shots. As soon as she does get up, she starts charging her cannon... and her hoverboard swoops in to try and hit Joyride from behind. ( I have been informed that she is in the prowler, so she shoots her charged shot at the cannons treads instead.
  108. (6:10:33 PM) Palanius: Jumps out from his cover a mear splitsecond before it collapses in on him, rolling in the dirt before getting back on his legs. He gives Raikiri a "Really?" look before he turns towards the big gun in the arena, Joyride and her Prowler. He loads his grenadelauncher with an emp round and fires it at the vehicle, hopefully messing with some of that technology it comes packed with.
  110. (6:11:23 PM) SomethingWitty: Raikiri climbs halfway out of the driver's navel, arms folded across her chest, looking up at the poor man. "Guess you shouldn't have gone with your gut this time, huh?" Unable to interpret Arac's look through his mask and also the massive pile of wooden beams between them, Raikiri rockets the rest of the way out of the man's torso with a blast of electricity; her shocking exit should help keep the man down for awhile while she takes to the sky, to get a better look at this chaotic situation. That crane looks like it's wreaking some major havoc. Where are the kids gonna go after school now? Zooming down towards the vehicle, Raikiri looses a storm of electricity, aimed at the treads, to cut them away and rob the crane of its mobility.
  112. (6:13:39 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt grins as the Purple rushes him, in a scene all too similar to his training with Tryfing, he side steps and rolls around the charge before getting back into a fighting stance and prepping for the next attack, "Toro! Toro!"
  114. (6:14:18 PM) AceofFours: "Man, I'm just batting a thousand today, aren't I?"  Moonie kicks out with both feet,  attempting to eject the swordsman while she grabs the gunman's hand and hit him with her patented Eyebeams!
  116. (6:21:15 PM) GeneralFreedom: The Prowler skids and slides as its front treads are badly damaged and it takes a fancy gizmo grenade right across the front. "Gzzzzaowhah! H... hey! Nonono messing withith my babbaby!" Joyride's jittery voice calls from inside. Seems that really rattled her! She fires the Prowler's gun banks wildly at Arac and Cannon and while her aim is pretty off now, the sheer volume of shots makes up for The driver of scythecart is definitely down, if not from the pain then the pun. The Purple fighting Cobalt snorts and comes out swinging, big heavy blows! He's a bit more of a fighter than most of the others! The bulldozer's passenger lets out a cry as he's forcefully removed from his spot and the driver gets a good faceful of eyebeams! He doesn't seem like he wants to drive around anymore today! Raikiri takes out the wrecking balls treads, but alerts the three Purples controlling it! They swing the heavy ball at her, ignoring the ominous creaking sound the cable makes...
  118. (6:22:56 PM) CapsLockRAGE: After all this time, Cannon has finally managed to copy the cannon on the panzer. She takes aim and starts to return fire those pulson blasts at it. Unlike the spray of fire from the Panzer, Cannons shots are very precise, she's hammering the same three spots over and over in an attempt to crack it open. The spray of fire does tend to be a bit much for her to handle on her own, however, and she takes a direct hit in the leg, once again, sending her to the  ground.
  120. (6:25:06 PM) Palanius: Fires his grapling hook at the prowler, shooting himself towards it and slides in under it. From here he uses his xray to find where the armor is as thinnest and beggins cutting his way in with his fingermounted plasmacutter.
  122. (6:25:28 PM) SomethingWitty: Raikri gathers herself, preparing to de-tread the next vehicle... when poor peripheral vision bites her in the ass. The wrecking ball swings around, smashing right into Raikiri and knocking her out of the sky... and through the wall of a building... and out the other side of the building. That one is definitely going to smart in the morning. She pushes rubble off of her body, ignoring the bruises and scrapes for now. "Alright... kid gloves are off. Lets get serious." Raikri takes to the skies - literally - flying deep into the middle of a thundercloud she'd summoned earlier. Reaching out to the charges around her, she gathers it into herself and launches it downwards. Ground zero is the Steel Prowler!
