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Sep 4th, 2011
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  1. Vulgarity,
  3. Despite any past history we have had, I consider you to be one of the few friends I still have, if you wish to consider yourself as such. That being the case, I feel comfortable writing this.
  5. While under the effects of my hangover, I boarded a small trans-ocean ship to Asia. My original plan was to find my biological father, but after realizing I didn't have his full name, I plunged into a further state of depression. I spent the next several days listlessly wandering the countryside withiout aim, until my legs could no longer carry me. A monk from a nearby temple came across my unconcuous body and took me in. I have been living in the temple since.
  7. Since that fateful day, I have slowly found myself coming to peace with what has happened in my life. I dare not say that I am happy, but I now accept the ultimate consequences for what has been done. I do not think I will be returning to Ponyville in the forseeable future, however. Perhaps that will change.
  11. -L. Man
  14. P.S. Please give this address to my sister. We may not be able to speak in person, but I would still like to keep in touch with her at the very least.
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