  124. (6:28:30 PM) AceofFours: MB ties up the driver with zip ties before scootching him over and taking over the driver's seat!  "Okay, if bad guys can do this how hard could it be?"  She grabs the control levers and tries to maneuver the bulldozer into a collision course with the crane.  At least that what she hopes will happen!"
  126. (6:31:41 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt takes a couple of the punches sends smatters of blood into the air. He wobbles as another punch fires in his direction. He grabs the purple's wrist with one hand and jabs his forearm into the purple's bicep. Using that as a stop-break for the punch he slides his arm up towards the purple's head and activates the taser at the end of the chucks.
  128. (6:34:43 PM) GeneralFreedom: The Prowler rocks back with each shot and eventually starts showing cracks in the armor! Joyride can partially be seen inside, panting and eyes crazed. The inside is pulsing with strange indigo lines that seem to be running from her body! "No fair! I can't break things without a cool ride!" She closes her eyes and the lines pulse! The Prowler seems to... transform, sprouting legs instead of treads and extending arms that hold the formerly side mounted guns! The front splits a bit and forms an angry face, that roars! It lets out a barrage of shots that do a lot of damage to the surrounding area... especially her remaining allies! Oddly, it does seem noticably weaker looking, thanks to the metal armor being shifted around and the damage already done! Arac manages to cut a panel from its body, but is likely thrown aside by the sudden transformation! Moonbeam crashes right into the wrecking ball and sends it toppling over! The fall sends the ball onto the other bulldozer flattening out its front... and nearly flattening out the Maniacs driving it! They look at each other for a moment, stunned, then all start laughing hysterically! Cobalt's guy is tough, but he's not that tough! The tazer catches him surprise and sends him down in a heap. But now that he's done... the rest want a piece! Cobalt finds himself once again thrown into a savage street fight! Finally, Raikiri slams into the awkward looking monster Prowler, nearly driving it into the ground! It looks like it's barely holding together!
  130. (6:37:51 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Cannons leg spits out a few sparks. But it doesn't stop her from standing upright and looking the monster over. She does a quick scan to single out any weakspots as she fires at it's leg joints.
  132. (6:39:21 PM) Palanius: Remains under the legs of the now transformed prowler. He had made his entry and he was going to use it. He loads his grenade launcher with a teargass round and aims for his hole. If successful, he fill the cockpit in thick, stingy teargass
  134. (6:43:05 PM) AceofFours: takes a brief look at the smashed vehicles before she joins the others in confronting Prowlerbot. "Why can't I ever be this cool on purpose?"  She stands alongside Cannon and fires some beams of her own!
  136. (6:43:49 PM) SomethingWitty: Raikiri clings to the head of the mecha while she recuperates from her atmospheric pikachu tackle. Stuff like that takes a lot out of her! But the fight isn't over yet... shaking her head, she reaches her hand back, gathering electricity into her palm, shaping it into a solid pillar of crackling energy. She stabs it into the back of the mech's head, trying to pierce through the armor, so she can ride the electroblade down the mech's back and to the safety of the land once again.
  138. (6:45:53 PM) Keioseth: "And here comes the peanut gallery, don't worry I have prizes for everyone!" He drops his nunchuck into it's holster on his leg. He produces several sonic shuriken from his belt and flings them at the encroaching mass of baddies. He'd then grab his dropped chuck plopping it in the opposite holster, these things aren't exactly cheap can't just leave them. He'd then fire his cryo-bolts at the feet of his attacks.
  140. (6:48:53 PM) GeneralFreedom: The Prowlermonster shrieks and falls to the ground as its legs are taken off by dual laserbeams! The lightning blade tears it up pretty handily and teargas billows from its body from all the holes! After a moment, Joyride climbs out of it, coughing and sputtering before flopping to the ground. She doesn't look so good after all that! Cobalt's special shurikens work wonders for crowd control meanwhile and those that aren't disabled start to flee! All around them the arena has been torn to bits and is littered with damaged vehicles and knocked out gangers! Most of the construction equipment lies disabled! "It looks like we're mostly done here," Tutor comments. "Police are still dealing with the cars outside the arena, but hopefully they can handle that with the help of MARS."
  141. "This was quite ambitious... Three major supergangs and a stolen military vehicle."
  143. (6:56:41 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Despite her being down, Cannon is pretty angry, and doesn't hesitate to kick the fallen villain while she's coughing and looking out of it, you know, for good measure. He leg sparks where it was hit. "Cobalt, how are things on your end."
  145. (6:58:02 PM) SomethingWitty: "That was unnecessary," Raikiri comments, gesturing with a hand towards Joyride. "The enemy is felled, any further assaults can be seen as excessive force."
  147. (6:58:34 PM) Palanius: "Seems a little too big and too organized to just be for mayhem's sake. I'd keep my ear close to the ground" Aracs digital voice says to Tutor
  149. (7:00:01 PM) Keioseth: "Cobalt vs a 100, Cobalt victorious." He'd launch a grapnel line at one of the fleeing bad guys to pull him back towards him, "No no no, we're not finished."
  151. (7:01:07 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I will most certainly follow up on this. If I hear anything, I will let you know," Tutor says. "Just not in the face man, I have a new girlfriend," the Purple Cobalt managed to snag groans.
  153. (7:02:11 PM) Keioseth: "Oh, you'll have another new friend when Big Bubba in holding meets ya." Punch to the face.
  155. (7:03:22 PM) SomethingWitty: "Tutor, should we leave the rest to the authorities? I am somewhat... burnt out. I will no doubt have to take a more mundane form of travel home..."
  157. (7:03:31 PM) AceofFours: "Oh hey, Cobalt was here too?  Now it's a party! *ahems*  ,I mean, Um... good work team, the city is safe!"
  159. (7:03:31 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'm aware it was excessive. But so was her attempted murder." Cannon humphs, her cannon shifting back into an arm. " I got carried away. Forgive me." She says as she turns and begins to drag her damaged leg. Walking away from the fallen villain.
  161. (7:05:53 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I'm especially interested in that vehicle the ringleader had... I'm sure the investigation will turn up something," Tutor mutters thoughtfully. "Hopefully PRIMUS will be eager to cooperate. Until then, we should leave clean up to the authorities. If anyone requires treatment or a ride, I can provide it."
  163. (7:06:12 PM) Keioseth: "Don't deny you want this sexy bod Moonie." He wipes some blood off his face looking down at his pile of KO'd baddies.
  165. (7:07:33 PM) Palanius: "There's still vehicles on the loose, and there's questions unanswered. I shall be out hunting" Aracs robotic voice reads out over the coms. He straps his rifle on his back and walks of
  167. (7:08:01 PM) SomethingWitty: "That would be welcomed, thank you. As for the vehicle... I am unsure if the transformation was an initial function of the vehicle. During combat it showed signs of some form of... corruption. Monochromatics, coupled with purple trim. Coupled with the ringleader's costume... I believe she may have been the root of the transformation."
  169. (7:10:04 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon's hoverboard swoops in, she takes a moment to sit on it, and start to mess with her leg. "A bipedal tank doesn't seem very stable from a combat perspective." She states, picking out a broken wire. " It was most likely a custom job from her."
  171. (7:10:26 PM) GeneralFreedom: "A good observation. PRIMUS Prowlers have no such ability that I know of. I will inform the authorities that she is a metahuman." The authorities roll up soon enough and start getting everything settled.
  172.  Meanwhile, a lone steamroller rolls off into the sunset, crewed by a handful of very suspicious looking people. Will they find adventure or will they be taken in by the police? Find out next time on GenPrime.
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